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Free read What Happened to Us?: An emotional, heartwarming story of love and friendship ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [Read] ➲ What Happened to Us?: An emotional, heartwarming story of love and friendship By Faith Hogan – A heartwarming emotionDs themThen suddenly a catastrophic seuence of events leaves Carrie unsure if theres anyone she can trustHow far do you need to fall before you realise its never too late to start againPerfect for fans of Cecilia Ahern Jodi Picoult and Sheila OFlannaganPraise for What Happened to Us. It was the title that drew me to this book sadly not the cover However what an amazing author This story has me hooked from the startIt’s about love taking relationships for granted and communicationExtremely well written with well defined characters so descriptive was the writing that you felt you really knew themI loved that there were none of the usual cliches “he picked me up and I wrapped my legs round his waist”how many couples can boast this and it’s so old now or that one of them were billionaires that had sworn off love Thank goodness this was written with a normal possibly “that could be me” narrativeGreat story excellent read1 click for a true to life story

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A heartwarming emotional read Perfect to curl up to Us? MOBI #243 with on a winters day Liz Fenwick Sometimes the end is only the beginning After ten years together Dubliner Carrie Nolan is devastated when shes dumped by Kevin Mulvey without even a backwards glance But on reflection. This is the story of Kevin and Carrie who run a successful Dublin restaurant They live together but haven’t married Kevin falls for one of their waitresses who is stunningly beautiful and boosts his self esteem She is ColombianCarrie is devastated but continues to work as usual Kevin and Valentina move into luxury flat in a district where rich folks live Valentina starts spending a lot of Kevin’ s money and becomes and demanding Carrie meanwhile loses weight meets Luke who’s a nephew of Jane from the run down pub near the restaurantThere is a lot psychological analysis of Kevin and his appalling mother I found thAt tedious as it was obvious he was shallow and self centred Carrie is kind and good and organised There is a wedding at which Carrie is Maid of Honour and Kevin is best man There is a scene where Kevin and Valentina attend the wedding but because he hasn’t booked he and Valentina are glamping in a horse boxI won’ reveal the ending but comeuppance happensIt’s a reasonably well written story but heavy on the psychology and the ending is fairly predictable I was bothered by why Valentina and her cousins were referred to as speaking Colombian Should it have been Spanish or one of the Amerindian dialects

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What Happened to Us An emotional heartwarming story of love and friendshipShe had been sacrificing her own long term happiness by pandering to his excessive ego well not anyWhile Kevin is living the dream with his beautiful new Brazilian girlfriend Carrie seeks solace from a circle of mismatched strangers who need her What Happened Epubas much as she nee. This is the highest compliment I can give a book it is like hot chocolate with marshmallow's and creamI don't want to give away to much but if you love a good story line and a journey that keeps you wanting than read this book by Faith Hogan She kept me glued to every page throughout the book She has a way to draw you in and keep you rooting for her characters so that in the end you hope that even the not so nice guys are getting a second chance I was behind Carrie all the way and enjoyed the journey throughout her new life tremendously Faith kept me hooked throughout all of the twists and turns and the drama that came with it I was kind of lost once I had finished the last page and it took me a while to be able to move on to the next book A highly recommended read Can't wait for the next book by Faith Hogan