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CHARACTERS Little by Edward Carey,

CHARACTERS Little by Edward Carey, ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Æ [BOOKS] ✮ Little Author Edward Carey, – 'A startlingly original novel' Times BOOK OF THE YEAR The wry macabre unforgettable tale of an ambitious orphan in Revolutionary Paris befriended by royalty and radicals alike who transfo'A startlingly original novel' Times BOOK OF THE YEAR The wry macabre unforgettable tale of an ambitious orphan in Revolutionary Paris befriended by royalty and radicals alike who transforms herself into the legendary Madame Tussaud In a tiny odd looking girl named Marie is born in a village in Alsace After the death of her parents she is apprenticed to an eccentric wax sculptor and whisked off to the seamy streets of Paris where they meet a domineering widow and her uiet pale son Together they convert an abandoned monkey house into an exhibition hall for wax heads and the spectacle becomes a sensation As word of her artistic talent spreads Marie is called to Versailles where she tutors a princess and saves Marie Antoinette in childbirth But outs. I really enjoyed this book & feel I learned about the way people lived through the upheaval of France’s turbulent revolution I had no idea about wax and the making of images until I read this storyi found it easy to read & empathised with Marie the main character and world definitely recommend it

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He National Theatre of Romania and the Vilnius Small State Theatre Lithuania In England his plays and adaptations have been performed at the Young Vic Studio the Battersea Arts Centre and the Royal Opera House Studio He is the author of the novels Observatory Mansions Alva and Irva and the acclaimed YA series The Iremonger Trilogy which has been published in thirteen countries and has been optioned for film adaptation After university Edward worked at Madame Tussaud in London preventing people from touching the waxworks and it was there that he learnt the incredible story of the museum's founder Edward lives in Austin Texas in the United States and teaches at the University of Austin He is available for interview and to write features illustratio. This fictional reconstruction of the life and times of Mme Tussaud – born Marie Grosholtz – is an absolutely outstanding MASTERPIECE of a book One of the most interesting historical fiction books I’ve ever readThe story opens with Marie diminutive in stature and deemed ugly by the standards of the day living with her widowed mother in Alsace The pair move to Berne in Switzerland where her mother takes up a position as a housekeeper to an eccentric anatomist Dr Curtius who makes wax models of body parts healthy or diseased for the local hospital When Marie otherwise named ‘Little’ is orphaned when her mother dies Dr Curtius takes on the guardianship of ‘Little’ and she helps him in several ways with his work Learning to draw the body parts and also looking after him She studies the methods of every aspect of Dr Curtius’s tradeThe pair move to Paris where they live with a fearsome widow of a tailor Mme Picot and her young son along with a stuffed dummy resembling her late husband Henry Picot Soon Little is delegated to kitchen duties and cooking as a servant and treated badly by Mme Picot Dr Curtius and Mme Picot eventually start a successful business together called The Cabinet Of Dr Curtius making wax models of Parisian luminaries and renowned people of the time including Voltaire but also criminals and murderers The sights sounds atmosphere and smells of Paris at that time are described with an agonisingly acute sense of time and placeMarie is in time taken on in the palace of Versailles as a tutor of wax sculpture to the Princess Elizabeth sister of King Louis XVI where with a lowly servant status and needing to be on hand at all times to the Princess has to live in a cupboard at the palaceEventually the French Revolution is upon them and the family including Marie are caught up in the troubled violent times in Paris during that time Where the thirst for the blood of anyone of aristocratic connections including the royal family or people of wealth and means is spilled on the streets or on the guillotineThis book gives an absolutely fascinating glimpse into the French Revolution and the key figures and citizens caught up in the uprising Marie Grisholtz The Picots and Dr Curtius have to adapt and fight for survivalThroughout the book are the uirky often macabre but utterly fascinating illustrations by Marie GrisholtzI can only imagine the amount of research needed by the author to research this novelFortunately I was sent an ARC of this book complete with some intriguing postcard sized images of the drawings within Such was my love for this book that I also bought my own Kindle copy of it to read while out and aboutExcellent A macabre uirkily eccentric and historically satisfying masterpieceHighly recommended

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Little by Edward CareIde the palace walls Paris is roiling The revolutionary mob is demanding heads andat the wax museum heads are what they do Edward Carey's Little is a wonder the incredible story of a 'blood stained crumb of a girl' who went on to shape the world 'Rich and engrossing there is an extraordinary potency to Carey's material A visceral vivid and moving novel' GUARDIAN 'Don't miss this eccentric charmer' MargaretAtwood 'In this gloriously gruesome imagining of the girlhood of Marie Tussaud mistress of wax fleas will bite rats will run and heads will roll and roll and roll Guts'n'gore galore I bloody loved it' SPECTATOR AUTHOR Edward Carey was born in Norfolk England He is a novelist visual artist and has also written and directed a number of plays for t. How can I begin to do justice to this superb book Every now visceral in both senses unsparing in its detail of the anatomical minutiae of the human bodyOf course this latter is only what any medical student of the present day deals with; and here it is a doctor who introduces the very young Marie to these organs both in their true guise good bad or indifferent it doesn’t matter rather each so vividly portrayed that this parade of characters brings great vitality to the textAnd then there is love in its various forms but she also exhibits a great capacity for love but also some “different thicker bottles; these had persuasive glass stoppers hinting at the possibly fatal personality of the viscous liuids they contained”And much later in the book when Marie is contemplating the wonderful properties of wax she thinks“They never properly comprehended the dignity such wry tender clarity of vision attended always by the threat of subversion is what gives book its uniue power to draw us in & hold usAt first I thought Edward Carey must have created a largely fictitious work around the bare bones of the history of Madame Tussaud But in fact she had written her memoirs in old age & out of this Carey has created a true work of artOh yes the illustrations are wonderful too & contribute greatly to the enjoyment of the book