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FREE DOWNLOAD ¶ Breaking Down Her Walls ß [PDF / Epub] ❤ Breaking Down Her Walls ✅ Erin Zak – Leaving is what Julia Finch does best When a meeting with her birth parents goes horribly wrong Julia escapes on a hastily planned road trip and winds up breaking down in a Colorado town so small the Leaving is whatLeaving is what Julia Finch does best When a meeting with her birth parents goes horribly wrong Julia escapes on a hastily planned road trip and winds up breaking down in a Colorado town so small the cows outnumber the people Completely out of her element she takes a temporary j. 425 Stars This was a really enjoyable romance An ice ueen character on a horse yes please In all seriousness this was such a pleasant surprise Zak’s debut book Falling into Her was not for me at all I disliked it so much that I was not going to read Breaking Down Her Walls However after reading some of the good reviews on here I just had to take the chance I’m so glad I did because this was a huge step up from her debut book and I really enjoyed itFirst off I do have to mention the writing style It is odd and gives you this weird mix between first and third person There have been some conflicting answers about how the book is written Some have been saying this is first person present tense others say it’s third person present tense My guess is its third person present tense The writing is “she this” and “she that” not “I” as first person is Anyway it does take a little while to get use too Eventually you do and you don’t even notice but it is a little jarring in the beginningLesbian and bisexual women on a horse ranch plus an age gap romance with an ice ueen character This totally worked for me I loved the setting of the ranch in Colorado and the slow burn relationship that just got hotter and hotter The two mains had chemistry and the sex scenes were nice and steamy The difference in this relationship compared to Zak’s first book is just like night and day She improved so much that I’m really impressedWas the book all smooth sailing No Unfortunately Zak fell into the trap of needing to manufacture some angst so she brought in an ex girlfriend There was enough going on in the main character’s pasts that she didn’t need to go here I actually think I would have given this book 5 stars if the ex was not in it On the good side the forced angst does not last long It could have been way worse than it was And in the end it didn’t stop me from really enjoying this story This book was a good reminder to me to give authors than once chance I almost always do and the one time I didn’t I almost missed out on a book I really enjoyed I hope Zak keeps improving; I’m very excited about what she’ll put out next An ARC was given to me by BSB for a honest review


T the longer Julia stays the the ranch starts to feel like home and her feelings for Elena become impossible to ignore She’s spent years building her defenses high and running from her past Could a love worth staying for be the key to breaking down her wallsGenre RomanceWords. I was a fan of Erin Zak back when she was still writing Swan ueen fanfic and posting her updates on Tumblr That’s how we met and hung out in a time that all our gay little hearts were furiously hoping that the showrunners would take Regina and Emma’s obvious love for each other to the next level As we know they ultimately chickened out but we will always have fan fic that celebrates their love and a whole slew of new and exciting talent that originated from that fandomIt took me until a few weeks ago to figure out that fanfic writer EtotheSwan was in fact Erin Zak duh and so I had to start reading Breaking Down Her Walls in a screaming hurry I read it as a work in progress when it was a Swan ueen fic but I never saw the finished product and kinda forgot about itIt was as good as I remembered I had no problem switching to the format be it first or third person present time and I loved the ranch setting It is very much Zak’s love letter to her birth state Colorado as she lovingly gives us a taste of the mountains in all their finery If you love horses this is a must read If you are a romance fan you don’t want to miss this either The romance is slow burn as both women have some emotional hurdles to climb but oh man when they do get busy it will melt your socks That is one seriously sexy snu snu sceneToo bad for that obligatory angst at the 80% mark to happen I know it’s the go to romance format of the moment but personally I’m not a fan It does nothing for me to be honestBut other than that I’m thrilled to bits Erin got snatched up by Bold Strokes Not that I’m surprised because she was already a natural and can only grow further as an author Looking forward to ff explicitThemes city girl mountain ranch horses trust issues4 stars A free copy was provided by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc for an honest review


Breaking Down Her WallsOb as a ranch hand at Bennett Ranch She only has to survive long enough to get her car fixed and then she’s out of there for good Her bad luck continues when she meets the ranch owner Elena Bennett Elena is unhappy abrasive and annoyingly Breaking Down Kindle breathtaking Bu. While this was a enjoyable read for the most part I don't share some of the same feelings as other reviewers To me Zak created a good novel but it just wasn't GREAT I had trouble with the tense that the novel was written in also first person present tense is tough and it took me a few chapters to feel the flow of the writing styleMC Julie is a runner running from her past and trying to find her place in the world but her back story didn't really show through until halfway through the novel It made it a bit hard for me to care about Julie or why she was running Her car breaks down mid run and she's forced to work on a ranch to pay off debts to get her car repaired MC Elena is the hard ass ranch boss who's been beat down by losses in life and that's made her a bit icy She's not really an ice ueen though just temperamentalWhat really bothered me most about this read is the whole ex girlfriend showing back up theme Not to spoil it for anyone but the obligatory angst that was created at the 80% mark because of the ex was a complete waste of reading time and brain cells for me and almost ruined my whole read I knocked a whole star off of my review just because of how Zak handled the whole ex situationThe premise of the novel was pretty good but unfortunately it's been done time and time again and Zak didn't put enough differences into this novel to make it stand out to me In all fairness to Zak though I was sick sick sick while reading this and it may have affected my enjoyment level All in all 3 starsMany thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review