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Download The Great Giveaway Epub À Parachurch Organizations ´ [BOOKS] ⚣ The Great Giveaway: Reclaiming the Mission of the Church from Big Business, Parachurch Organizations, Psychotherapy, Consumer Capitalism, and Other Modern Maladies By David E. Fitch – North American evangelicals learned tO often has stopped being the churchIn The Great Giveaway Fitch examines various church practices and shows how and why each function has been compromised by modernity Discussing such ministries as evangelism physical healing and spiritual formation Fitch challenges Christia I am so torn over this book As another reviewer mentioned there are a number of things that I found myself in violent agreement with; there are other things generally the intellectual buttresses supporting the conclusions that I thought unsound and contradictoryI did not know anything about Fitch one way or another going into the book; I am no sycophant or axe grinder hereAs simply as I can understand it Fitch's concern is over a Church that is increasingly irrelevant as it unwittingly became bound to certain methods and method itself that resonated during the era of modernity As according to him we are in a transition period between modern and postmodern the modernists with their emphases on method are no longer relevant to the postmodernists with their emphasis on uh feelings? impressions? beauty? and other such 'state of mind man' intangibles The Church needs to learn that it's a brave new day with new sorts of people who think completely differently than the old sorts of people The answer is not a new method but to not really have a method but learn to communicate and reach postmoderns and do so without a method but well by following suggestions contained in the book which sound an awful lot like methods but they aren't methods they're how the Church always was supposed to be but everyone has forgotten it and it's taken postmodern thought to show usIf that sounds confusing well you are probably just too much of a modernistAnyway gentle ribbing aside let me get right to some brief reactionsThe Good Fitch condemns a lot of stuff that needs condemning The lazy self indulgent hyper individualist tendencies of large swathes of the modern Church are called out Absolutely fair Fitch is probably the only modern author I'm aware of who makes a compelling case against parachurch organizations and the complacency they breed in local churches He points out the fact that in many churches 1 Timothy standards for elders strangely seem to give way to the monied and studied by secular standardsThe Annoying Toot toot All aboard the broad brush express Fitch often gathers all of evangelicalism up in the word we and it really got me thinking what churches has he been spending time in? Evangelicalism is a huge huge tent it is so big that it simply can't be handled as one entity There are huge Christianity lite sorts of megachurches on one end and small simple groups like Orthodox Presbyterian Church on the other The we need to started wearing on me after a whileAlso Annoying Fitch constantly was citing a small bevy of postmodern philosophers who have clearly captured his imagination This actually led toThe Dangerous Expository preaching reinforces the idea that meaning can be distributed as one of the many goods and services available Okay no Chapter 5 was really where this book fell on its face in terms of contradictions Fitch proposes against propositions exposits against exposition overthrowing his own position The bottom line here is that Fitch is postmodern than historically Christian in his analysis because the Scriptures are themselves propositional in nature Perhaps Fitch would like to inform the Almighty that He really should have demonstrated His Word rather than wrote it in stuffy dry propositions that are so difficult for postmodern people to relate toAll that is not to say the Church should not demonstrate love and charity in its ranks of course it should But preaching of propositional truth from Scripture is paramount because it is the primary means God uses to change individual minds Like it or not community is comprised of individual minds and individual minds must be cha

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Ns to reclaim these lost practices so that the church can regain its influence Pastors leaders and students who minister to the postmodern world will find in this book fresh insight that will stir the hearts of many and spark muchneeded discussion about the evangelical churc Every Christian and Christian minister should read this It is always hard to see the compromises in yourself your church your Christian organizationdenomination etc how the influences of your own culture have infiltrated your faith; easier to see in others This reminded me of when I did missionary anthropology studies about Native People and their cultures years ago and as a result actually had clearer recognition of my own American cultural influences in my Christianity This is important to realize and this book greatly helps in realizing our blind spots If we are concerned to be sure that we are presenting a pure Gospel then facing these influences is crucial something the American Church desperately needs to do

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The Great Giveaway Reclaiming the Mission of the Church from Big Business Parachurch Organizations Psychotherapy Consumer Capitalism and Other Modern MaladiesNorth American evangelicals learned to do church in relation to modernity asserts David Fitch Further evangelicals have begun to model their ministries after the secular sciences or even to farm out functions of the church whenever it seemsefficient As a result the church to The content is greatThe print uality is awful