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Download Reader Ù Holy Sexuality and the Gospel º ´ Goproled Û [PDF / Epub] ★ Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand Story By Christopher Yuan – From the author of Out of a Far Country which details his dramatic conversion fromO share Christ with a loved one who identifies as gay or you're wrestling with uestions of identity yourself this book will help you better understand sexuality in light of God's grand story and realize that holy sexuality is actually good news for al Makes one see things differently with love and compasxion

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From the author of Out of a Far Country which details his dramatic conversion from an agnostic gay man who put his identity in his sexuality to a Bible professor who now puts his identity in Christ alone comes a gospel centered discussion of sex desir As I read the concluding words of Rosario Butterfields foreward you are holding in your hands the most important humanly composed book about biblical sexuality and godly living for our times I suspected this was friendly overstatement However in hindsight Christopher Yuan's Holy Sexuality and the Gospel may indeed be the most significant book on biblical sexuality especially considering our timesYuan deftly yet graciously demonstrates how most Christians have simply accepted the terminology of the 21st century discussions about sexuality heterosexuality homosexuality sexual orientation etc without considering the biblical worldview and framework In deconstructing these false categories or lack thereof he arrives with a biblical and theologically sound presentation of holy sexualityHaving unmasked the false language and teachings about sexuality and defined from Scripture holy sexuality chastity in singleness and fidelity in marriage one man and one woman Yuan continues to explain a biblical understanding of marriage singleness in light of the whole canon of Scripture Most impressive is his consistent return back to the Gospel God's love the need for repentance and God's forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus as the answer to each challengeYuan is methodical in his analysis and refutation of the false ideas presented as common sense in modern society Yet his logic and argumentation are easy to follow and expose the devil's lies This full and thorough teaching is then bouyed in the final chapters by a compassionate and tender expression of how Christians can should interact with friendsfamily who espouse socially acceptable views of same sex relationshipsI highly recommend this book for every Christian adult whether you have concerns about LGBT issues or not I will gratefully add this to my reuired textbook list for the Singleness Sexuality & Marriage course I have the privilege of teaching at Prairie College

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Holy Sexuality and the Gospel Sex Desire and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand StoryE and relationshipsDr Christopher Yuan explores the concept of holy sexuality chastity in singleness or faithfulness in marriage in a practical and relevant manner euipping readers with an accessible yet robust theology of sexuality Whether you want t I understand why Yuan’s work is popular First he’s a nice guy and is a great speaker with a compelling story the kind that Christians love to hear—the classic bad boy really bad boy to preacher story It also titillates us and makes us feel good listening to theology that agrees with what we’ve been told about the dark and evil located outside of us in the stuff we would never doBecause it is likely that the majority of potential readers of “Holy Sexuality” will be pastors youth leaders families and friends of LGBT people both Christian and not I’m writing this review for you I’m a straight evangelical Christian mother of two adult straight children faithful follower of Jesus active in my evangelical church author of a book on the history of the cultural and religious discrimination against LGBT community and speaker on the topicWith this review I hope to push readers beyond what might be comfortable Often we aren’t interested in digging around in difficult topics until an issue becomes personal in some way Only then you may see what is glaringly obvious to ever increasing numbers of us Christians—that there are millions of LGBT single and married Christians faithfully following and serving God And books like “Holy Sexuality” ignores them and does great injustice and harm to themI hope you’ll also begin to wonder why conservative leaders continually create a turn stile of methods nuanced language and shifting theology to “deal” with homosexualitySince his last book Yuan has significantly ramped up his negative messaging about homosexuality His words carry weight and go a distance he speaks publicly several hundred times each year The impact from this book will be elevated levels of damage to LGBT people and their families a continuation of misinformation about sexual orientation and driving of people not just LGBT people but those who support their full inclusion in churches from Christian churchesIn “Holy Sexuality” Yuan creates freshly nuanced language and reshaped uestionable theology His ideas might indeed seem “holy” So let me lay them out a bit clearlyFirst I need to step back here a bit to lay some historical groundworkChristian theology about sexuality in general and with respect to gay people in particular is uite a new concept Christians had widely avoided discussing sexuality at all until the 1970s And there was certainly no theology about homosexuality coming from the conservative church during that timeFurther did you realize the first usage of the word “homosexual” in the Bible was in the Revised Standard Version in 1946 where it appeared in 1 Cor 6 9 10? Before