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What Does God Think Transgender People and The BibleEnder people? And most importantly what does God think? This LGBT Christian book takes the reader on a journey that is educational and highly revealing What Does God Think? is an invitation to examine the scriptures and give consideration to the social cultural and scientific facts that impact what we believe and the way we internally feel about transgender people Cheryl B Evans handles this controversial topic with grace and compassion for people on both sides of this debate If you have been struggling to understand how someone can be Christian and still accept and affirm tra My heart was so moved by reading and learning about the struggles challenges and deep wounds that are inflicted on transgender persons and their families by well meaning people who are truly ignorant of the facts and entrenched in their so called Christian beliefs that leave no space for love and compassion The God of love is not selective in who gets to be the recipient of that all encompassing love Can we as a society not find it in our hearts to be that reflection to all human souls? It reminded me of 2 statements Be kindyou do not know what path that other person in walking at this moment and Mother Theresa's words' If you want to change the world go home and love your family This includes all family members Learn how to stretch your capacity to love

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A READERS' FAVORITE 2018 AWARD WINNING BOOK The bestselling author of I PROMISED NOT TO TELL Raising a transgender child invites you on a fascinating exploration to discover the truth in What Does God Think? Transgender People and The Bible Presented with the idea that her transgender child was not of God Cheryl B Evans set out to see what God really thinks about transgender people What does the Bible say? Why is there such a big divide among Christians? Why do some Christians insist there is no such thing as a transgender person while other Christians accept and affirm transg What Does God Think? written by Cheryl Evans is a must readThe Title and the texture of the book cover draws the reader tolearn of what’s inside this thought provoking full of so muchheart true story It’s an easy read with many familiar helpfultexts from the Bible The common thread running through “WhatDoes God Think?” is unconditional Love It reminds us that we areall deeply cherished and loved children of GodEverything about this book is beautifulI have read it twice and have gleaned of an insight andappreciation for this Author’s writing I have learned so much and havea better understanding about transgenderism than I ever thought possibleMy heart truly goes out to all those who suffer at the hands of uninformedand uneducated people as to the plight of our LGBT communityBooks like this filled with compassion and Love are a GodsendThe research is amazing and the leg work has been well done by theAuthor Helplines are available throughout this book The Glossaryat the end is especially educational It’s a great readcomforting and helpful Bless you Cheryl for being a loving“rock” and tireless “advocate”Thank you for writing this second book and thank you for taking us alongwith you on your family’s journeyBy journeying through the daily lives with Cheryl Evans and her familythere is no doubt in my mind that we are all “deeply loved children of God”Definitely a 5 star readHelen

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What Does God Think Mobi ì Transgender People and The Bible Download à cheryl b. evans ✓ [BOOKS] ✯ What Does God Think?: Transgender People and The Bible By Cheryl B. Evans – Goproled.co.uk A READERS' FAVORITE 2018 AWARD WINNING BOOK The bestselling author of I PRNsgender people then this book is for you If you know someone who is struggling to accept a loved one who has come out as trans this would be the perfect book to recommend Are you ready to have this conversation? Opinions vary widely on the topic of gender and gender identity and when you mix religion into the conversation it gets eveninteresting In this non fiction book Evans discusses these important social issues in a calm and nonthreatening way Making this transgender affirming book an excellent resource for both Christians and non ChristiansGrab your copy now and let's ta I am a transgender woman and therefore appreciate the effort here to try and enlighten interested individuals on the subject I am a elderly trans woman who worries deeply about those young individuals and especially those who have been rejected by their own families I have lost many people who were close to me in the past as stated hear no one would choose this life not because who we are but how society treats us Don't be so fearful of what you do not understand