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Ed Husain has become one of the most vital Muslim voices in the world The House of Islam could very well be his magnum opus Reza Aslan #1 New York Times bestselling author of ZealotThis should be compulsory reading Peter Frankopan author of the international bestseller The Silk Roads Today Islam is to many in the West an alien force with Muslims held in suspicion Failure to grasp the inner workings of religion and geopolitics has haunted American foreign policy for decades and has been decisive in the new administrations controversial orders Some really thoughtful discussions are had in this book and he covers Islamic history well but there are two main points that I found problematicFirstly the continued Sufi propaganda prevalent throughout the book I appreciate the contributions that Sufis have made to Islam and they have been integral in certain areas of the world in spreading the faith but the author speaks of them as the most successful and only true way to propagate Islam a linear viewpoint indeed At times the ‘miracles’ by Sufi ‘saints’ conjure images of hilarity and unapologetic self love and hubrisSecondly the author is seemingly blind to Israel ever doing anything wrong Again some thoughtful points are mentioned and I do not believe violence to be the way forward but there is no acknowledgement of the numerous human rights and terror incidents that Zionism and the Israeli state has caused since its creation including the King David Hotel bombing and the continued supply siege on Gaza Yet Hammas whom along with the author I disagree with is slammed on numerous occasions Perhaps it didn’t occur to him that these long term hostilities may just have a cause to them? Yes Israel is far technologically economically and academically superior to other Arab nations You don’t think the Zionist billionaires around the globe especially those in power in the United States had anything to do with that and have checks in place to keep it that way? Such naïvety

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The House of Islam A Global HistoryThe events and issues that have come from and contributed to the broadening gulf between Islam and the West from the United States overthrow of Irans first democratically elected leader to the emergence of ISIS from the declaration of a fatwa on Salman Rushdie to the attack on the offices of Charlie HebdoAuthoritative and engaging Ed Husain leads us clearly and carefully through the nuances of Islam and its people taking us back to basics to contend that the Muslim world need not be a stranger to the West nor our enemy but our peaceable alli A very informative and clearly laid out introduction to Islam and its problems and difficulties This book does much to show the compassionate merciful even liberal side of Islam a religion who seems to have preserved much while other faiths and areas were going through the dark ages He explains the schism between Shia and Sunni highlights the role of Western supported Saudi interests in promoting the less enlightened forms of Islam and explains why the ‘puritans’ literalists jihadists and Islamists are not the only option or even the most Islamic option He gives a good grounding in why people and peoples can be moderate liberal and observant Muslims without feeling in any way less of a true Muslim than many of the wilder puritanical and just plain genocidal alternatives It also provides a good basis for a educated and enlightened Western response to ‘radical’ Islam This book is a good starting place for anyone interested in the modern world to begin to learn about IslamThe ‘solutions’ he offers to the current seemingly increasing radicalisation and extremism are however not particularly compelling They are neither ‘wrong’ nor short sighted they just do not seem to be the practical mid term measures that would effectively reduce the violence of the extremists or the clumsy reaction to them on the part of moderate Muslims or ‘the West’ It goes without saying that there are no easy answers A very informative read

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The House of Islam mobi õ A Global History ´ ed husain ´ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The House of Islam: A Global History ⚣ Ed Husain – Ed Husain has become one of the most vital Muslim voices in the world The House of Islam could very well be his magnum opus Reza Aslan #1 New York Times bestselThe intricacies and shadings must be understood by the West not only to build a strongerharmonious relationship between the two cultures but also for greater accuracy in predictions as to how current crises such as the growth of ISIS will develop and from where the next might emerge The House of Islam addresses key uestions and points of disconnection What are the roots of the conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims that is engulfing Pakistan and the Middle East? Does the Koran encourage the killing of infidels? The book thoughtfully explores ‘The House of Islam is on fire – and the arsonist still lives there Neighbours can bring water to put out the fire but Muslims must also expel the fire bombers in their midst’ In an accessible best selling book Ed Husain explains this fiery scene and how a narrow movement unfaithful to the uran is riding a crisis of confidence among Muslims The book by a former extremist turned mainstream Muslim draws out the spiritual depth of Islam Terms like Sharia are explained meaning ‘path to water’ echoing Islam’s nomadic heritage but now bearing fearsome meaning as a result of literalistic Islam In its portrait of the counterfeiting of Islam’s riches in this age ‘The House of Islam’ is an eye opener for non Muslims and a call to action for Muslims and all who seek the world’s good