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Cesses and evil that confronted them This book isstimulating and thought provokingThe issuesit raises range well beyond the confines of the case studies of the three theologians examined and have relevance outside the particular context of Hitler's GermanyThat the book compels the reader to rethink some important uestions about the susceptibility of intelligent human beings to as distasteful a phenomenon as fascism is an important achievementIan Kershaw History Today Ericksen's studyth Very pertinent for today's world and politicalsocial climate How could prominent Christian theologians support someone as evil and heinous as Adolph Hitler? Can this apply to today's world? Yes When people understand the beginnings of Hitler's rise and what he used to appeal to the masses economic development loyalty to the state authority Hitler even used Christian themes This book describes how three prominent Protestant theologians supported in Hitler's rise to power Can prominent Evangelical pastors' support for Trump be a parallel event?

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Theologians Under Hitler Gerhard Kittel Paul Althaus and Emanuel HirschRows light on the kinds of perversion to which Christian beliefs and attitudes are easily susceptible and is therefore timely and usefulGordon D Kaufman Los Angeles Times An understanding and carefully documented studyErnst C Helmreich American Historical Review This dark book poses a number of social economic and cultural uestions that one has to answer before condemning Kittel Althaus and HirschWilliam Griffin Publishers Weekly A highly competent well written bookTim Bradshaw Churchm Brilliantly conceived any serious student of the Holocaust must have this work in his or her library Ericksen's balanced approach uncovers the origins of thinking which led good men good scholars and well intentioned and in this case all Protestant to make such horribly wrong decisions with all the attendant disastrous conseuences As we ask why and how could they Ericksen leads the reader to much of the bedrock From the early innocent mistakes to the ever growing train of compromise and mistake one gets inside the history of ideas and discontent which allowed Hitler a foothold From start to finish while scholarly and thorough as a story of three men interest never wanes up to the final analysis of who repented and when who dissembled and self justified and the most brilliant of the three who never changed his mind Fascinating troubling as it pertains to our own time and very readable

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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK Theologians Under Hitler ½ ❮Reading❯ ➺ Theologians Under Hitler (Gerhard Kittel, Paul Althaus and Emanuel Hirsch) ➲ Author Ericksen – What led so many German Protestant theologians to welcome the Nazi regime and its policies of racism and anti Semitism? In this provocatWhat led so many German Protestant theologians to welcome the Nazi regime and its policies of racism and anti Semitism? In this provocative book Robert P Ericksen examines the work and attitudes of three distinguished scholarly and influential theologians who greeted the rise of Hitler with enthusiasm and support In so doing he shows how National Socialism could appeal to well meaning and intelligent people in Germany and why the German university and church were so silent about the ex Excellent source of information