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REVIEW ↠ Taarna Volume 1 ↠ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Taarna Volume 1 By Alex de Campi ➤ – Popular E Book, Taarna Volume 1 By Alex de Campi There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn 9781947784086 122 pages Popular EBook, Taarna Volume By Alex de Campi There are many interesting things iPopular EBook Taarna Volume By Alex de Camp. 325 Heavy Metal's Taarna would be terrible in prose form As a four issue comic with a self contained plot it works Somewhat The plot moves so fast that it threatens to give the reader whiplash leaving no room for characters or than one lengthy scene of dialogue in the entire thing which is all exposition anyway otherwise we would be completely lost The artwork is good worthy of its own star that just elevates this out of two star territory for me although it lacks fluidity in the numerous action scenes but then I'm also accustomed to the way action is handled in manga than in Western comics The panel layout can also be a tad confusing at timesOverall Taarna is a ten minute read in total if that and it's full of under developed ideas and two dimensional characters Were this a longer story the writers might've had issues to flesh things out As it is it's a decent way to pass a few minutes Just nothing

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I There are many interesting things in this. I honestly don’t know what the fk is even happening in this book This book is such an incoherent clusterfk It’s so bad that in the beginning when the normal dudes and the evil demon not demon dudes are fighting there’s absolutely no sound effects or yelling or grunting or anything that you would normally see in a comic during a battle Yet later on towards the end of the book when they’re battling again it’s all ‘Blam’ ‘Splut’ ‘Fzang’ ‘Graaaa’ 🧐This story makes no sense but there’s tentacles and lasers and explosions and naked and half naked chicks so there’s that 🤔🤔Honestly the art is the only reason why I don’t give this 1 star

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Taarna Volume 1Book format Paperback and others isbnpages. I really loved the artwork in this and the story isn't awful I may be cutting it some slack because I watched Heavy Metal 2000 right before I read this Heavy Metal 2000 is not only the worst thing this brand has put out but the worst movie ever made So this looked real good in comparison Based on the segment of Heavy Metal that everyone remembers it is an adventure of the titular Taarna swashbuckling ass kicker and wearer of iconic sexy armour She does stuff The story is fairly lackluster but it's fast paced and intriguing enough to keep you turning It might actually make a really great animated short like the original Being in comic forn doesn't do it any favours Taarna is never really given a chance to be a badass but damn if she doesn't look good doing nothing Side characters are there I think the big bad is the Loc Nar which if I'm correct its dialogue is the best part and really captures the holier than thouness of our favourite glowing sphere Final verdict meh