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I don't believe in Broken Love PDFEPUB #182 fairy tales and Prince CharmingI believe in fearHe taught me how to be afraidWe first met on a playground on a wonderful summer day It was the first time he hurt me and it wouldn’t be the last For ten years. This is one of those reads that's not looking to make friends Nope It's the goth girl sitting in the back of the classroom holding up her middle finger while simultaneously winking at you with a smile You're kind of wondering what to thinkbut the thing about the goth girl isShe doesn't care what we think And neither does this book I'm pretty sure The author who I've never met seemed to go with her gut and seemed to have a lot of fun while doing it Kudos Now I won't do a play by play That's been done so feel free to browse other reviews but I will say this the synopsis gives an accurate description of the plot but also be prepared to leave your comfort zone Nearly every interaction with Lake and Kieran is dripping with sexual tension and the dialogue is pretty hot The author did a great job with character development so even when I was seething over something Kieran did I wanted to know to understand him The side romances of the friends were also very interesting sometimes making you mad but always wanting to make you understand as well Nowas a warningKieran is VERY rough with Lake and some might even think rough is too gentle a word And I get it I do There's lots of commentary lately about New Adult and the misogyny bordering on abusive to the heroines in today's romance But here's what I'm going to say about that brieflyWhat we indulge in the safety of fantasy are not even close to the things we would allow in reality It's entertainment and if you can take the book for what it is an escape then you'll enjoy it if you like love hate romances that are a bit dark I enjoy scary movies I love seeing Michael Meyers walk slowly toward people with a butcher knife So do a lot of people which is why they make those movies There's a market for it Does that mean I'm not going to run like hell if that bastard comes after me Of course I will But in a story it's different It doesn't mean we're sick for enjoying it It just means we get off on things that get our hearts pumping and misogynistic men in my literature get my heart pumping Plain and simple Things like films books and music allow us to safely indulge in danger fear and passion but that doesn't mean we would tolerate it in real life This is why we have art Okaysteps off soapbox DAll in all I was glued to this I loved the tension and the angst I love high school romances and even though I was seething about a few things I felt engaged and I felt like I was Lake I was angry sad angry scared angry turned on angry and yeahTURNED ONOn to Fear You now xoxo

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Fear Me Broken Love #1D THE WARNINGS This book is a new adult and contains rough elements such as harsh language mild violence strong sexual content alpha male antihero blackmail and dubious consentFear Me in all contains sensitive themes many people aren’t able to swallo. 04042015 Negative Infinity Stars I'd go lower if I couldmay contain some spoilersTHIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS FOR SOMERemember this is only my opinion and it won't be a full reviewAwful Not sure what the purpose of this little number was but it missed its' mark with this reader I got to the 30% mark my review limit and just couldn't put myself through any of it NopeGod help us if a young girl has to go through bullying like this in school that continues for 10 or years Bullying to such an extent that she faints when she finds out her tormenter is returning to school after a year away SeriouslyThis is supposed to be a romance about this relationship How can that even happen Her whole childhood this guy tormented her Not simple little things but real psycho shit ReallyI'm sure some will see beyond this surface and fall into line and enjoy the story to be had but I just think a relationship such as this should never be encouraged even if it is fiction Too many times bad fiction becomes reality for some and I'm not going to play into itIf you are happy reading this one you deserve a medal Because what I was able to read just pissed me off

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Fear Me Broken Love #1 Free download Ó 108 ò ➺ [Download] ➶ Fear Me Broken Love #1 By B.B. Reid ➻ – Goproled.co.uk I don't believe in fairy tales and Prince CharmingI believe in fearHe taught me how to be afraidWe first met on a playground on a wonderful summer day It was the first time he hurt me and it wouldnHe's been my tormentor and I've been his forbidden But then he went away and yet I was still afraidNow he's back and wants than just my tears You Fear Me PDF seehe thinks I sent him away so now he wants revengeand he knows just how to get itPLEASE REA. 25 StarsThis was one of those books people who thought anyone liking Fifty Shades of Grey wanted to be whipped and had a poor understanding of what a healthy relationship looked like never mind it being a work of fiction would hate The guy is psychotically possessive and violentThe female shows very little backbone and any resolve shatters in the face of but he's so hot and handsome and my downstairs parts can't take itAnd everyone in the book bows down to the main character's desires no matter how ludicrous Now that said while I didn't love this bookI also couldn't put it it downRight or wrong I am a sucker for crazy possessive completely unhealthy examples of the lurve in all its forms and this book had that in spadesWhat kept me from really liking this book though is the fact that while yes it was a train wreck I couldn't look away from it was still just that While I loved all the crazy and the possessiveness I also had troublesuspending my beliefs in certain waysAnd believe me I am a guru in the belief suspension arena However when stretching the bounds of what is normal you either have to go ALL the way outside of the realms of normal think fantasy and paranormal etcor at least keep the ship close enough to the shore for the reader to think Well it could happen If I suintBut alas you can only suint so much before you just can't see And this one just went a little too far with the H for me Although I definitely saw the writing on the wall as far as realism goes at the beginning when as we first meet our main female lead her inner eight year old thoughts sounded less eight year old and 20 something college student taking Psychology 101and thereby learning just enough to sound halfway knowledgeable and halfway retarded Raise your hand if you'd like an example She definitely had the adorable kid look down'Hi' I finally responded after the silence became awkward I could see some of her confidence disappearing when I continued to stare'What's your name' she prompted nervously I wasn't sure I should answer her She looked like trouble and a long dayShe looked like trouble and a long day That sounds like a 1890's harlot calling Clint Eastwood a tall glass of waterNot an eight year old meeting another kid at the playground for the first time which is the context of this scene by the way Reminder These are eight year olds Everything about this moment felt different I was unable to look away from his startling gray eyes They were taunting me daring me to look to look away and risk the conseuencesAgaineight year olds And that was just the tip of the ice berg After that opening scene all the main players were supposed to be high school students And yet they all interacted talked and moved through their days like 30 year olds with mafia ties and a shit load of baggage I thought it was ridiculous that a high school student supposedly had someone in place to kill people in other cities based on just his say so that a teacher would stop talking and do whatever a student told her and that NO one in this book seemed to have parents that were ever home if they even had them at all Call me crazy But I digress In short I liked this book enough to finish itbut not enough to pay 399 to read book two as appealing as train wrecks are to watch