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characters The Accidental Tourist ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¶ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Accidental Tourist By Anne Tyler ✸ – Macon Leary is a travel writer who hates both travel and anything out of the ordinary He is grounded by loneliness and an unwillingness to compromise his creS and an unwillingness to compromise his creature comforts when he meets Muriel a deliciously peculiar dog obedie. Accidental tourists are pretty annoying These are those pesky travelers who refuse to give up all their customs their comforts; refuse to get lost a little in the foreignness to LIVE And this book isn't A success then considering the subject matter Yeah the protagonist is a huge bore as he has one of the best jobs of all time is doubly douche ey but he has a reason to be maudlin and dissatisfied Lifetime Movie Network viewers would have a blast the novel feels capital D Dated indeed But Tyler does a great job in making all characters believable and all situations credible you feel very bad for the guy you basically would hate to have around you His intellectual edge is minuscule and you feel bad for all other dumber characters too It's slightly symbolic but also rather um smallIt is wise to note that other books by this particular publishing company such as The Patron Saint of Liars by Anne Patchett or The World According to Garp by John Irvin also seem to fit within this category of above average reads which you may or may not be inspired to recommend depending on the mood the weather or the person

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Nce trainer who up ends Macon’s insular world–and thrusts him headlong into a remarkable engagement with life. Julie and Joe talk about Anne Tyler and Larry McMurtry as a writer who accurately communicates my desire to read and write about the two things that mean the most to me in this life heart and groin Which Julie lol groin that's right there with moist on the list of Words That Could Technically Be About Sex But Will Kill The Mood Right Dead oh yes babyis your groin moist right nowwhat were we talking about Right this person whom I've never read but now she's going on the listAddendum Julie Joe agree that this isn't even the right book I should start with Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

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The Accidental TouristMacon Leary is a travel writer who hates both travel and anything out of the ordinary He is grounded by lonelines. Love is in the air or maybe anxiously repressed in February and my romantic literature jag concludes with The Accidental Tourist the 1985 novel by Anne Tyler and winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction that year Like all of my reads in the shortest month of the year this was my introduction to the author and I found much of Tyler's story to be an absolute delight This is a novel by and for mature adults that finds a wonderful balance between the melancholy of losing a child and long term spouse in the same year and the excitement of meeting someone new with its awkwardness miscommunication and urges to flee to the familiarThe story focuses on Macon Leary a methodical and steady man of 42 who's introduced driving himself and his mercurial wife Sarah home from a beach vacation that wrapped up early when neither found the heart for it His wife sports a suntan Macon does not His determination to keep driving through a heavy rainstorm despite Sarah's apprehension escalates into her declaration that she can't live with him any and wants to move out Their house in an older part of Balti is left to Macon to occupy alone with Edward a Welsh corgi which belonged to the couple's only child Ethan murdered at the age of 12 along with the other diners in a fast food restaurantMacon is a reluctant travel writer author of a series of guidebooks called The Accidental Tourist catering to businessmen and others forced into foreign locales when they'd prefer the comforts of home Twelve years ago Macon was sort of helping run a bottle cap factory inherited with his brothers Charles and Porter from their grandfather Macon's interest in writing and working for a newspaper led to an article in a local weekly on a crafts fair The article was all about Macon's fussiness at the fair but caught the attention of Julian Edge publisher of Businessman's Press who identified a niche and offered Macon a job It was one of Macon's bad habits to start itching to go home too early No matter how short a stay he'd planned partway through he would decide that he ought to leave that he'd allowed himself far too much time that everything truly necessary had already been accomplished or almost everything almost accomplished Then the rest of the visit was spent in phone calls to travel agents and fruitless trips to airline offices and standby waits that came to nothing so that he was forced to return to the hotel he'd just checked out of He always promised himself this wouldn't happen again but somehow it always did In England it happened on his fourth afternoon What was there to do he started wondering Hadn't he got the gist of the placeNeither Macon or his dog Edward take it well when Sarah moves out and their sorry state contributes to Macon slipping down the basement stairs and breaking his leg To recuperate Macon moves back home to be taken care of by his sister Rose a fixer who also cares for his gifted but socially challenged brothers Charles and Porter as well as the neighborhood's elderly Edward terrorizes the household to the point where the siblings read Macon the riot act For help he turns to Muriel Pritchett an animal caretaker he left Edward with at the Meow Bow Animal Hospital before his trip to England Nothing about Muriel from her frizzy hair to her eclectic fashion sense to her youth appeals to Macon who has never dated anyone except his stately wife Sarah and has little interest in starting He ignores Muriel's overtures to meet for a drink or to let her cook him dinner despite observing a cockiness that impresses him Muriel works wonders with Edward but when Macon learns from a co worker that she has a seven year old son he attempts to cancel their dinner date terrified of emotional involvement Muriel gets Macon to open up about his late son and in comforting him the relationship blossoms Macon begins spending time at Muriel's home in an impoverished section of Balti sleeping over cleaning up and even writing there He takes an interest in her frail boy Alexander whose allergies Macon believes have been exaggerated by the boy's mother Muriel exposes him to her crazy uilt of relationships Dominick is a teenager who handles her car repairs in exchange for the keys three nights a week Her 17 year old sister Claire has ongoing drama with their disapproving mother and sleeps over regularly Macon struggles to find consistency in Muriel's behavior while admiring her courage as well Had he ever known such a fighter He went grocery shopping with her unusually late one evening and just as they were crossing a shadowed area a boy stepped forth from a doorway Give over all what you have in your purse he told Muriel Macon was caught off guard; the boy was hardly than a child He froze hugging the sack of groceries But Muriel said The hell I will and swung her purse around by its strap and clipped the boy in the jaw He lifted a hand to his face You get on home this instant or you'll be sorry you were ever born Muriel told him He slunk away looking back at her with a puzzled expressionWhen Macon had caught his breath again he told Muriel she was a fool He might have had a gun for all you knew he said Anything might have happened Kids show less mercy than grown ups; you can see that any day in the papersWell it turned out fine didn't it Muriel asked What are you so mad atHe wasn't sure He supposed he might be mad at himself He had done nothing to protect her nothing strong or chivalrous He hadn't thought as fast as she had or thought at all in fact While Muriel why Muriel hadn't even seemed surprised She might have strolled down that street expecting a neighbor here a stray dog there a holdup just beyond all eually part of life He felt awed by her and diminished Muriel just walked on humming Great Speckled Bird as if nothing particular had happenedMacon reluctantly invites Muriel to his sister Rose's wedding to his publisher Julian who believes he's found in the Learys the old fashioned domestic comfort that he's always craved Macon will not so much as commit to bringing Muriel to visit Paris with him or give in to her desire for a June wedding His family continue to her refer to his girlfriend as that Muriel person The final push Macon needs to flee a new commitment comes when his wife Sarah concedes she's ready to come home that at a certain age people just don't have