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pdf ´ Coat of Many Colors Á Dolly Parton Proudly and when the other children laugh she gives them a uick lesson about what it means to be rich Judith Sutton's beautiful paintings bring one of Dolly Coat of Many Colors is about a girl growing up in Tennessee Winter is coming and a little girl has no coat Her mother uses rags to sew the girl a winter coat The little girl is so excited about her new coat but the children at school laugh at her She explains how much love her mother put into making her coat She explains how she feels rich because her mother put so much love and effort into creating the coat I would use this book in a kindergarten to first grade class to teach them two separate lessons First the book conveys a message that one should always be thankful for what they have and one should not take what they have for granted Everyone is “rich” in their own way Having a loving family or people around you that you can go to for anything is truly a gift Second the book expresses the idea that everyone is special and that no one should “make fun” or belittle anyone else I would present this book as a read aloud to teach students to be thankful about what they have and that everyone has something special that makes them “rich” Then I would ask the class why the girl in the story felt rich? I would then give each student a small scrap of cloth and have them draw and decorate the rag I would then sew them together after each student has finished decorating their piece of cloth and show them how something as dull as a small piece of cloth can be so beautiful I will explain how each of them was important in making the beautiful creation and I would hang our creation in the classroom I would call this our “class uilt of many colors” I would then relate this “uilt” to being special by having the students look at each individual piece of the “uilt” they created We would name what makes each piece special Then I would explain how each student in the class is special and if one of them was not part of the class then our class would not be as special Further you could introduce how all cultures are special and add a multicultural piece to this lesson Also I would have the students list one way in which they think they are special and share it with the class celebrating these uniue ualities during share time As a further activity each student could describe one attribute of a classmate that makes him or her special as well This story can be a great way to show students how important it is to be thankful for the “riches” that they each have in their own lives such as family friends a home a cozy bed etc and remind students how each person is a special and wonderful “piece” of a “world of many colors”

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Read Coat of Many Colors reader Ñ Paperback ´ goproled ✓ ❮PDF❯ ✮ Coat of Many Colors ❤ Author Dolly Parton – Winter is coming to Tennessee and there's no money to buy a new coat so a little girl's mama sews one for her out of rags The little girl wears it to school Parton's best loved songs to life The heartfelt verses are imbued with the same genuine infectiously likeable spirit Parton herself projects Publishers Weekl Dolly Parton wrote this book about a memory from her childhood She says on the back that I believe all children are special and I hope my story will help children everywhere believe they're special too This book is very pleasing visually and it would be a good book to read to students about bullying

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Coat of Many ColorsWinter is coming to Tennessee and there's no money to buy a new coat so a little girl's mama sews one for her out of rags The little girl wears it to school This was a very light hearted feel good book It is about a young girl who does not have a lot of money so her mom makes her a coat out of rags She gets made fun of for it but she loves it because it was made with her mother's love The girl in the story is adorable and the pictures are great I noticed that the pages were framed with designs of the rags that made up the jacket and I thought that was neat The girl in the pictures sort of reminds me of me when I was little; she has blond hair and blue eyes Her family lives on a farm and I've always thought it would be cool to live on a farm Very cute book