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Read Blame It on the Brain doc À Brain Disorders Û [PDF] ✅ Blame It on the Brain: Distinguishing Chemical Imbalances, Brain Disorders, and Disobedience (Resources for Changing Lives) Author Edward T Welch – Blame It On The Brain? Distinguishing Chemical Imbalances Brain by Welch Edward T on the Ces Brain by Welch Edward T I purchased this book in June 2019 but had not begun to read it until December 2019 My husband was officially diagnosed with dementia in September 2019 We received the possible Frontotemporal Degeneration with Behavioral Variant in November 2019For those who don't know about getting the types of dementia diagnosed there are 3 categories of diagnosis1 possiblepossibly based on clinical signs and symptoms plus neuropsychological testing2 probableprobably clinical signs and symptoms neuropsychological testing plus imaging ie CT scan MRI PET scan3 definitedefinitive post mortem autopsySo the only way to have a positive diagnosis of the types of dementia is to autopsy the brain after the person is deadI'm a Christian believe the Bible is God's Word and that we should hold all things up to it in discernmentEdward T Welch does pretty well discerning Scripture in explaining body heart and soul but much of what he says about behavior and dementia is clearly his personal opinion I saw no Scripture substantiating his opinion thereBiblical counseling and obedience to God cannot cure brain degeneration Nothing we do in seeking to be obedient to God will cure it any than we can claim healing and will it to be so if we have enough faithEdward T Welch lost me completely as I got into Chapter 3 He'd already stated that someone with Alzheimers that appears godly but begins to do ungodly things is revealing his true heart He compares it to someone who has a normally nice nature but when drunk becomes angry and mean is revealing their true heart While I believe a Christian seeking to honor God would not drink in excess I do not believe how alcohol can cause changes in a persons behavior reveals their true heart toward GodHe also sights a godly woman with Alzheimers that has a sweet Christian nature will continue to have a Christlike nature as her Alzheimers progressesIn Chapter 3 he brings this up again that a person's true heart is revealed when they have dementia That if the person with Alzheimers makes sexual comments it is revealing their true heart That if they were truly obedient to God they would not commit such a sin even as dementia progresses He uses the example of someone who is bipolar as well who commits a sin during a manic period it's revealing the person's true heartWelch's opinion clearly goes against the biblical fact that only God knows the heart Apparently according to Welch we can know a person heart if they have dementia are bipolar or have some other kind of brain disorder if they act against God's WordWelch's counsel presents a hopeless situation for a person with dementia bipolar or some other brain disorder and for their family if the person's behavior goes against Welch's opinion and they believe what Welch is teaching in his counseling in this bookWelch's reasoning fails when you look at that fact that some people before dementia can have angry mean temperaments Then dementia sets in and they become calm and nice This does not necessarily reveal their heart any than if the opposite occurs Only God truly knows a person's heartAccording to Welch opinion my husband is not a Christian and will be going to hell Why? Because he has committed sexual sin that his dementia has revealedIt breaks my heart that some will believe Welch's teaching in Blame if on the Brain Distinguishing Chemical Imbalances Brain Disorders and Disobedience as he clearly believes that a true Christian would never commit sin and would always be obedient to God Grant it by Chapter 3 Welch had not stated it that way but that's what it boils down to when you discern what Welch says Welch is being legalisticNone is good we all fall short and are unable to obey God completely even the most devout Christlike Christian is not perfect Neither is Welch His counseling on brain degeneration and it revealing a person true heart lacks understanding and mercy His counsel judges and lacks mercyFortunately we don't have to rely on Welch's interpretation of how Scripture applies to brain degeneration we can read God's Word ourselves and prayerfully discern it The Holy Spirit will gently prompt guide and bring those with godly knowledge and wisdom along side us to assistThen as we seek to glorify and honor God with our lives and we see those with brain degeneration who are at times scared angry irritated overwhelmed and struggling we will be better able to carry a small part of their burden which will help calm them reassure them of God's love and mercy and direct their focus back toward ChristWhen we fail just like someone with brain degeneration we repent ask forgiveness and seek to glorify and honor God with our lives Like a child we are corrected by God our FatherAs dementia progresses correction no longer works Even someone with mild dementia that has misplaced things tends to believe someone took it Just try and correct them and see how well it works out Instead it is going to escalate the problems It does not mean the person is ungodly or reveals their true heartAt that point I choose to trust God's mercy and grace extends to the Christian suffering the horrible results of brain degeneration I know I can trust God's judgment of their heartHe has told you O man what is good; and what does the Lord reuire of you but to do justice and to love kindnessb and to walk humbly with your God?Micah 68 ESVb Or steadfast love

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Inguishing Chemical Imbalan Very use Great Christian Resource for any denomination Edward Welch is very gifted I would highly recommend his work

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Blame It on the Brain Distinguishing Chemical Imbalances Brain Disorders and Disobedience Resources for Changing LivesBlame It On The Brain? Dist The book provided tremendous insights into the challenges of living with mental illness