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CarouselChoose your horseHold on Can't remember the last time I saw a carouselbut I can still remember summer days at the fair and mom waving to me as I went round and round this book captures that feeling you had as a child

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Ngand you're on your way Brief text and illustrations recreate a ride on a merry go round

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Carousel doc ✓ Hardcover ó goproled Ö ➺ [Reading] ➼ Carousel By Donald Crews ➯ – Choose your horseHold on tightThe music's startingand you're on your way Choose your horseHold on tightThe music's startingand you're on your way.TightThe music's starti Four years after Freight Train which earned Donald Crews his first of two Caldecott Honors the author illustrator is back at it with a similar formula this time recreating the experience of riding a carousel With the same spare use of words as in Freight Train we are introduced to a riderless carousel plastic multicolored horses waiting to be mounted Once the children get on and are harnessed in the ride gears up into a a whirl of speed and excitement Calliope music blares as the horses blend into a pastel blur to those watching from the outside It's a similar visual experience for the kids looking out from the carousel a halo of colors and sights and sounds The music slows the horses relax their bobbing motion and the carousel coasts to a stop The horses are prepared to do it all again when the next batch of youngsters board the iconic amusement park attraction I like Donald Crews's art style The blurry carousel at top speed is amazing in the same way as the blurry train in Freight Train and evokes some of the sensation of riding a carousel as a kid The writing isn't uite as smooth in this book but the art makes it worth a read and I might rate Carousel one and a half stars The reason I don't go higher is that there's virtually no story If you love children's rides or illustrations that rise to the level of fine art pick up a copy of Carousel You'll have fun