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We offer a comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions with 5 years experience.
LED lighting technology is at the forefront of today’s battle to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint.
They are a very efficient light source, last much longer than any other type and WILL save you a lot of money off your energy bills!

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So what is LED lighting and why do you need it…

There are three types of bulb you will be familiar with:

LED bulbs can replace any and all of the bulbs you know and outperform them in every way!

The benefits of changing your old and power-hungry light bulbs to new and efficient LED ones are obvious and crucial.

The Government, together with retailers and energy companies are working to phase out inefficient light bulbs across the UK. Light bulb manufacturers are changing their factories to produce enough energy saving light bulbs to meet the growing global demand. As in the UK, the European Commission is also phasing out inefficient light bulbs. All traditional filament bulbs have been banned within the EU and by 2018, all bulbs – including retrofit halogens – will have to be classified as B or above.

Reducing your energy bill may be high on the list of reasons to consider the change to LED lighting. Let’s look at a real-world example and examine the potential savings…

A standard GU10 bulb used in recessed down-lighting is a common find in the modern home. Typically it consumes 50W of electricity to emit around 400 lumens of light.
At today’s energy prices this bulb costs about 0.65p per hour to run. Now that might not sound like a lot but let’s imagine you have four of them in your kitchen, running on average five hours per day…that 0.65p per hour now equates to £47 per year!

An LED GU10 bulb will produce the same 400 lumens but consume only 5W! Some quick maths reveals the cost of our four bulbs now drops to only £4.70 per year. That’s a saving of £42.30 per year, for only four of the bulbs in your house. Just think how much you could save it you replaced them all!

Before we go any further let’s look at some of the jargon associated with lighting, LED’s and electricity. You don’t want to be kept in the dark!..

LUMEN: the amount of light produced by the diode or filament. Using this scale we can accurately compare incandescent, halogen, CFL and LED light outputs to ensure we aren’t sitting in the dark.

WATTAGE: this is amount of power the light unit or bulb consumes to produce the indicated maximum lumen output. With incandescent bulbs, the higher the wattage the brighter the output.

KELVIN: the colour of light is also known as it’s ‘temperature’, rated in Kelvin. Warm-white is around 2700K whereas cool white is 5000k. A lower K is more yellow whereas whiter light has a higher K.

Please read this next bit carefully!

Changing one light bulb in your house that you use regularly will have a significant impact on the energy you use and the money that costs.
If we scale that idea up and consider the impact that changing all the light sources in your home or business will have on your bank account and just as importantly the environment, things really start to get exciting!

Standard bulb table

The data in the table is a typical representation of the average UK home and provides us with an estimated £237 cost for the lighting over a 12 month period.

Let’s now look at the data if we substitute in LED bulbs…

LED bulb table

Did a light bulb just go off above your head!
By changing to LED lighting the saving is £214 per year!
Remember too that traditional bulbs only last around 1000 hours whereas LED bulbs last up to 25,000 hours, so you’ll save on the cost of replacing your bulbs for the next 20+ years too!

We understand the jargon, realise the benefits and have calculated the potential savings.
However, approaching the market place can be daunting given the number of retailers entering the sector.

go.pro professional lighting systems has a comprehensive catalogue of LED products with a solution to suit your every need.

Product Catalogue (coming soon!)

View our range of LED bulbs, light fittings and accessories.

Hang on, didn’t we just say that there are lots of suppliers and retailers?
So why should you choose go.pro over anywhere else?

Quality & Reliability

We supply Lumilife LED products which are built to the highest standards
and meet all EU and UK safety regulations.

Tesco, Asda and B&Q only supply the standard 1 year warranty and their bulbs only last 15,000 hours.
Screwfix gives you a 3 year warranty on some of it’s bulbs but again they only last 15,000 hours.


Our range of products gives you unrivaled choice which means you will always be able to match your existing preferences or enhance your environment with new ideas.

Tesco and Asda give you very little in the way of options with one LED bulb of each fitment and power equivalent.
B&Q and Screwfix have more options than the supermarkets but again they are very limited.

the big one…Price

Our products are built and tested to the highest standards.
The bulbs last 67% longer than their rivals!
Add in our 5 year warranty for peace of mind.

Now here’s the punchline…our bulbs are cheaper than those available from the high-street and trade stores!

Have a browse through our product range of bulbs, light fittings, accessories and services and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Catalogue (coming soon!)

View our range of LED bulbs, light fittings and accessories.

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