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Meet Me at the Art Museum Ebook æ 40 pages Download ´ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Meet Me at the Art Museum By David Goldin – After being discarded on the floor of an art museum Stub a museum ticket has nowhere to go until Daisy the docent’s helper a name tag finds him and offers him a tour of the museum StubAfter being discarded on the floor of an art museum Stub a museum ticket has nowhere to go until Daisy the docent’s helper a name tag finds him and offers him a tour of the museum Stub meets a badge who keeps the artworks safe a computer who archives them and other characters who work there From the director’s office to the library to the conservator’s studio to the loading dock Stub discovers who does what and what goes on behind the scenes at the museum He even finds a home for himself among the museum’s many treasuresDavid Goldin combines actual artworks by famous artists found pieces and digital art to tell Stub? A great concept but the execution is disappointing

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??s sweet story Filled with fun facts and a glossary the book wonderfully introduces young readers to all that museums have to offer Praise for Meet Me at the Art Museum It’s not as if the concept of a museum is obvious to a small child How did all these paintings get here? Why can’t I touch them? And why is that painting here when it looks like my drawing on the fridge? To the rescue Daisy a name tag docent gives Stub a torn ticket a tour of the basics Goldin’s easygoing text and clever collaged illustrations make Sunday afternoon excursions so much explicable New York TimesAn engaging and enlivening introduction for This narrative nonfiction book is narrated by a discarded entry ticket and a lanyard It is a great introduction to an art museum aka gallery; the people who work there kinds of things you'll see and how it is all organised It makes a great intro or follow up to a visit with children to the real thing Back matter includes a recap of the people who work at an art museum including curator director archivist and conservator and some of the real art portrayed in the book Illustrations include photos from galleries and illustrated bits and pieces

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Meet Me at the Art Museum Kids and adults alike Kirkus ReviewsThe googly eyed characters make it uite enjoyable to pick up the book and get a feel for what makes a museum work explaining both public and private areas BooklistThe volume offers an adeuate overview of museum operations School Library JournalThe book works best as a basic introduction to what a museum is and how it works; the paintings and sculptures are ID'd on the closing page Publishers WeeklyOverall this book will entice children of all ages to want to take a trip to their nearest art museum to learn about all the great people and things that go on there New York Journal of Boo Original posted on my website mardixoncomI first heard of Meet Me at the Art Museum via Twitter when Museum Secrets tweeted how great the book was I immediately knew I had to get my hands on it and was thrilled when it was sent to meThe book is told from the eyes of Stub a entry ticket stub who was left on the floor of an art museum and missed by the cleaner during his routine This leads to Stub meeting some of the people that work within the art museum Author David Goldin creatively takes us with Stub on the journey through the art museum teaching us new vocabulary and jobs within most museumsStub first meets docent’s helper Daisy who explains what a docent’s helper role is within a museum‘The docent and I welcome visitors take them on tours and explain what is kept here’The two of them go on a journey through the art museum learning protocols starting with the coat check leading to how to read signs within museums so you don’t get lost why the temperature is important why security is important and bigger things like what a gallery isAlong the journey through Stub learns about different paintings and works such as sculptures Stub also learns that it’s ok not to like all the items within the museum I thought this was a brilliant touch as many adults still struggle with this concept Daisy Docent explains that it’s up to the curator to choose items to go in a museum‘He or she is like a detective making sure each piece is the real thing and not a copy’Lessons are learnt throughout the book including not touching the art work This leads to a conversation with Badge from security about different ways museums kept their items safeAfter a uick break in the café they head to a different floor All along the tour Stud wishes he could stay forever at the museumDaisy takes Stub to the ancient relics area of the museum where Stub learns about so many different items within the museum leading to a discussion about the archivist catalog‘Nothing gets in and nothing leaves without the archivist and me knowing about it’ said a computer'The tour continues through the education area director’s office shop and library where each section is explained to Stub But there is one room the room where ‘damaged treasures are fixed and restored’ Stub goes into the room and sees a lovely piece of art called a collage But then something happens The illustrations have a hint of realism mixed with cartoon y feel to them that draws your eyes to every inch of the pages David Goldin craftily positioned actual art throughout the pages and there is an index at the end of the book referencing where each piece can be found in real lifeAdditionally the back of book has a lovely ‘Who’s Who’ and ‘What’s What’ At the Museum And even impressive was at the front and back of the covers are used to the fullest potential showing the floor plan of the art museumThis book is a brilliant introduction for those that have never been to a museum and even those that have been to learn about the people behind the scenes The target age group is 2 11 year old however I would have no issue sharing this book with any age5 out of 5 starsMeet Me at the Art Museum A Whimsical Look Behind the ScenesDavid Goldin