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FREE PDF ´ BOOK Security Analysis ☆ GOPROLED ã ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Security Analysis: The Classic 1940 Edition By Benjamin Graham ➜ – Graham's ideas inspired the investment community for nearly a century Smart Money Graham's method of investing is as relevant today as it was when he first espDing Graham protégé Warren Buffet consider to be the definitive edition This facsimile reproduction of that seminal work makes available to investors once again the original thinking of this century's and perhaps history's most important thinker on applied portfolio investment I chose this version of Security Analysis because Buffet said it was his favorite It did not disappointHowever it's very helpful to have a background in finance and accounting to enjoy this book I tried to read it as a college sopho but couldn't get through it After 15 years of investment banking and 1 year of investment analysis constant reading of company filings I gave this book another try I completed it and learned a lot It's very comprehensive in its discussion of corporate finance investment securities and investment philosophyI created my own tumblr detailing the insightful uotesIt's a book that I will re read again in the near future

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And inspired investors for nearly 70 years First published in 1934 his Security Analysis is still considered to be the value investing bible for investors of every ilk Yet it is the second edition of that book published in 1940 and long since out of print that many experts inclu Outstanding book by the greatest teacher of investment analysis in history What's not to like? Warren Buffett says this edition that is the 1940 edition is best so this is the one to getOnly uibble is that it's a bit long and sometimes ponderous If you haven't read The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham get that one first; but after you read that you'll probably want to read this one

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Security Analysis The Classic 1940 EditionGraham's ideas inspired the investment community for nearly a century Smart Money Graham's method of investing is as relevant today as it was when he first espoused it during the Roaring Twenties Investor's Business Daily Benjamin Graham's revolutionary theories have influenced I just finished reading this book cover to cover and will probably read it again in a few weeks time I found it to be uite simply the best and most complete resource on value investing I have ever seen read or heard of in my life Graham and Dodd not only teach us how to invest and why but convey with beautiful elouence their reasoning and frame of mind They teach us that investing is as much about constitution and temperament as it is about logic and numbers and are able to impart that wisdom and experience to us in those few hundred pages ok many hundred pagesFor those of you reading this who are new to investing Benjamin Graham and David Dodd uite literally wrote the book on value investing and this is it I would point out though that it was written for the purpose of being a source of information and tools rather than a way of introducing and inspiring its readers to the philosophy of value investing So if you are new to investing or to the concepts of value investing I would really recommend reading Graham's The Intelligent Investor first; it's a comparatively easy to read introduction to the concepts covered in greater detail in this bookWhile I have not read the original 1930's edition I have heard that this version is complete in that it irons out some of the kinks in the investment strategy that Graham developed following his near bankruptcy during the great depressionA word on the relevance of this book in today's market Much of the book centers about examples from preferred stocks of utilities and railroads investment vehicles which are far less prevalent today than they were in the early 20th century However these are just examples and the pitfalls and opportunities which arise in the stock market are as prevalent today as they were in the days this book was written I am of the opinion that those who criticize this work on the basis that it is outdated really did not understand what Graham was trying to do; to convey a new way of thinking about stocks and to understand them based on the company that they represent It doesn't matter whether you are purchasing a pre depression era railroad preferred or the hybrid floating rate bond of a modern technology company the examples exist to illustrate how to look past all that and to understand what the purchase of that security really means If after reading this book you find yourself unable to transfer the examples to the modern world then uite frankly you've read it wrongIf however you are concerned about the relevance and are after specific guidance on modern applications as well as trimming of the less relevant sections take a look at the 6th edition of this book which contains detailed chapter summaries and introductions by modern money peopleFinally the reason for the 4 stars The digitization of this book is not fantastic and given the price this is not really acceptable I found several errors which I have reported and will hopefully have been fixed by now but my real gripe is with the tables and figures which are simply scanned This is usually fine but many of the footnotes are so small as to be illegible and the overall feel is somewhat like a sketchbook; with cutouts glued to the pages where the tables were in the real book I had hoped that would instead have digitally transcribed the tables and inserted them or at least given them a transparent background rather than the sepia tone that can't be changed on the tables If this is ever corrected I'll change my review to 5 stars and remove this paragraphI can't possibly express my gratitude for what those two did when they decided to put Graham's experience onto paper in the form of this book and I think I will forever be grateful for their efforts This book has taught me invaluable lessons not only in investing but also in prudence and the value of sobriety in the face of euphoria and gloom lessons which apply to many other facets of life