the RSV was published throughout history that Corinthians text had been interpreted and understood as a situation in which a socially powerful andor older man imposed exploitative abusive penetrative sex on a boy or on a subservient personDuring the RSV translation process of Corinthians in the 1930s and early 1940s the team decided to join two Greek words—malakoi and arsenokoitai—into one word “homosexual” for ease in understanding The team had been tasked to update the language of the popular King James the ASV and the ESV to modern English For the most part until then the two Greek words had been a variation on “effeminate” one who takes the sexual penetrated role of a woman and “sodomite” one who penetrates another person typically with excessive lust and with no intent to procreate Even in the 1930s the word “homosexual” carried a different meaning and implication than it does today Then homosexuality was wrongly considered a mental illness; not a moral issue but a pathological oneIt’s even obvious that the word homosexual as we understand it today one who is emotionally romantically and sexually attracted to the same sex is a poor conjoining and translation of two words that throughout history had referred to exploitative sexThe placement of the word “homosexual” in Corinthians went relatively unnoticed for the next 30 years Historical denominational journals pastoral counseling magazines and Christian books reflect this There was simply no discussion taking place that connected morality and sin to homosexuality using 1 Corinthians This is all part of the historical work I am now doingThen in the 1971 The Living Bible paraphrase the words “homosexualhomosexuality” were introduced in six places in the Bible for the first time Leviticus twice Deuteronomy 1 Kings Romans inferred and 1 Timothy Surprising isn’t it? Still there was no theology created around homosexuality The Christian church was not in the fix the gays business The translation notes on this Bible indicate the translations just as had happened in the RSV were cultural decisions not theological onesAbout the same time in 1973 medical experts lifted the designation of mental illness off homosexuality They had never had the science or studies to support the pathological designation The history of understanding the progression of human sexuality from 1870 till 1970 is fascinating For another time Sadly in the late 1970s a landscape created primarily by the Moral Majority and conservative politics developed in America that made it politically advantageous for conservatives and financially advantageous for TV evangelists at the time to blame moral decline in the country and church on a few select topics abortion did you know the SBC supported abortion in the early 1970s? Pretty surprising right? drugs and “the gays”Still historical documents show that absolutely no “gay theology” had yet been constructedBy the end of the 1970s however the first Christian groups began to slowly appear with a mission to “fix” the gays and make them straight by employing reparative therapy and even suggesting that gay people enter into heterosexual marriages Even though the word “homosexual” was placed in the RSV and the TLB with no theological considerations and little medical understanding still it was conveniently therePreviously discarded theories as to why some people were gay were recycled re tooled slightly and wrapped in Christianese Voila A new Christian industry was born and along with it a slowly emerging theology informing Christians about “what God clearly says about homosexuality”Over the next generation Christian ministries tried to make gay people straight by encouraging them to find the root of the problem in their relationship to their smother mother or distant father repenting for an imagined outright rebellion against God memorizing and employing key verses on temptation avoiding contact with other gay people modifying their behaviors to be masculine for gay men and feminine for lesbians and even marrying opposite sex partners as a sign of faith that God would change their attraction with this step of obedienceAll that foolishness didn’t work and tragically caused massive amounts of shame depression substance abuse issue promiscuity suicide and broken families and marriages for LGBT peopleSo now what’s next if we can’t make gay people straight and stop them from being gay?Here was an opportune pivot point for the conservative church Instead they honed in on the next iteration of a refined theology This is the most common currently and it focuses on imposed celibacy for LGBT peopleEven in this celibacy for gay camp there is a variety of beliefs around how LGBT people are “allowed” to identify—either as a “gay Christian” or a “same sex attracted Christian” And still identification as a same sex attracted celibate Christian does not seem restrictive enough personally for Christopher Yuan so he has created another level of nuanced language and has reshaped theology about homosexuality celibacy and even marriageHere is what I suspect may be at play And no I do not have a degree in psychology but recall I have thousands yes really of LGBT friends and acuaintances whom I have listened to closely and observed for about twenty years with almost fifteen of those years within LGBT Christian environments I have hundreds of friends who have gone the Christian reparative therapy route I have multiple dozens of friends who have been leaders authors therapists and speakers in the ex gaycelibacy movementsThe theology and rules set that Yuan has had a part in creating teaching and living by are no longer working for him He admits that he is still sexually tempted p 126 and writes “As a policy I never travel alone and I'm blessed my mother has committed to travel with me wherever I go as my prayer warrior and someone to hold me accountable when I am on the