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The House Baba Built An Artist's Childhood in China Book × 48 pages Download ✓ Goproled ò ❮Reading❯ ➹ The House Baba Built An Artist's Childhood in China ➱ Author Ed Young – I knew nothing could happen to us within those walls in Watched as planes flew overhead and frends joined the Chinese air force But through it all Ed's childhood remained full of joy and imaginationThis powerful poignant and exuisitely illustrated memoir is the story of one of our most beloved children's illustrators and the house his baba bui About a year ago I reviewed Allen Say's autobiographical work Drawing from Memory and the effect World War II had on his life growing up in Yokohama Japan Ed Young's The House Baba Built is also an autobiographical work and describes his life in Shanghai China during the warEd Young's father was an engineer and realizing that war was coming to China he decided he needed a safe place for himself his wife and five children to live in The safest place would be around the foreign embassies in Shanghai known as the International Settlement But land there was expensive and so Baba an affectionate term for father made a deal with a landowner Baba would built a house on his land with the proviso that his family could live in it for 20 years The family moved into the house in 1935 and for the first few years that they lived in Baba's house life was good There was a lovely swimming pool where friends and family would gather in summer there was lots of pretend playing lovely gardens and even a roof that made a great roller skating area Life wasn't rich in goods but it was rich in so many other waysBut when the Japanese invaded Nanking in 1937 Baba had to build an apartment where the kids roller skated because relatives from there had escaped to Shanghai to live After that the effects of the war began to be felt and And in 1940 a family who had escaped Hitler's Germany the Luedeckes also moved into Baba's houseThe three families living in Baba's house were very fortunate Even after things changed with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the loss of British and American protection the house that Baba built was able to withstand the war and even when bombs were being dropped directly on Shanghai they missed the house completely When the 20 years were up the Young family honored their contract and turned the house over to the landowner By then most of the children had grown married and gone their own way It was during the war living in Baba's house that Young discovered his talent as an artist Given crayons and paper to use while recovering from a cold his first attempt at drawing was a cowboy that didn't uite match what was in his mind But he sought guidance and the rest is history For The House Baba Built he used a mixed media which gives it depth and texture Young's family is shown in an interesting combination of old photographs and drawings there are all kinds of collages my favorite art form and some of the pages fold out to reveal even of the life of the Young family in Baba's house Most of the book consists of vignettes that are put together to resemble the collages rather than a linear history of Young's early life However there is a timeline at the end which can help orient the reader if needed And there is an extended section at the end of the book of later photographs including Baba's house as well as a diagram of the house and some facts regarding how the house was built to bombproof itAll in all The House Baba Built is an interesting book for all kinds of readers but especially a reader who likes to explore each and every page of an illustrated book This is a work that proves itself to be an insightful look at some of the early influences on a beloved authorillustratorThis book is recommended for readers age 8This book was borrowed from the Webster Branch of the NYPL

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R built transformed as needed into a place to play hide and seek to eat bamboo shoots and to be safeFor outside the home's walls China was at war Soon the house held not only Ed and his four siblings but also friends relatives and even strangers who became family The war grew closer and Ed I had the misfortune to lose my father roughly one month ago after a protracted illness a reality that I am still struggling to assimilate and stories about the role that fathers play in a child's life about the houses they build whether real or figurative for their families are especially poignant for me right now So it is that The House Baba Built a picture book memoir about the youth of celebrated children's artist and author Ed Young whose Lon Po Po A Red Riding Hood Story from China was a Caldecott Medal winner in 1990 and a tribute to his beloved father moved me to tears this morning and it was only by the strongest efforts at self control that I avoided breaking down altogether on the train I am as it happens having trouble writing this review without tearsLeaving aside this coincidence of timing and the fact that my visceral emotional reaction to the book has as much to do with the events of my own life as with the ones depicted here I believe I can truthfully say that this is an outstanding title one with immense visual and narrative appeal Young assisted by Libby Koponen sets out the tale of his boyhood in Shanghai and of the extraordinary house that his architect father constructed for the family which initially included Young himself his parents and his four siblings but eventually grew during the years of World War II to include extended family fled from Japanese occupied Nanking and a refugee family the Luedeckes fled all the way from Germany The artwork done in mixed media that includes photographs of all the people depicted is incredibly engrossing suiting each passage to a tee while the book's design itself the occasional fold out page the arrangement of the type on different parts of the page is creative and adds to the reader's sense of being drawn in and enfolded by the story enfolded by the house that Ed Young's Baba builtMost moving of all however is the sense that Baba's house as depicted here is than just a structure built of double tiered brick walls and eighteen inch thick concrete slabs in order to withstand bombing but also a feeling of family a sense of security and a way of living Baba's house as exemplified in the letter he wrote to his children after they had spread to the far corners of the world was something they took with them Dear Children You may put down as rule No 1 that life is not rich not real unless your partake life with your fellow man A successful life and a happy life is one measured by how much you have accomplished for others and not one as measured by how much you've done for yourself love DadClearly Baba's House is one worth living in and I finished this book with a renewed appreciation not just for Ed Young and his family's story but for the reality that we all of us in some sense live in the houses built by our parents

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The House Baba Built An Artist's Childhood in ChinaI knew nothing could happen to us within those walls in the house Baba builtIn Ed Young's childhood home in Shanghai all was not as it seemed a rocking chair became a horse; a roof became a roller rink; an empty swimming pool became a place for riding scooters and bikes The house his fathe The art is wonderful inventive brilliant The story could easily be used by a middle grader for history biography or art study Or all three It is definitely one of those picture books that needs an older audience and it will draw them in