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AS HEARD ON BBC RADIO BOOK Argue With PDFEPUB #10003 OF THE WEEK THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Seriously important' BILL BRYSON'A book that could save lives' SPECTATOR'An enthralling illuminating book' MAIL ON SUNDAY'The ultimate anti racism guide' CAROLINE CRIADO PEREZ'A fascinating debunking of racial pseudoscience' GUARDIAN Race is real because we perceive it Racism is real because How to Kindle we enact it But the appeal to science to strength. This book is for you if you harbour an interest in genetics At least to me the title was somewhat misleading⤐ OverallPre reading I thought the title of this book was attractive than the cute ginger I sat next to at the library that day I discovered itPost reading I must admit that I was hoping for than I actually got As the title suggested I really thought I'd be given tons of inspiration to shut down racist behaviour speech and thinking patterns That's not entirely the case however I feel like the book is only suitable for arguing with racists who specifically go down the DNA lane to set their argument and not so much the daily kareningsHow to Argue with a Racist is very accessible in its language and proves fast knowledge of colonial history which makes me believe this book is definitely suitable for teenage readersAlso there sure as heck were tons of informative bits and pieces in there For instance I didn't know that in certain parts of Islamic Philosophy the opinion prevails that both White Europeans and Africans one due to their ignorance and lack of discernment the other due to their fickle and foolish characters were suitable for slavery Then again religion is often based on oppression and othering so I'm not really surprised I read the Bible last year and discovered those same thinking patterns and arguments thereBefore reading this book I was also one to believe that all humans have Black ancestors at one point Turns out‘Not only were we diverse in our skin colour long before the dispersal from Africa we were diverse in our skin colour before we were our own species’Although I never believed it to be true anyways I was glad to have written proof by actual scientists that there is absolutely no proof that genetic differences catering to racist thoughts the other the savage the athletics being trueI guess you see where this is going It's of a ohhhh and ahhhh kind of book than one that actually helps me set a case when well arguing with a racist⤐ The book is structured as followsA Note on LanguageIntroduction1 SKIN IN THE GAME2 YOUR ANCESTORS ARE MY ANCESTORS3 BLACK POWER4 WHITE MATTERConclusion and RecapitulationAcknowledgementsReferences3 STARS Decent read that I have neither strongly positive nor negative feelings about Some thinks irked me and thus it does not ualify as exceptional

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How to Argue With a Racist History Science Race and RealityEn racist ideologies is on the rise and increasingly part of the public discourse on politics migration education sport and intelligence Stereotypes and myths about race are expressed not just by overt racists but also by well intentioned people whose experience and cultural baggage steer to Argue With eBook #8608 them towards views that are not supported by the modern study of human genetics Even some scientists are uncomfortable expressing opini. 5 stars for intent 2 for execution so I'll average at three There are precious few arguments against racism itself in here Rutherford picks some simplistic racist arguments and demolishes them The nuanced he fails with It's not until just about the last page of the book that he stumbles upon the real issuethat the only ethical approach is to treat each other as individuals with respect not as members of a supposedly homogenous groupbut he takes this thought nowhere The conclusion for those unsure is that there is no genetic support for racismFor your money you get an intro 4 chapters each looking at an issue that racists talk about and a recap in case you missed the messages first time round The intro does make the point that despite the platitudes of the well meaning race existsbecause we create itbut it is social than biologicalOnto the chapters First up is skin colourthe nub is there are no white people or black people just humans with different shades of brown skin The shade you get to be born with depends on your geographical 'heritage' largely dependent on ambient unltraviolet levelsSecond chapterbecause of DNA were all massively inter related Everyone who traces descent in the UK for example will have had a common ancestor within the last 700 years or so and will be related to just about everyone who was alive back then So thinking it's significant to trace say your family tree by your surname back hundreds of years is just silly Eually thinking you are very biologically distinct from other nations when all non Africans will be descended from a few thousand humans who left Africa 70000 years ago is baseless Any idea of racial purity is completely ridiculousThe third chapter is very weakon black supremacy in some sports Rutherford looks at some ad hoc racist arguments why this may be so genetically dismisses them but then drops the ball badly Having decided that particular known genes don't seem to explain sporting success he seems to want to infer that there can't be any important biological reasonit must be massively a cultural factor Given that any human performance is probably the result of hundreds of genes and we have no clue what they are or how they work this is unwarranted A little discussion of normal distributions and tail effects could have helped him massively hereChapter four is on I First he dismisses ideas that say I is meaningless and defends it as a good and useful measure of fluid intelligence in western society Second he is absolutely candid that different population show significantly different scores To uote page 150countries in sub Saharan Africa are likely to score in the 80's he does say some contest this But then he points out this was also true for Ireland in the 70s and the Netherlands in the 50s page 151but not any So these scores probably reflect socioeconomic status development level and by implication will change He also says our genetic understanding is just too primitive my words to have any real clue as to how and which genes affect it The discussion here is much better than in the previous chapterThat's it Is it worth the £8 or so Well if you have any science training you probably know almost all this anyway If not it maywill be useful I bought it hoping for some new knockout blow from the latest genetics researchthere's nothing hereanyway racism isn't about genetics really it's about fear and hateabout the psycholog

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How to Argue With a Racist: History, Science, Race and Reality Free read æ 2 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☁ How to Argue With a Racist: History, Science, Race and Reality Author Adam Rutherford – AS HEARD ON BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Seriously important' BILL BOns deriving from their research where it relates to race Yet if understood correctly science and history can be powerful allies against racism granting the clearest view of how people actually are rather than to Argue With a Racist PDF how we judge them to be HOW TO ARGUE WITH A RACIST is a vital manifesto for a twenty first century understanding of human evolution and variation and a timely weapon against the misuse of science to justify bigotry. We are all closely related than most people know We all have ancestors from around the worldEvery Nazi has Jewish ancestors Every white supremacist has Middle Eastern ancestors Every racist has African Indian Chinese Native American aboriginal Australian ancestorsSince the Enlightenment scientific racism came into being When evolutionary ideas & Darwinism were on the rise people sought to explain pre existing cultural ideas about race in terms of evolutionary theory When genes were discovered people tried to find these racial differences in people's genesDr Rutherford's book details the fascinating science that reveals why the entire project of categorizing people into biological racial groups has been misguided all along Modern genetics does not support the beliefs of scientific racistsThis book provides deep insight into how racism came into being and how & why we should get over it