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The Delirium BriefBob Howard’s career in the Laundry the secret British government agency dedicated to protecting the world from unspeakable horrors from beyond spacetime has entailed high combat brilliant hacking ancient magic and combat with indescribably repellent creatures of pure evil It has also involved a wearying amount of paperwork and office politic. This is my first encounter with Stross and his British ministry in charge of keeping the supernatural from consuming the Earth that we know Urban fantasy is a popular genre with many vying for your attention Though this is book 8 in the series I grabbed it off the shelf on a whim and I am glad that I did Though uite different from an American Harry Dresden file this novel shows the same attention to detail and a heavy coating of black humorThe humor for me tends to balance the gore and no subject seems to evade Stross’ eye Most of it is directed toward Brits so it helps to have some idea of British culture and politics But there is plenty directed toward popular culture and particularly the USA’s contribution to that Time is spent on office manners and the foibles of management and managersThis review is over but you might want to check out some of the excerpts below to determine whether Stross is capable of finding your funnyboneI might remonstrate with them politely I could explain the errors of their ways and suggest in sorrow than in anger that although I have been promoted into a very senior dead man’s shoes I don’t look good in a suit I don’t suffer fools gladly and if they really want a spokesman they ought to hire someone who’s trained for it rather than being better ualified for fighting off a zombie invasion or fixing a broken firewallLord Acton said power corrupts but PowerPoint corrupts absolutely—This is not just asking for trouble this is like walking up to a baby grizzly bear and punching him on the nose in order to get momma’s undivided attentionIt’s insane but no insane than Japan shutting down its entire nuclear reactor fleet in the middle of a heat wave because an extreme tsunami washed over one plant or the USA invading a noninvolved Middle Eastern nation because a gang of crazies from somewhere else knocked down two skyscrapers In a sufficiently large crisis sane and measured responses go out the windowIt would have been bad enough if said organization consisted of four pensioners in a Nissen hut playing cards and reminiscing about the Malayan Emergency As it is we have over nine thousand employees £12 billion of Crown Estate properties a small but terrifyingly proficient special forces detachment associated with the Special Reconnaissance Regiment the successor to the SAS and a remit to conduct covert operations all over the world We don’t cost uite as much to run as GCH—if only because we don’t launch our own spy satellites—but there are any number of things about the Laundry that are deeply unpalatable to anyone from a government service background starting with our lack of accountability and going on from thereIf my office needs redecorating I can’t moan at my boss any I am the boss So I need to know how to fill out the right magic scrolls to summon Facilities recite the correct incantation to invoke Painters and Decorators and propitiate the demons of Accounts by documenting peeling wallpaper and rising damp Which is to say I’m learning a whole lot about how this organization works in ways I’d barely even noticed beforeI don’t understand exactly what she thinks we need to talk about but maybe that’s half the problem So I nod and try to look as if I understand because listening is half of the solution“I have a little out of the office errand I was going to attend to this evening but I’ve been delayed and I was wondering if you could take care of it for me It’s just a short diversion

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The Delirium Brief Read Ý 7 à ➵ The Delirium Brief Download ➾ Author Charles Stross – Bob Howard’s career in the Laundry the secret British government agency dedicated to protecting the world from unspeakable horrors from beyond spacetime has entailed high combat brilliant hacking an Bob Howard’s career in the LauS and his expense reports are still a messNow following the invasion of Yorkshire by the Host of Air and Darkness the The Delirium Kindle Laundry’s existence has become public and Bob is being trotted out on TV to answer pointed uestions about elven asylum seekers What neither Bob nor his managers have foreseen is that their organization h. A culmination of several book's worth of characters and plotWe return to Bob Howard as our narrator which is the first time since he became the Eater of Souls There's plenty of Mo Cassie and Alex though as well as Mhari and the Senior Auditor In The Rhesus Chart LF#5 the Laundry came directly under attack and was weakened badly In The Annihilation Score LF#6 the need for greater engagement from the Laundry came clear even as it lost access to one of its greatest weapons In The Nightmare Stacks LF#7 the UK gets invaded by illegal aliens the magic wielding pointy eared dragon riding type and while the Laundry saved the day thousands of people are dead and the public want to know whyThe Laundry is weak and under pressure and the universe of Stross's Laundry Files is not short on predators What follows is a feeding frenzy of political opportunism and stupidity with the return of some of the most horrific old enemies that Bob has seenMoving from Alex and Cassie in the previous book to deeply depressed now management Bob really highlights how far Bob Howard has come since the inexperienced nerdboy of The Atrocity Archives There's much less of the feel of a journey for the character that we got in previous books and of a window into the daily struggle of a middle aged couple facing truths that are apocalyptic And a recognition that not all wins feel like wins Or leave you in a better place Where we are at the end of this one should make the next step in this universe interesting indeed

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As earned the attention of a horror far terrifying than any demon a British government looking for public services to privatize There’s a lot of potential shareholder value in the Laundry’s “knowledge assets”Inch by inch Bob Howard and his managers are forced to consider the truly unthinkable a coup against the British government itsel. SPOILERS AHEADWith The Delirium Brief Stross reaches an aggressive midgame of The Laundry series The past five books were setting pieces on the board moving pawns feint with a knight or bishop Now he savagely uses those pieces cutting down whole swaths of the setting Expect to see all your favorites from the series to show up don't expect them to survive at least not with all their partsIn the wake of the CASE NIGHTMARE RED incursion in Yorkshire the Laundry is very much blown and very much in everyone's bad graces With thousands dead and billions of pounds of property damage it's hard to point out that hey without us you'd be talking megadeaths The situation is so bad that Bob Howard is running PR since everyone else is too disgraced The Laundry might have a full arsenal of banishment rounds and SCORPION SCARE basilisk guns but they're no match for a new breed of cultists chanting horrific words like privatization outsourcing reorganization efficiency and ISO compatibleYes friends The Laundry is summarily shuttered on a Monday morning pending a new occult intelligence agency provided by an American company Golden Promise Security Golden Promise is an arm of the Church of the New Flesh the baddies of The Apocalypse Codex who somehow survived being stranded on a lifeless planet with a dead elder god The Reverend Raymond Schiller has a new parasite that's even creepier and a new plan to suborn the British government either in service or in fear of whatever nasty has taken over the United StatesThe first two thirds are a slow burn of bureaucratic intrigue and contingency plans but the last section explodes in kinetic and arcane violence as the underground remnants of The Laundry throw in everything they have against Schiller including making a bad alliance with a Lesser Evil Elder God on the basis that the thing that just wants to be adulated is better than the one that wants to eat your soulAs always it's a pleasure to be back with Bob and the whole Mahogany Row or Deeply Scary Sorcerers finally makes sense I actually enjoy Stross's cutting remarks on bureaucracy and the drugs and sex and corruption at the top echelons of society Nobody gets mad like a Scottish Socialist That said I feel like this book could have used another edit for style and a judicious use of call backs I like this series a lot and I often thought who was that and when they did first show up