Marrying Mary Harleuin Romance No 3492 review Ç 3

review Marrying Mary Harleuin Romance No 3492

Marrying Mary Harleuin Romance No 3492 review Ç 3 Ô ❮Epub❯ ➞ Marrying Mary Harleuin Romance No 3492 Author Betty Neels – A perfect wifeEveryone in her family had agreed that Mary Pagett would one day make some man a perfect wife The problem was that the only man Mary had ever even thought aG was eminent Dutch heart specialist Roel Marrying Mary PDF van RakesmaFrom the moment he had walked into her life Mary had become uite contrary turning from a practical girl into a hopeless romantic But it had b. I really enjoy Betty Neels romances because they’re universally simple and incredibly basic stories There’s something in the repetition that appeals to me and really what about romance is not somewhat repetitive the comfort and enjoyment is in knowing that it will all end well And in this like many of Betty Neels’ stories the major conflict is not one to have you on proper tenterhooks it’s of a sensible unreuited love by an eminently sensible heroine and a sort of emotional out of touchedness by a somewhat aloof but competent and helpful hero The lack of extremes of emotion make this really nice and comforting to read in periods of emotional stressIn this book rich Dutch Doctor he “works in hearts” Roel meets Mary when she brings in her belligerent elderly aunty to see him Mary is the perfect homemaker and she’s had to be because her parents are beyond hopeless and ridiculously out of touch with the world to the point of you wondering whether she raised herself and how they can be so utterly useless and casually irresponsible leaving Mary to sort everything out and face the conseuences Anyway Mary falls in love with Roel at first sight by Roel seems indifferent and anyway he has the nasty Ilsa waiting in the wings and he seems primed to marry herI thought this was fine and expectedly old fashioned but generally unproblematic as these things go I’ve been enjoying the experience of listening to Betty Neels in audio being that I’ve read pretty much all her books multiple times in ebook and print formats I liked this one

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A perfect wifeEveryone in her family had Harleuin Romance eBook #10003 agreed that Mary Pagett would one day make some man a perfect wife The problem was that the only man Mary had ever even thought about marryin. 35 Would have given this 4 if not for the too short endingOverall I like both the Professor and Mary very much We also have three matchmakers here their respective sisters Polly and Pleane plus Fred the housekeeper I especially enjoyed the close friendship Roel had with Polly who was 13 going on 30 So wise and precocious While Mr and Mrs Pagett were likeable and pleasant they were virtually useless as parents They lived in their literary and artistic worldif not for Mary and Polly both of them could not survive dailyThe Other Woman Ilsa was two dimensionally btchy; knowing Roel would not marry her she cut her losses but that did not stop her from messing with Mary's head at the endI really wish the ending love confession could have been longer I want sweet loving moments between Roel and Mary SPOILERS The manner in which Great Aunt Thirza died was shocking Like in one sentence they were talking about her recovery and the next she died in her sleep She was rather nasty in donating most of her fortune to charities when her nephew and Mary were the ones who looked after her and were definitely not well offIt was funny how a big deal was made in the beginning about her being a vegetarian but when Mary went to see Great Aunt after her heart attack Mary suggested fish for the old lady and she was ok A blooper moment like the missing red Laura Ashley dress or the brother who was never mentioned though both the heroine's parents died Cannot recall the titles of these bloopery books ha

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Marrying Mary Harleuin Romance No 3492Een clear from the start that any attention Professor van Rakesma paid her was purely Mary Harleuin Romance eBook #180 professional Professor van Rakesma's only interest was in curing frail hearts not broken ones. It was OK but a 2 12 star there wasn't enough to make it uniue It did adore the servants and the younger sister but I seriously got into despise territory wthe parents Their selfishness really grated on me Neels is just too forgiving