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Een mom to twin toddlers; her common law husband Derek Sams is a thug; and one of their little boys has disappeared under his careThe overwhelming intensity demanded of Bruno on this personal level is compounded by the brutal shotgun murder of a superior court judge and his wife both friends of his Bruno cannot ignore these violent crimes ev I am fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of David Putnam’s “The Ruthless” This is my first exposure to protagonist Bruno Johnson whom Putnam has written a whole series about Putnam intentionally makes his novels easily read as standalones Reading this one which is 8th in the series whetted my appetite to look into the other novels If you are a fan of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch you will enjoy Bruno I cannot wait to give this to my husband and then to fellow Bosch loversIn this novel Bruno is undercover so deep undercover that his father and his prior partner don’t know The undercover sting is interesting Putnam is a former law enforcement officer which adds authenticity to the complicated sting I enjoyed reading about the inner sanctum of undercover police stings While working his clandestine job Bruno’s grandson goes missing his daughter dies and his other grandson is in the care of the Department of Social Services Bruno has much on his plate between his work and his personal lifeBruno is a bit rogue so his undercover work suites his personality It’s fun to read about his antics Putnam does a fabulous job of character development in that I truly hated the bad guys It’s a sign of a great author when you feel such strong feelings about characters Putnam also does a fantastic job filling the reader in on Bruno’s past lifejust enough to most likely remind those who’ve read the previous ones and to piue interest in first time readers There’s a lot of history that makes me want to read the previous novelsAs with all police procedurals one cannot get too much into the plot without wrecking it for those who haven’t finished the story What I can say is Bruno as a character is one the reader is sympathetic to and enjoys when he goes a bit off the rails Bruno wants to be good but he does understand the criminal element and uses it to his policing advantage I shall add that the last 40 50 pages are so full of action and intrigue that you can’t read them fast enough It’s a 5 star police procedural novel

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The Ruthless Bruno Johnson #8En though he’s supposedly off the law enforcement grid undercover working an illegal gun stingTragedy strikes Bruno’s life on all fronts family friends and professional however none of these colossal forces can match the unthinkable catastrophe that will forever dominate Bruno’s lifePerfect for fans of Robert Crais and Michael Connelly 3 – 12Bruno Johnson is a tough guy with a heartIn “The Ruthless” he is an ex cop wink wink currently working undercover in a sting operation But that’s not all Bruno is dealing with a heap of hurt in his personal life AND a lot of other bad things to take care of at the same time How much can one guy deal with before breaking? In this installment Bruno gets his dad to tell him about the mother he never knew The revelation is a hundred pounds of heavyBruno is one very cool guy who gets on with the job no matter what and between his dad and his dog Junior Mint this was a pretty good readSince this is #8 in a series I think I was at a disadvantage I would have had of a connection with the characters had I read the previous books Cop story lovers especially if you have read the series before will find this one top notchNOTE I received an Advanced Reader’s Edition from the Publisher Thanks to Oceanview Publishing

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kindle ↠ The Ruthless Bruno Johnson #8 Ø Hardcover read ✓ goproled ´ ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ The Ruthless Bruno Johnson #8 Author David Putnam – Bruno Johnson shaken to his core but still a formidable force—an unrelenting focus on doing the right thing—unwBruno Johnson shaken to his core but still a formidable force an unrelenting focus on doing the right thing unwilling to let anyone or anything stand in his wayPushed to his emotional limit Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Bruno Johnson struggles to hold his family together while immersed in his unrelenting career His daughter Olivia is a t This is the second book that I’ve read in the Bruno Johnson series and if you haven’t acuainted yourself with him well you’re missing a real treatLos Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Bruno Johnson is working undercover on an illegal gun sting this time around Meanwhile his close friend Judge Connors and his wife are gunned down murdered in cold blood and this is something that Bruno won’t let go he’s going to find the perpetrator and they’re gonna pay for itBruno is a real tough guy who doesn’t play by the rules but he also has a soft and endearing side to him he loves his family unconditionally and will do whatever it takes to protect them but he’s been unable to help his daughter Olivia and is now living with the conseuences of that In addition one of his twin grandsons has gone missing It would take a heart of stone not to recognise the grief and anguish that he struggles with everything that life can throw at him it doesLet me say right now I found it really difficult to put this one down The author rips into the story right from the word go and doesn’t let up portraying a character trying to regain his grip on a life suddenly turned upside down but you know something? Bruno Johnson is fast becoming one of my favourite protagonists The action was truly authentic check out the author’s career within Law Enforcement It’s tense and relentless but there were some poignant moments too between Bruno and his Dad as Bruno finally discovers what happened to the mother who walked out and left him and his father when he was a baby Then there’s the special bond between Bruno and his dog ‘Junior Mint’ As an animal lover I found this particularly moving and it made me love Bruno even Can’t wait to meet up with him again in the future Without a shadow of doubt this one comes highly recommended My thanks to David Putnam for mailing me a copy of The Ruthless for which I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange