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PDF Ë BOOK Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See Ø GOPROLED ä ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. ✍ – Goproled.co.uk A big happy frog a plump purple cat a handsome blue horse and a soft yellow duck all parade across the pages of this delightful book Ages of this delightful book Children will immediately respond to Eric Carle's flat boldly colored colla I have been an avid fan of Eric Carle’s works especially of his well known children’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and one of the books that Eric Carle had worked on that I did not get the chance to read when I was little was “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” which was also written by Bill Martin Jr All in all this was one children’s book that children should definitely check outSince this story is extremely short the summary will be briefBasically the plot of this book is about the reader seeing various animals comment on what other beings they are looking at that precise moment while each animal states a variation of this uote “Brown Bear Brown BearWhat do you see?I see a red bird looking at meRed Bird Red Bird What do you see?I see a yellow duck looking at me”Wow I cannot believe that I waited this long to finally pick up this popular children’s book and it was definitely worth reading in the end I loved the simplistic style that Bill Martin Jr brought to this book as the plot is basically having readers see various animals in different colors popping up in the book and commenting on other animals they have seen I loved the fact that each animal is a different color such as having a blue horse and a purple cat as it brings a uniue spin to the storytelling of this book and I was uietly anticipating seeing what kind of animals we will see pop up in this book Eric Carle’s artwork is as always a delight to look at as all the characters are rendered in paper cut outs which gives the book a creative look and I really loved the images of the different animals that show up in this book such as the purple cat and the blue horseEven though there is nothing wrong with this book I have to wonder why it was banned in the first place? Well it turns out that when it was banned the person who banned the book made a mistake regarding the author of this book who is Bill Martin Jr and the person thought that it was the same Bill Martin who wrote the book “Ethical Marxism The Categorical Imperative of Liberation” Now I have never read any of the “other” Bill Martin’s books but this was the first instance where a book was mistakenly banned for the wrong reasons and that got me curious yet annoyedOverall “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” is a truly cute book for children who want to have fun with identifying animals and colors all wrapped up into one book I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this bookReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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Ges Combined with Bill Martin's singsong text they create unforgettable images of these endearing animal My Kindergarteners made me read this to them five times on Friday at work Five times By the time I was done I could tell every word to the story without looking at the pages Some one please save me from pushy five year olds with a penchant for rhyming books

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Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See A big happy frog a plump purple cat a handsome blue horse and a soft yellow duck all parade across the p Many people may not like this book or think it is too simple a book not really a story I think this is a great book My children love it It is a perfect book for young children who are just starting to learn letters their sounds and words It is also a great book for those children who may not be great readers When I taught first grade I had a few students who weren't able to read Their confindence level was low and we had a really hard time finding good books that they were able to read independently But this was one of the few books they enjoyed reading on their own Any book that can make a child feel like they are a successful reader is a great book in my opinion