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The Chimney Sweeper's Boy Free download ò 105 ð ❮Reading❯ ➶ The Chimney Sweeper's Boy Author Barbara Vine – This gifted author's ability to draw us so completely into her vividly realized guilt ridden worlds that they seem to meld seamlessly with her own is what makes her one of the finest pracThis gifted author's ability to draw us so completely into her vividly realized guilt ridden The Chimney Kindle worlds that they seem to meld seamlessly with her own is what makes her one of the finest practitioners of her craft in th. Finished 11th February 2009This was a strange book Hard to put down I did not find a single character that I could feel true sympathy with Gerald was arrogant and domineering I wanted to shake Ursula for being so submissive and accepting of his mental abuse The daughters were spoilt and immature What a family but a good read and I was intrigued to find what his secret was at the very end of the book I can't see why the events would cause Gerald to become so unloving and hard can someone change so much so suddenly

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Ing novelist Gerald Candless whose sudden death from a heart attack leaves behind a wife and two doting duaghters To sort through her grief one of his daughters Sarah decides to write a biography of her internationally celebrated father. I re read this book to fit my book group's puzzle theme Barbara Vine's novels are always good puzzlers never who done it but why was it done The Chimney Sweeper's Boy opens with the death of Gerald Candless Candless was a famous writer both best selling critically acclaimed who spent 30 years in a loveless marriage raised his two daughters to worship him to a point where they are uite dysfunctional Now in the process of researching her father's biography daughter discovers her father was not who he claimed to be Prior to his marriage he'd left his family of origin behind changed his name faked the details of his early life to maintain the cover up Why did Gerald leave his family take on a new identity Why did he marry Ursula stay with her for over 30 years when he clearly didn't love her Why did he need his daughters to love him so desperately Now that he's gone will they survive Characters Mostly supremely unattractive I liked Ursula Setting EnglandLondon probably 1970s Writing This is what keeps me coming back to B Vine Because she's a skilled writer you want to keep reading you want to find out what will happen in spite of yourself Overall feeling at end of book glad that icky Gerald is dead; hopeful of daughters being dead; hopeful that Ursula will escape to some tropical island with a new love Hard to believe anyone would do what Gerald did so I'm glad things have changed over the years

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The Chimney Sweeper's BoyE English speaking world Much honored around the world but less well known here she is a writer whose work should be read by anyone who enjoys brilliant mystery or distinguished literatureThis is the utterly absorbing story of best sell. I had read this before some years ago but somehow it ended up on my to be read shelf once again Following one of bookcrossings theme of the month threads Jan was jobs and careers I picked this one up and read it again I did not remember most of it although it had left me with some impressions that I would only recognize had become part of my thoughts when I read those parts this second time around It is a very unhappy book for nearly every character if you are looking for happy endings don't look here Gerald Candless famous author passes away and his oldest daughter decides she will write a memoir of her father What she discovers is that his identity is false he is not the man she thought he was who is he who are she and her sister if their father is not who he said he was Like all Ruth Rendell's written as Barbara Vine books this one is dark compelling well written It is powerful but ugly and left me feeling a little emotionally ill