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True GritBrought to you by Penguin True Grit by Bear Grylls is read by Eliot Fitzpatrick with an introduction read by the author  Bear Grylls knows what it takes to survive But he’s not the first  Take the American bombardier Louis Zamperini who survived days stranded at sea by catching and killing hungry sharks and drinking the warm blood of albatrosses only to be captured by the Japanese and horrifically to. This is a book of 25 biographical sketches In each of these Bear Grylls focuses on the signs of 'True Grit' shown by each of the individuals he has chosen His subjects exhibited their grit in times of hardship war and disaster Aircraft accidents perils of the seas climbers WW2 spies and heroes and great explorers all feature The stories he tells range from the beginning of the 19th century with the story of Captain James Riley enslaved in the western Sahara when his ship foundered off its coast to Aaron Ralston the American who became famous in 2003 for cutting off his own arm to set himself free when he was trapped alone by a boulder in a canyon in UtahMost of the individuals in this book though showed their grit in the 20th century Many of the names are famous they include the Victorian explorer Sir Benjamin Franklin and the great names of Antarctic exploration Scott and Amundsen I remember all of these from my schooldays when they were not uite so historical and overlooked as they are today Others are not so well known by name For example Nancy Wake the White Mouse Spy or Chris Moon blown up while working with Halo Trust to diffuse landminesThe book begins with another unfamiliar name from a media sensation of the 1970s 22 year old Uruguayan Nando Parrado a survivor of the Flight 172 which crashed in the Andes on 13 October 1972 The survivors who ate their deceased fellow travellers to preserve their own lives perhaps the greatest taboo of 20th century living Fittingly the book finishes with the story of Ernest Shackleton one of the most inspiring adventurers and explorers of the early 20th century Perhaps in this generation we need men of integrity and courage like ShackletonClearly with only 10 15 pages on each of these individuals the book can just skim the surface but Bear Grylls has added a detailed bibliography if you should want to read about the remarkable characters of this book

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Rtured for years in their most brutal POW camps  Or Marcus Luttrell a Navy SEAL who single handedly took on a Taliban regiment before dragging his bleeding bullet ridden body for days through the harsh mountains of Afghanistan Or Nando Parrado one of the survivors of a horrific air crash high in the ice bound Andes who lived only because he was willing to eat the flesh of his dead companions In this enth. I have never read anything by Bear Grylls before but having recently waded through a couple of heavy novels this book appealed for its bite sized chapter long stories of grit and courage Not every subject in this compilation triumphs over their own particular adversity but Bear takes care to build each story around the ualities that make such people focussed and totally and selflessly dedicated to their causeThough simply written these chapters are not an 'easy' read I found myself drawing in a breath at the suffering described by battles with the elements polar exploration the conuest of Everest etc Sadly and excruciating are the accounts of human beings inflicting unimaginable horror on fellow human beings and I find myself shaking my head even as I write thisThe stories are all of adventure and heroism in war in exploration and in the aftermath of disaster but there are many parallels in everyday life that come to mind when tough times inspire ordinary people to give their energy and enthusiasm and sometimes what remains of their lives to help others and for the greater goodA very thought provoking and at times humbling read


READ & DOWNLOAD True Grit · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ❰EPUB❯ ✰ True Grit Author Bear Grylls – Brought to you by Penguin True Grit by Bear Grylls is read by Eliot Fitzpatrick with an introduction read by the author  Bear Grylls knows what it takes to survive But he’s not the first  TakeRalling new book Bear tells the stories of the adventurers explorers soldiers and spies whose refusal to uit in the most extreme situations has inspired him throughout his life Some of them make uncomfortable listening survival is rarely pretty But all of them are tales of eye watering bravery death defying resilience and extraordinary mental toughness by men and women who have one thing in common true gr. I am always so encouraged by all that Bear Grylls produces I would never have read about these stalwarts if my favourite person had not made it so readableEverything he does in my opinion is so listenable readable watchable