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Ever by Alyson NoThe first book in Alyson Noël's extraordinary new Immortals series Enter an enchanting new world where true love never diesAfter a horrible accident claims the lives of her family sixteen year old Ever Bloom can see people's auras hear their thoughts and know someone's entire life story by touching them Goi How To Write Popular YA Supernatural Literature AND Defile Your SpiritBased on the popular YA novel Ever and aided by countless like it I have compiled an easy to read and follow list of rules for writing a popular series and being able to sell out your soul at the same time Does that sound too convenient? Well it's unbelievably easy to do if you follow my uick and easy program1 Create an 'Outcast' HeroineIt's important that your primarily female teenage audience can relate to your main character So whilst you can't have your main character associate herself with being cool it still has to be obvious to your audience that she totally is Now Meyer's approach of the goose turned Swan but was really still a goose Bella associated herself as 'different' and a 'loner' only to arrive at her new school and be immediately popular and accepted by almost everyone Noel's method is different yet in a similar spirit Her protagonist Ever was incredibly popular at her old school and has decided to be an outcast because she feels that she can't be accepted due to her psychic gift She also has the ability to perceive someone's personality through the colours that define them So instead of aligning herself with the shallow mean and popular crowd she aligns herself with the shallow and mean loners It’s very important for your protagonists to be 'different' because today's youth despise the sheep mentality and so they all strive to be uniue Since they're all different in almost the exact same way it is relatively easy to emulate this with as little effort put into characterization as possible in your female protagonistAs long as she shows no regard for her clothing appearance or any kind of interest in giving a shit about anyone but herself she will easily pass with young audiences It will be her ewniueness that eventually draws the Perfect Hero to her as opposed to any of the usual elements such as looks hygiene personality or determinable interest in the world outside their own arsePlease also remember that she probably should be a reader preferably of Wuthering Heights or Romeo and Juliet and that she should consider everyone around her to have inferior intelligence despite the fact that her reading repertoire extends to only a couple of booksA noticeably absent family is necessary and a completely dead family makes for a better story because then she actually has a perceived reason to be a moody antisocial self absorbed little bitch Do this even though in all likelihood she would be all of the above with a perfectly normal family2 Create a perfect heroIt is VERY important that your hero be perfect in almost every regard Unlike the female protagonist who can disregard her appearance he must not only be attractive than a G model without any of the effort put into his appearance but he must also be thoughtful intelligent and mysteriousIn no way is he to reflect almost every teenage boy to have ever existed and he must have no desire to find a partner for himself who is in anyway comparable in looks kindness intelligence or perfectionIf he is a vampire or some such immortal then he must be ridiculously wealthy If he is a werewolf then he is allowed to be poor but must make up for it with incredible bedroom skillsHe needn’t have a personality that extends beyond mysterious sexy and in love with the female protagonist Naturally in this respect Meyers Mead Marr and Stiefvater are something like overachievers but if Noel Saintcrow Clare Kate and Fitzpatrick are any indication then we need know little about the hero other than the fact that he’s gorgeous has a secret and is in love History friends likes dislikes family passions interests hobbies and personality flaws are all negligible information that is taking up precious space in your novel Especially when you could be injecting drooling from the female protagonist in place of any kind of characterization for your heroYour book will sell better if the hero stalks follows obsesses over and actively pursues the heroine beyond any realm of believability You could triple your audience just by having him watch her sleep3 Create useless friendsIt’s important to reiterate to the young adult generation that nobody other than the hero is important Since domestic abuse begins with one partner manoeuvring the other to have limited contact with anyone else we must strive to normalize this in literature Thus the female protagonist shouldn’t have anyone close enough to her that she can’t break contact or eventually forget about them It’s very important that her full focus socialization and all of her needs are eventually devoted or met by the male protagonist To aid this her friends must be selfish vain crazy slutty uncaring or in other ways undeserving of the heroine’s attentions and affections It’s very important that she never call them on their poor damaging and graceless friendship but must lovingly worry about them for the minimal amount of time acceptable to the reader before once again completely focusing on the mysterious hero4 Mix in a twisted convoluted plot designed entirely to provide dramatic and sexy subplotIt’s important that the plot no matter how unlikely must revolve around the hero saving the heroine The villains do not necessarily need to have realistic or conceivable motivations for their actions As long as the hero gets to save the day at least three or four times then your book will be profitablePlease remember that the actual plot of your story needn’t truly begin until at least 350 pages into your story The longer you can stall any interesting event occuring the less thinking you will actually need to doPlus FOR FREE extras to help 'improve' your novel the bottom line of your sales and the expedient destruction of your soul How to create a senseless mythologyMythology is of a concept rather than something that needs to be respected or honoured Vampires don’t need to refrain from daylight and angels no longer need to “fall” for good they can now be redeemed like us The good news is that creating your own mythology disregarding anything written before allows you to twist and bastardize the plot beyond any recognizably interesting concept Explanations as to why research could actually DAMAGE your profitResearch takes time energy and intelligence Why do it? You’ve got ten fingers presumably and an attention span that extends past anything that could be compared to a gnat even if it is only barely Simply make it up as you go For example Ever is psychic Research may tell us that this has something to do with receiving visions of the future or possibly commnicating with ghosts Yet research is boring Instead she is imbued with the following powers that we guess can kind of be put under a psychic umbrella if we force enough information and logic out of our brains first Mind reading visions of near present and future personal life knowledge of any person she physically touches seeing ghosts seeing auras literary osmosis from touching any written object drawing the answers