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reader Î Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich Sales Letters and More Download ´ goproled » [KINDLE] ❥ Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich: Create Winning Ads, Web Pages, Sales Letters and More ➛ David Garfinkel – IN MARKETING What is Vertising headlines that are a perfect fit for readers' businesses the kind of headlines that produce record breaking sales results David Garfinkel copywriting expert who mentors other copywriters for 15000 and up offers one of his most prized possessions which is his carefully chosen market tested set of advertising headline templates that can truly make anyone rich I bought this book because it was suggested by another book I read Platform by Michael HyattI expected that this book could help me to write compelling headlines BUT it just show me the templates of 20 headlines and the samples for using them with some variations This book has 133 pages but there are many blank pages for what? memo? how can I write the memo on my Kindle?I don't like the structure of the content also the way that the author represent it

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Dline attracts persuades and retains the most loyal and valuable customers It's true a great headline makes all the difference It's been proven over and over that just by changing a headline one can increase an ad's profitability by two three even five times Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich is the world's #1 resource for uickly and easily creating powerful ad The book delivers EXACTLY what it promises How do I know? One of the titles in here literally made me richI wrote an article using one of the titles in here and generated over 3 million visitors to an article which ultimately led to the acuisition of my online publication AllFacebookcomWhile yes the content is incredibly simple it's a book filled with great headline examples To take simple content at face value is incredibly foolish There is no doubt that there is a headline in this book that you can use to sell pretty much anything I toss the vast majority of non fiction books that I own but this one has survived the test of timeIt's always sitting with the small stack of books that I actually want keepIf you want a course on copywriting then go somewhere else However if you want a massive list of headlines and explanations on WHY they work then get this book Given that headlines account for 90% of the effectiveness of copy wish I had a stat for this this book is pricelessBest of all you can get the kindle version if you really don't want to cough up the money for the hardcover version This wasn't an option when I first got the book as the Kindle didn't yet exist I have bought this book for others and I'd recommend it to anybody looking for a simple yet HIGH IMPACT copywriting book

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Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich Create Winning Ads Web Pages Sales Letters and MoreIN MARKETING What is the main difference between pathetic and profitable? A compelling advertising headline Veteran marketers and entrepreneurs alike know a powerful headline is the most important factor for puttingmoney in your pocket Whether it's a website Yellow Pages ad sales letter postcard marketing brochure or newspaper or magazine ad the right advertising hea I bought this book on a recommendation in Michael Hyatt's Platform book Which was pretty good This what the hell??I'm glad I got the Kindle version and only threw away 10HALF of this book is blank pages for brainstorming headlines because you know no one would have access to a piece of paperThis book is a series of classic headlines that have worked in the past Ok that's a little helpful and why it got 1 star then there is a list behind each of the same headline forDaycare bakery house painter Whatever Then a paragraph from the author then a few blank pages for you to Brainstorm HeadlinesOh and 14 of the way in is a sales pitch for you to order CDs of lousy content from the author ok I can only assume the CDs are similar in contentIt still earns the one star because I should have been paying attention to my blog posts and titling So yes thank you for that This is a prime example of how to make 1000 words or less seem like a bookIt is also poorly edited text with a number of typos and muddy thinking I am really disappointed in the Hyatt recommendation on this since the content in his book was pretty good Don't get thisBrowse the top 50 headlines online and replace their specifics with things that relate to your own product There I saved you from flipping through this disappointment