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Download Amazing Conversions Epub » Why Some Turn to Faith and Others Abandon Religion ¶ Goproled ✓ ➳ Amazing Conversions: Why Some Turn to Faith & Others Abandon Religion: Why Some Turn to Faith and Others Abandon Religion Read ➻ Author Bob Altemeyer ̵Eat personal cost choose to leave religion in spite of having a deeply religious background Why would an atheist's son become a Christian fundamentalist? Why would a good Catholic girl decide that she really is an atheist?The authors of Amazing Conversions both social psychologists surveyed thousands of young adults to find that small number who were amazing believers or amazing apostates These rare individuals tell t A well written study that does a lot to explain why a small number of individuals from very devout backgrounds 'abandon' their faith traditions Many of the insights are surprising but ultimately casts apostasy in a surprisingly positive light An excellent read for those struggling to accept their own loss of faith or the loss of faith of their children

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This groundbreaking study uncovers fascinating new data on sudden shifts in religious and nonreligious belief Amazing Conversions explores for the first time ever the reasons why converts join and apostates go The focus of this absorbing study is on some amazing people with uniue stories to tell those who join a religious group in spite of being raised in nonreligious or even antireligious families and those who at gr My expectations for this book were to find stories of people who either became religious after many yrs of atheism or vice versa What you will find however is a study done on college age students who have found religion no matter how superficially or left it behind I thought the work done by the authors was very shallow as to their presentation on why someone might take upon themselves a belief system foreign to them There are no Muslim converts Mormon or any exotic groups only Protestant Christians The subjects are pretty young so there is no way of telling how deeply their newfound beliefs or freethinking will go in the future

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Amazing Conversions Why Some Turn to Faith & Others Abandon Religion Why Some Turn to Faith and Others Abandon ReligionHeir stories which are supplemented by their responses to a detailed uestionnaire The resulting picture shows that amazing believers and amazing apostates are dramatically different groups of people in spite of the fact that their lives now stand in opposition to previous nonreligious training You too can complete the same uestionnaire to learnabout yourself and your beliefs Have you experienced an amazing conversion? Christians looking for astounding stories of towering faith or Atheists looking for the exact moment when all the illusions faded will be deeply disappointed That's not the sort of Amazing that's involved hereThe sort of amazing involved is the degree of transition; those who are raised in one extreme uartile of religiosity yet who end up in the opposite uartile The common case in society is when as Proverbs 226 puts it parents Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it The 1% or so discussed are the exception to that rule and thus interesting in that they may indicate a general principle The degree of religiosity or irreligiosity that results is not always that amazing relative to the norm for society; some of the AA Amazing Atheists identified are theist than atheist and some of the AB Amazing Believers are merely non denominational Christians who seldom pray or attend services It is where they end relative to the norm for their upbringings that makes the conversions amazingThe methodology is outlined the surveys used to identify their targets and the general interview style used A summary is given of the interview with each of the students although some personal details are changed for privacy reasons followed by observing some patterns and some absences The two groups are also compared with commonalities and differences highlightedThe book does not and cannot give a final answer To study a representative sample for a phenomenon that is only happens one percent of the time reuires an enormous sample to turn up any candidates at all; and would reuire even larger samples well beyond that obtained to reach statistically high confidence conclusions There's also the usual cautions about extrapolating from the WEIRD Western Educated Industrialized Rich and Democratic implicit in samplings of college students to the wider population Naturally data from a few dozen cases will not sustain even remotely definitive conclusions However Altemeyer and Hunsberger indicate patterns in the data some of which are reminiscent of patterns long noted in the psychology literature others surprisingThe book is not excessively technical in presentation; the reading level is probably high school It's definitely a worthwhile addition to the literature of the psychologies of religion irreligion and conversion It would seem likely to interest anyone whose attention has been drawn by the recent media attention to the New Atheism despite pre dating the furor However the tentative conclusions seem less likely to endear the work to those who deeply disapprove of that social trend