from any written uestion placed before her and any other supernatural abilities that seem convenient at the time Detailed observations on why the Deus Ex Machina rocksTying together a plot even if you work to keep it as non complicated or infantile as possible is hard It’s much easier to ignore tying together a number of plot points in any believable fashion and instead rely on some Deus Ex Machina to come in and take care of thoughtful planning for you How to expand one nonsensical idea into a series and why this is profitable than originalityLast but not least Ensure that your story is somewhat open ended so that you can create a series out of it Research shows that people even if they are intelligent enough to see that you’re writing is becoming progressively shittier and nonsensical will often still purchase books in the series in order to find out what happens So rather than creating a new story with new characters simply beat the same old horse it needn’t really be a horse – simply a pile of shit that’s been forced into a horse like shape for at least three or books in order to sueeze every last cent out of the franchise that you can This review can also be found on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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Ng out of her way to avoid human contact to suppress her abilities she has been branded a freak at her new high school but everything changes when she meets Damen AugusteDamen is gorgeous exotic and wealthy He's the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head wielding a magic so intense Let's just say that after reading this book I was unable to see a tulip without having a strong urge to kick it 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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eBook ✓ ePub Ever by Alyson Noel ¶ 9780312532758 Free í ❰KINDLE❯ ❂ Ever Author Alyson Noel – Goproled.co.uk The first book in Alyson Noël's extraordinary new Immortals series Enter an enchanting new world where true love never diesAfter a horrible accident claims the lives of her famiIt's as though he can peer straight into her soul As Ever is drawn deeper into his enticing world of secrets and mystery she's left with uestions than answers And she has no idea just who he really is or what he is The only thing she knows to be true is that she's falling deeply and helplessly in love with h This book warrants a full on GIF ridden review You've been warnedLet me start out by saying thisSoWe have Ever Yeah EVER Who names their kid EVER? There was also Honor Haven and Stacia but I digress Anyway who would play Ever in the movie? A light switch Think about it She loves him she hates him She loves him she hates him She loves him she wants to barf at the sight of himSo she almost died and now she has psychic powers Which by psychic powers she means being restricted to only wearing hoodies acting like a total loon constantly treating your friends like shit going deaf on heavy metal and generally being a lacking human being How does anyone deal with her kind of crazy? Throughout the whole book I never did get why she kept thinking psychic powershoodiesThen we have Damen with an E Not Damon with an OSee even Damon with an O thinks that's dumb Oh and Damen's last name is Auguste Was somebody really trying to recreate a Salvatore brother? Hm? Got a nice ItalianSpanish sounding name and dark hairand viola Now he's an immortal But he drinks weird red shit which is never fully explained and being red sparkly and keeping him immortal I can only assume is magical unicorn blood screws with people's heads is insanely fast and strong is psychic and down right creepy So I'm sorry Noel but you just invented the vampire Good for you IdiotAnd he falls for the emotionless creepy loner girl that is gorgeous but doesn't seem to notice ala Edward Cullen And thus the selfish stupidity ensues He flirts with her then her worst enemy then her then the enemy again Then a bunch of pointless teenage drama happens They make out She decides she hates him because???? I never could follow why she hated him half the time Because he didn't give up his phone number??? Somebody dies Ever worries about Damen than the dead girl Her best friend almost dies She worries about Damen than the best friend Oh and let's not forget she's seeing the ghost of her dead sister and kinda holding her hostage saying things to the tune of I can't lose you too I know you're giving up Heaven and our parents but STILL I need you here Deal I haven't seen this much selfishness sinceuhTwilight And that brings me around to the Twilight rip off checklist1 vampire oops I mean immortal check2 human love interest check3 mind reading check4 emotionless main character check5 stupid red haired bad girl bent on killed MC check6 strange lovey feelings near vampire immortal whatever check7 MC hating her life and being ungrateful of everything and everyone checkI'm sure there's but you get the point If you take a shot for every similarity you'll be dead in minutesI hated this book Especially when it came down to the power of love saving the fucking day Yes we pulled a Halo and love wins the war Damen's wife I repeat WIFE is angry he's in love with someone else shocker and Ever kills her Granted Drina was a crazy bitch but she WAS married to Damen and all She punches her in the chest the heart chakra and it kills her because she's lacking in love and Ever has so much? I Just StaredSomebody thumped an immortal's breastbone and she croaked No there's no punchline I didn't make it up This shit really happened A 600 year old immortal vampire whatever got taken down by a whiny little teenager with a girly punchAnd what was Damen doing BOTH times Ever the supposed love of his life was fighting for her life against his wife? Not coming to her rescue until he was sure she really wanted to live Let that sink in he refused to come save her until she voiced and voiced believably that she really didn't want to DIE Your wife is beating the shit out of the woman you love and you don't DO ANYTHING?The whole story made me sick It made no effing sense Summerland Sparkly red drinks Damen screwing with her memories and trying to convince her she didn't really see him bleeding her bestie on the living room rug The power of LOVE saving the day SMHEver has some pretty serious trauma to deal with but every time someone offer her counseling help with her powers a shoulder to cry on she flips the fuck out and gets defensive Like helping her NOT be a nut is the worst idea on the planet Like the other psychic who is trying to help her let go of her guilt is the BAD GUY Instead she chooses to self medicate with vodka drive drunk and get expelled I wanted to smack Ever With a fish Plus the story was so easy to figure out I didn't even have to finish the damn book to know what hadwouldwas happening There was no real surprise although the acid induced Summerland place was a bit of a weird shocker More like a scene thought up while high than anything relevant To sum it up this book made my angry Ever was ungrateful bitchy emotionless I can't figure out how Damen is in love with her insta love of all things And Damen is the Edward Cullen wannabe creepy sneak into your room and watch you sleep kinda stalkerThe other characters were rather pointlessIn conclusion What I wanted to do when I finished this stupid book