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Visual Design Solutions Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning ProfessionalsNyone who envisions designs or creates instructional or informational graphics will benefit from the design strategies laid out in this comprehensive resource Written by Connie Malamed an art educator and instructional designer this book will help you tap into your creativity design with intention and produce polished work Whereas most graphic design books focus on logos packaging and brochures Visual Design Solutions focuses on eLearning presentations and performance support Visual Design Solutions includes practical guidelines for making smart design choices ways to create professional looking products and principles for successful graphics that facilitate learning Ideal for instructional designers trainers presenters and profe I have no background in visual design So I appreciated the way the author masterfully creates the learning experience The principles and concepts of visual design are skillfully articulated It has change my entire concept and approach toward visual design This is a must read for instructional designers and if you are a student this will No Doubt help you with your visual design projects The book also contains plenty of examples and helpful visuals aids Highly recommend

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Enhance learners' interest and understanding with visual design for instructional and information products No matter what medium you use to deliver content if the visual design fails the experience falls flat Meaningful graphics and a compelling visual design supercharge instruction training and presentations but this isn't easy to accomplish Now you can conuer your design fears and knowledge gaps with Visual Design Solutions a resource for learning professionals seeking to raise the bar on their graphics and visual design skills This informal and friendly book guides you through the process and principles used by professional graphic designers It also presents creative solutions and examples that you can start using right away A Connie Malamed's clever and distinctive Twitter bio is simply this she is a Professional ExplainerMalamed's elegantly succinct Twitter bio underscores why she's renowned for her creativity and effectiveness as a learning In today's multimedia world the ability to visually communicate is a necessary and powerful skillVisual Design Solutions features four major parts1 THE BIG IDEAS How to embrace the role of a designer by seeing thinking and acting like one2 BUILDING BLOCKS OF DESIGN How to arrange visuals and type in graphic space to maximize clarity and impact3 POWER PRINCIPLES How to use color visual hierarchy visual unity contrast and grouping to empower your designs4 PRACTICING DESIGN How to use specific strategies such as visual cues visual excitement semantic coherence and storytelling to ensure successful designsVisual Design Solutions wonderfully exemplifies both the form and function of effective design The layout and language is clean accessible and jargon free Each chapter previews and summarizes the key uestions and takeaways for the reader There are loads of visually illustrated examples that demonstrate both best practices and pitfalls to avoidAs a long time brand strategist and content developer who is expanding my horizons to include instructional design I am always eager to find outstanding design resources Visual Design Solutions is a perfect compliment to Malamed's previous excellent book Visual Language for Designers; and is a highly recommended addition to your professional development library

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PDF Ù BOOK Visual Design Solutions FREE ☆ CONNIE MALAMED Î [Read] ➯ Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals Author Connie Malamed – Goproled.co.uk Enhance learners' interest and understanding with visual design for instructional and information producSsors who want to advance from haphazard to intentional design this book will help them realize their design potential Gain the knowledge and confidence to design impressive effective visuals for learning Increase learner comprehension and retention with visual strategies offered by an expert author Serves as a reference and a resource with a wealth of examples for inspiration and ideas Addresses an intimidating topic in an informal friendly style In four parts the book provides a thorough overview of the design process and design concepts; explores space image and typography; and presents workable solutions for your most persistent and puzzling design problems Get started and begin creating captivating graphics for your learners This is a great resource for anyone who is charged with communicating visually If you’re designing presentations elearning print materials or websites you need this book I think novices and experts alike will benefit from the book as it offers a wealth of evidence based information practical tips and relevant examples I especially love all the examples The structure of the book makes it an easy to use go to reference I’ve pulled it out a number of times already while working on elearning courses to get ideas or check myself on a design decision In the past I’ve had clients uestion design decisions or reuest specific design treatments that really would interfere with learning I foresee this book coming in uite handy when having those conversations