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Free download Casting Off (Cazalet Chronicle) ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Read] ➪ Casting Off (Cazalet Chronicle) By Elizabeth Jane Howard – The long awaited final volume of Howard's superb uartet of novels that chronicles the lives of an extended family With the excThe long awaited final volume of Howard's superb uartet of novels that chronicles the lives of an extended family Wit. Please note This review does not contain plot spoilers but it does refer to certain events from the previous three books so if you have not read those then you might prefer to read just the second paragraph of this reviewThe fourth in the Cazalet Chronicles following on from ' The Light Years '; ' Marking Time ' and ' Confusion ' Elizabeth Jane Howard's 'Casting Off' begins in July 1945 when the war in Europe has ended and continues the story of the extended Cazalet family until 1947 When the book was first published in 1995 'Casting Off' was intended to be the last in the saga however eighteen years later Elizabeth Jane Howard revisited the Cazalet family for the very last time with 'All Change' In 'Casting Off' as in the previous instalment the author keeps her readers up to date with the lives of the older members of the family Edward Cazalet is still leading a double life dividing his time between his wife Villy and his mistress Diana but their relationship is now taken a stage further; Hugh is still trying to cope with losing his wife and is finding himself at loggerheads with Edward whose behaviour he is finding reprehensible in ways than one; Rupert who had previously been missing presumed killed and as we know from the ending of the previous instalment has finally returned home is struggling to return to normality and he and Zoe are finding it difficult to adjust to living as husband and wife again; and Rachel is still finding it difficult to spend time with or commit herself fully to her much loved female friend Sid which causes further problems between them However as in 'Confusion' Ms Howard now continues to focus mainly on the younger members of the family namely Louise Polly and Clary who are now young women Louise who has married the much older Michael Hadleigh continues to find marriage and motherhood difficult not helped by the interference of her possessive and controlling mother in law Lady Zinnia; Polly is still struggling with her unreuited love for family friend Archie but is surprised to find herself falling for someone uite different; Clary delighted that her father Rupert has finally come home falls in love with totally the wrong person for her and turns to the ever reliable Archie to help her cope with the fall out; and there is a whole lot to read about in this instalment including various little sub plots about the other members of the extended Cazalet family but naturally I shall leave all of that for prospective readers to learn for themselvesAs I have commented in previous reviews of mine for Elizabeth Jane Howard's books this is an exuisitely written novel and like the previous three instalments in the series is a leisurely paced yet involving story full of well realized characters and one that is a pleasure to read from start to finish Although I have to mention that I don't usually choose family sagas as my preferred choice of reading Ms Howard always writes with perception and humour and she uses the English language so beautifully that I am happy to read anything she has written and for downtime reading these Cazalet Chronicles work particularly well As this book was originally intended to be the last in the series I am tempted to leave it here especially as I understand that the much later addition 'All Change' has received mixed reviews however I have the feeling that before long my curiosity will get the better of me and I shall be ordering the fifth instalment and enjoying it nevertheless5 Stars

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H the excitement of VE Day come and gone England remains locked in the drab grip of deprivation Against this backdrop. I know I've said it before but I really do love this series and this volume is an absolute page turner It's fascinating to see how the Cazalet family survives and adapts to life after the war and I also enjoyed seeing how the children are developing into adultsYes there might have been a tad too much focus on the various romances for me but the slow burn relationship between Archie and Clary is just brilliantly done and the ending is perfect Can't wait to read the next volume

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Casting Off Cazalet ChronicleOf a crumbling empire a number of startling events unfolds including deaths weddings a shattering pregnancy and divorc. July 1945 Hugh Cazalet after the death of his wife Sybil now suffers another loss as Miss Pearson his secretary for 23 years resigns But the end of the European war is in sight By the end of this book it is 1947 the war is over and there have been engagements marriages and divorces births and deathsThe title refers not just to ending relationships but to letting go of war time life This is complicated than anticipated Longing for something for so long does not make it easy to live through when it happens Change is challenging Post war life is not all it is expected to be in some ways it is harder Though the privations of rationing continue often harsher than during the war itself possibilities for new life unfold like a flower in bloom But there are no easy answersThe three cousins are grown up– Polly Louise and Clary now face life as young adults their idealism tainted by the sadness and disappointments of war But there are surprises in store for Clary while the Cazalet brothers must make a business decision which affects the financial future of the whole family Can they still afford the Sussex home the anchor for the family throughout the war and home to The Duchy and The Brig And where will this extended war time family now live separated from one anotherExpecting happiness after the end of the war ordinary life disappoints as the trials and disappointments continue Louise’s friend Stella explains “ when anyone becomes than a certain amount unhappy they get cut off They don’t feel any comfort or concern or affection that comes from other people – all of that simply disappears inside some bottomless pit and when people realize that they stop trying to be affectionate or comforting Would you like some grey coffee or some pink brown tea”Howard’s characters are so clearly drawn that they became real people for me while I read these books They feel like real friends That is a huge achievement for any novelist