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PDF Â BOOK Graveyard Scavenger Hunt å GOPROLED ↠ ❴EPUB❵ ✴ Graveyard Scavenger Hunt Author Brian Barnett – Goproled.co.uk Pete is stuck with his weird grandparents for a whole week To make matters worse they live next door to a creepy old graveyard After going in the graveyard alone one night Pete One one night Pete Graveyard Scavenger MOBI #198 finds himself face to face with a living skeleton Benny “Bones” BartonThe only way for Pete to leave the Pete Davidson is not exactly thrilled at the prospect of spending a week with his Papaw and Mamaw while his parents go on a Caribbean cruise especially since he hardly knows them and they live far away from civilization and the life to which he is accustomed In addition they are rather strange and Papaw tells Pete not to enter the nearby graveyard However Pete doesn’t heed the warning and suddenly he finds himself in another world that is akin to the Twilight Zone and that is inhabited by various creatures and monsters In order to return home he must win the reuisite scavenger hunt against Benny “Bones” Barton a conniving skeleton with his own ulterior motive Combining mild horror with fantasy Brian Barnett’s novella “Graveyard Scavenger Hunt” creates an engaging middle grade read in the tradition of RL Stine and Alvin Schwartz Barnett accurately depicts the psyche and thought process of an adolescent boy producing a realistic protagonist The journey on which Pete embarks is reminiscent of Dorothy’s adventures through the land of Oz Despite dealing with potentially frightening elements and characters thematically Barnett crafts them in such a way as to make them only mildly fearsome There were some grammatical errors but none that detracted from the narrative which is written in the third person limited voice and told from Pete’s point of view The story itself unfolds in a uick fashion and while it could be longer and fully developed the present length will appeal to young readersI received a complimentary copy of this e book in return for an honest review

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Graveyard is to win Benny’s game a scavenger hunt Worse yet if Benny wins the dead get to come back to the living world And Benny is a trickster and a cheat I wasn’t uite sure what to expect from this book Knowing it was a fiction for children of similar age as the main character Pete 12yrs I expected some gore and some stomach churning descriptions To my surprise I found a truly entertaining story with colourful characters and a great story line Pete 12 year boy is left with his grandparents for a week He finds the whole situation very unsettling; his papaw has got a strange sense of humour the house is creepy and dilapidated and there’s a graveyard next door But dead are just dead Right Pete soon discovers that nothing is as it seems and he needs to weigh carefully who to trust On other side help can come unexpectedThe storyline itself is dynamic and captivating with entertaining twists The idea that even monsters hate bad manners made me smile It makes them somewhat less scary and humanAll in all this is a brilliantly penned story for young readers; however I am sure that ‘ young adults’ would enjoy it too

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Graveyard Scavenger HuntPete is stuck with his weird grandparents for a whole week To make matters worse they live next door to a creepy old graveyard After going in the graveyard al This book was so much fun It has just the right balance between scary and funny scenes and I'm sure young readers will be eager to join Pete on his adventurous scavenger huntRight from the start the story creates a nice creepy atmosphere but it never gets too unsettling as they are often followed by some funny scene Fortunately those are never too childish or stupid but just right to loosen up the mood a bit before Pete has to face his next task from the listOf course I sympathized with Pete right from the start and I bet every kid will easily identify with him sharing his doubts and fears but also his moments of bravery Of course we anticipate who will win the contest but it is good to see that Pete does not need any superhero powers but just has to use his wit and common sense to outsmart Benny While Benny is the supposed bad guy he appears ridiculous than threatening and if you want to find a moral in this story he shows that arrogance and cheating are no successful ualitiesIt is not easy to rate a book that is targeted at a younger audience but as far as I can say both as an adult and not a native speaker writing pace and length are appropriate I would definitely give this one to my son for reading when he gets old enoughI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review