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ConsequencesUrvive her new reality every aspect of her livelihood depends upon the tall dark eyed tycoon who is a true master of deception Driven by unknown demons he has no tolerance for imperfection in any aspect of his life including his recent acuisition Anthony may appear to the world as a handsome benevolent businessman but in reality Claire knows firsthand that he's a menacing controlling captor with very strict rules do as you're told p. I dedicate this review to Tony and ClaireFirstly TonyThere are no words to describe how I feel right nowI had plans for youBut you had to go and fcuk it upAnd to Claireimage error

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FREE DOWNLOAD Consequences 107 Ü [Read] ➳ Consequences By Aleatha Romig – Every action has conseuencesWaking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor Anthony Every action has conseuencesWaking in an unfamiliar bedroomUblic failure is not an option and appearances are of the utmost importanceCaptivate the captorTo fit together the pieces of the puzzle Claire must follow his rules Will her plan work or will Anthony become enthralled by Claire's beauty resilience and determination changing the game forever If that happens will either of them survive the conseuences Nobody ever did or ever will escape the conseuences of his choices Alfred A Montaper. I have no problem with erotic stories containing non consensual sex I'm not a hypocrite; I've written one I have written erotic fiction for over 10 years I have argued against conservatives against literary critics against certain streams of feminism for the legitimacy of womens' rights to carve their erotic fantasies out of a horrifically patriarchal past I have argued that we cannot suddenly purge ourselves of the semiotic language of sexual power dynamics and that they will inform the darkest corners of our erotic psyches for many decades to comeI have embarked on a doctorate to argue for the intellectual and social value of transgressive erotic fiction I entered into it to champion the genre I write in; to challenge the assumption that the genre is all badly written pseudo porn for women with no redeeming artistic value and offering no reflection of ourselves or the society we live inBut this book has made me uestion what the hell I'm doing It's not just the book itself but the incredible success its had the thousands of great reviews it's received its 4 star rating on this platformThis must be the most fundamentally amoral piece of erotic fiction I've ever read Far worse far fundamentally corrupt than anything Sade ever wrote What it lacks in explicitness of sex it makes up for with explicitness of product placement There is page after page of the protagonist name dropping brand names like they're genital body parts This isn't erotica It's consumption pornIn 1991 Brett Easton Ellis wrote American Psycho It portrayed a man absent of all empathy obsessed with the conspicuous consumption of branded products Ellis used his constant mentioning of brand names as a way to illustrate his psychopathy In Conseuences the main character suffers from the same affliction The difference is that Ellis expected his readers to find his main character terrifying and obscene Romig presents her protagonist as someone we can relate toWhat does it say about us that so many readers can find a woman who allows herself to go on being raped in exchange for a free wardrobe and cosmetics What does it say that clearly thousands of women fantasize about it masturbate over it I'm not sure But I can't keep your company I am ashamed that I write in the same genre as this I'm thinking I need to get out of it I don't want to play a part in feeding whatever this appetite for agency less women consumer fetishism and vacuous writingI have never written a review like this before This book I think struck me so hard because of what I've written in the past So what you have here is a portrait of an erotica writer whose completely lost her shit

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Every action has conseuencesWaking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor Anthony Rawlings Claire has no understanding of why she's there but it's been made abundantly clear she is now his acuisition and every action has conseuencesLearn the rules to surviveFacing incomprehensible circumstances Claire must learn to s. I must say it took me a second to wrap my head around the purpose of this story It is NOT erotica NOT romance I don't say this negatively either I mention it because this book is often compared to mine and it perhaps isn't a fair comparison A lot of MY scenes ARE written in such a way to be titillating The scenes in THIS BOOK are not written to arouse the reader and are spare in the details during the sexual acts I don't think the author's intent was titillation I believe this story is a straight up psychological thrillerI've read a lot of reviews where people are angry about the story because its so brutal and not 'sexy' or 'romantic' It's not intended to be If you're looking for hot sex scenes and hotter alpha males this book is not for you I like a smexy story featuring bare chested alphas chasing down honey's just as much as the next girl but I also don't expect all my books to be about thatOnce I accepted the fact this book was not INTENDED to make me feel tingly in my naughty bits it took on a whole new shape one that I really enjoyedIt's very smartly written and I really give credit to the author for taking her readers into the depths of such depravity with Tony Rawlings As a villain he's exceptional He is unapologetically evilClaire makes a lot of stupid mistakes early on However I enjoyed reading about her becoming a stronger and nimble minded person I believe I'll enjoy her character much in the second book Round one I'm afraid belongs to Mr Rawlings