Free download Ø DKfindout! Space Travel Ë PDF DOC TXT eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download DKfindout! Space Travel

Free download Ø DKfindout! Space Travel Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [PDF / Epub] ☄ DKfindout! Space Travel Author DK – Supporting STEM based learning this fact filled book for kids ages 6 9 is the ultimate guide to astronauts rockets and the futuToff Vetted by educational consultants the DKfindout series drives kids agesto become experts onthan of their favorite STEM and history related subjects whether Vikings volcanoes or robots This series covers the subjects that kids really want to learn about ones that have a direct impact on the world around them like climate change space exploration and rapidly evolving technology making learning fun through amazing images stimulating uizzes and cutting edge information The DKfindout series is one that kids will want to turn to again and again. I've read this book with my 5 year old son after a visit to the Science Museum the content and format of the book is great for reading together with a younger child like him but would be suited to an older child 7 for them read by themselves though a younger child would enjoy the imagesTypical of DK the use of images and crisp illustrations is big crisp and bold very different from the similarly hih uality but cartoon based Usborne books What's particularly good about the DKFindout series at least for earlier primary age is that the books themselves aren't massive tomes but are manageable for smaller hands while the amount of text on each page isn't over facing

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Supporting STEM based learning this fact filled book for kids agesis the ultimate guide to astronauts rockets and the future of space exploration Entertaining and educating young readers through a combination of close up images uirky trivia facts uiz uestions and fascinating tidbits it's the perfect book for any kid who DKfindout! Space eBook #245 loves learning about outer space Who was the first person to reach space How long did the longest recorded spacewalk last What is the Arecibo message and how can it help us contact intelligent extrat. My 8 year old children really loved a DKfindout book on Big Cats so I was hoping this Space Travel book would go down eually well Unfortunately it hasn't grabbed them as much Partly that's because they naturally drawn to the natural world than technology but it's also because this book is not as well pitchedThe large fonts and liberal use of Wow suggest it should be ideal for 8 12 year olds but some pages such as the history of the USA v USSR or biographies of early astronauts are frankly a bit boring for this age group who lack the historical and political knowledge to appreciate them Some double spreads are almost entirely pictures while others are uite text heavy The layout also jumps around a lot and doesn't seem very logical eg I would have introduced rockets before the space shuttle not afterwardsThat said this book does contain a lot of colourful images and interesting facts so most children should find some parts that interest them Just be aware that the theme is space technology and not space itself eg it doesn't say much about galaxies black holes comets etc In fact the ready will likely come away thinking space is a pretty busy place rather than the vast empty nothingness that it really is

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DKfindout Space TravelErrestrial life Find out the answers to these uestions andin DKfindout Space Travel which features photographs of space shuttles satellites telescopes and the experts who operate them This book guides kids through the technical details of space travel from the planning and operating of government led missions to the designing of the first fleet of spacecraft for civilian tourists Readers will also get an unrivaled look at life in space learning about the rigorous training and exercise that space explorers must undergo both before and after lif. This latest book on Space from Dorling Kindersley is an oversize paper back with firm fold out covers a good design for young readers It is ideal for dipping into each subject from Space Pioneers through to the Future of Space Travel is covered in a double page spread with glossy colour photos and bite size chunks of information Aimed at age 7 to 9 readers there is also plenty for adults to share with younger children who have caught the Space bug It is a good resource for primary school classrooms as there is a clear glossary and indexAs well as the factual pages there is a uiz a space timeline and an Exploring Space dice game space The authors have made sure that women in space get a few mentions too and children will enjoy the section on Animals in SpaceOverall a good book for £6 but if you have children keen on space or a school project coming up I would recommend spending a few ££s to buy DK's The Space Race Journey to the Moon and Beyond by Sarah Cruddas available from The large hardback format contains a scintillating overview of all that schoolchildren want to know about space and plenty to interest adults too