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Download Book ↠ Picatrix A Medieval Treatise on Astral Magic ↠ A Medieval Treatise on Astral Magic ´ Goproled ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Picatrix: A Medieval Treatise on Astral Magic (Magic in History) ⚣ Author Unirse o crear Original text Ghyat al akm was compiled in Arabic from over two hundred sources in the latter half of the tenth century It was translated into Castilian Spanish in the mid thirteenth century and shortly thereafter into Latin Based on David Pingrees edition of the Latin text this translation captures the spirit of Picatrixs role in the European tradition In the world of Picatrix we see a seamless integration of practical magic earnest piety and traditional philosop It has a great translation

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A manual for constructing talismans mixing magical compounds summoning planetary spirits and determining astrological conditions Picatrix is a cornerstone of Western esotericism It offers important insights not only into occult practices and beliefs but also into the transmission of magical ideas from antiuity to the present Dan Attrell and David Porrecas English translation opens the world of this vital medieval treatise to modern day scholars and lay readersThe A fantastic book that sits prominently on my top shelf There is a lot of really compelling and dark material in here that is perfect for anyone into the occult and similar areas of study Thanks for your hard work in taking an ancient book I likely never would have read and presenting it in a beautiful hardcover book

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Picatrix A Medieval Treatise on Astral Magic Magic in HistoryHy The detailed introduction considers the texts reception through multiple iterations and includes an enlightening statistical breakdown of the rituals described in the bookFramed by extensive research on the ancient and medieval context that gave rise to the Latin version of the text this translation of Picatrix will be an indispensable volume for students and scholars of the history of science magic and religion and will fascinate anyone interested in the occul I was pleased to see the new complete translation of Picatrix by Dan Attrell and David Porreca released in the Magic in History Series of Penn State Press Picatrix is central to European astrological magic that it deserves an academic treatment In addition the willingness of Penn State Press to release a complete translation of Picatrix shows how things have changed in the past decade and the yeoman work done by mages such as Austin Coppock Alexander Cummins and Cliff Low to delve deeply into astrological magicAs the translators point out at page 2 this version of Picatrix is specifically intended for students and scholars of the history of science and magic In addition to the complete text of the Latin Picatrix in English translation the translators provide useful historical accounts of the pre history of Picatrix and of the Latin text Picatrix's exposition of the path of the sage the use of the terminology nigromancia for astrological magic and the cosmology of Picatrix Most interesting is a statistical breakdown of the types of magic in Picatrix Finally the translators elucidate their view of the importance of psychoactive drugs in ritual though the translators insist at page 28 that they do not wish to suggest that all magic in the Picatrix can be explained away as drug addled delusionComing as it does from an academic perspective focused on history and social science the Attrell and Porreca translation provides a valuable orientation and background for the contemporary practitioner of astrological magic No single translation can do justice to a work as complex as Picatrix and anyone who is serious about astrological magic or interested in Picatrix should certainly get a copy of the Attrell and Porreca translation as well as the Greer and Warnock Picatrix and the forthcoming Arabic Picatrix translation