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Will Medicine Stop the Pain Book ð Finding God's Healing for Depression Download ✓ Goproled ë ➷ [Reading] ➹ Will Medicine Stop the Pain?: Finding God's Healing for Depression, Anxiety, and other Troubling Emotions By Elyse M Fitzpatrick ➬ – GoproleIch trouble the mind and spirit Counselor Elyse Fitzpatrick and Dr Laura Hendrickson provide biblical guidance on how to balance medical intervention with biblical encourageme I appreciated the truth about the anti depressants and their information to inform us of how these have adversely affected people because the doctors do not tell you how dangerous these can be It threw my granddaughter's husband into depression and then just as the book shares the doctor gave him two or three other meds to offset the effects of the first and second med etc Their marriage suffered becasue of how the drugs affected his mind even though at first they thought it made him get over his blues They separated because he lost interest in the responsibility of life People need to be educated about the effects of these meds They mess with the mind just like illegal drugs do They change the way a person thinks And it keeps them from learning how to deal with the problems of life that we all have to learn how to deal with Unless the person has a physical problem that is causing the emotional problems it is better to try for good counseling from a Biblical perspective

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Rding to the American Academy of Family Physicians Many women are given medication to treat the disease but medication alone does not always address the underlying emotions wh There is a heavy emphasis that generally speaking taking medications for psychiatric issues is almost always leaning toward sin or at least poor judgment but the “Important Publisher Notice” immediately before the table of contents interestingly notes “All medications identified in this book by brand name or by generic name can play an appropriate role when expertly matched to a particular mental disease or serious emotional crisis“ Hmmm And there are contradictions in the book for example on page 124 the author dogmatically writes without exception “your panic beganbecause you’ve entertained fearful thoughts” but by page 126 the author notes that some panics attacks are “physiological in origin you’ll need to see your doctor if you’ve begun having panic attacks just to ensure that you were not experiencing these feelings because of some undiagnosed disease” Overall not a very helpful book very meandering and there are much better precise and detailed books out there

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Will Medicine Stop the Pain Finding God's Healing for Depression Anxiety and other Troubling EmotionsTwice as many women as men will experience depression sometime in their lifetime and episodes for women are likely to start at earlier ages last longer and recurfreuently acco Real Liberating More than superficial Life changing Healing Not just about meds Very wise and yes highly recommended Thank you