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Shallow Ground reader ç Kindle Edition read ´ andy maslen è ➶ [Reading] ➸ Shallow Ground (Detective Ford Book 1) By Andy Maslen ➫ – Detective Ford has a cold blooded killer to catch But can he escape his own dark secrets?Barely a month since his promotion to InspectAnalytical mind and as they work together to track down the killer his crippling guilt is compounded by fear of exposureWhen instinct leads him towards a high profile suspect his superiors’ warnings just make him determined to connect impulse and fact But can Ford hold it all together the case his life long enough to stop the killer? Book Review  Shallow Ground Detective Ford Book 1 by Andy MaslenPublished by Publishing UK on November 10 2020425 Stars Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus by William Harvey circa 1628 De Motu Cordis With his mind at times still straddling a living nightmare on the sudden death of his wife in a climbing accident at Pen y Holt Bay Pembroke six years prior little did the single dad of still grieving 15 year old Sam and newly promoted Salisbury DI Detective Inspector Henry Ford know that a 17th Century book from Europe's early modern period on an anatomical exercise on the motion of the heart and blood in living beings could prove to be a lynchpin that would unlock his first major case in a supervisory role at the Salisbury PD under the aegis of Detective Superintendent Sandra Monroe the pursuit of a suspected devil worshipping blood thirsty serial killer Indeed that early modern age manuscript along with the fortuitous entry of a team rookie as deputy manager Dr Hannah Fellowes a sharp stunning senior CSI with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and expert in forensic psychology the psychology of lying on top of her adjunct teaching experience at no less than the FBI Academy in uanticoSo whodunit?Author Andy Maslen assembles a cast of earnest players in a neatly pieced well researched police procedural murder mystery set in a modern Southern English city with just the right touch of science and math a dose of devilry gore ingenuity and poignancy in eual measures spiced with a dash of that ubiuitous spite and arrogance  de rigueur in UK novels of late displayed by patently miserable British upper class pretenders boasting status above suspicion and protection from administrative cronies in social circlesCan't wait for the Maslen seuel of the Ford Hannah Sam and Sandra showReview based on an ARC from Publishing UK and NetGalley

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Detective Ford has a cold blooded killer to catch But can he escape his own dark secrets?Barely a month since his promotion to Inspector DI Ford is called in to investigate the murder of a young nurse and her son in a small flat in Salisbury There are few clues and no apparent motive but Ford can sense that there’s a serial killer at An excellent read that keeps you guessing who is responsible for the dreadful murders The cast of characters is steadily introduced and easy to relate to The excitement and thrill in the story are addictiveNewly appointed Inspector DI Ford is faced with the challenging task of tracking down the person who is responsible for a series of murders The serial killer is deadly and ruthless and leaves subtle clues at every crime scene When DI Ford's instincts lead him towards a high profile suspect he is determined to solve the case But can Ford find the killer before another murder takes place ?? suspense heightens as we find out

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Shallow Ground Detective Ford Book 1 Work After all he knows from brutal personal experience how killers cover their tracksIt’s been six years since Ford lost his wife in a climbing accident an accident he caused He is desperate to keep the truth hidden especially from his son Sam But Ford’s new partner Dr Hannah Fellowes is a crime scene investigator with a ruthlessly Ford is a newly promoted Detective Inspector in Wales We meet him 6 years after losing his wife in a climbing accident It was an accident but Ford blames himself and considers himself a murderer He is raising his 15 year old son Sam on his own Additionally a new member has been added to the CSI team with Ford works with closely Her name is Dr Hannah Fellowes She is smart and pretty and very outspoken We find that is related to her Asperger's diagnosis While she is British she has spent a lot of time working in the USA with the FBI Her previous work experience and vast knowledge are assets to Ford's team and while he is attracted to her he is not over losing his wife This relationship is not a dominate story line but could build over time in future books IT seems this is the first in a new series In addition to Hanna Ford has a great team of detectives working with him his old friend and colleague Julie Jools Mick who appears to have a bit of a thing for Jools Alec Hanna's boss and Sandy Ford's boss In this story those who are struggling financially and use the local food bank when they are in need of food are the target of the killer There are two suspects brought to light right away The red herrings which make the read suspect one than the other and back to the other are fantastic I had a feeling I knew whom the killer was but our author did not make it easy I am hoping this does become a series as I would like to spend time in Wales with DI Ford and his colleagues