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Ead in some time’ YORKSHIRE POST ‘Moving funny and devastating’ THE HERALD ‘uirky witty and absorbing’ HEAT ‘Warm and funny moving and deeply original Eleanor Oliphant is completely marvellous’ Gavin Extence ‘A beautiful and delicate balance between funny and heartbreaking restores your faith in humanity’ RED ‘You’ll laugh and cry reading this fine debut’ PRIMA ‘Impeccable’ Dawn O’Porter ‘Delightful dark and moving’ Sarah Pinborough ‘Warm uirky and fun with a real poignancy underneath’ Julie Cohen ‘A stunning debut I laughed wept and reflected’ Lucy Clarke ‘Satisfyingly uirky’ NEW YORK TIMES Book Description Debut Sunday Times Bestseller and Costa First Novel Book Award winner Read. It's a long time since I have been so completely disappointed by a book or seen such a triumph of marketing over material Eleanor Oliphant is a perfect bore self opinionated judgemental and frankly bereft of a single likeable characteristic the sort of person that others uite justifiably go out of their way to avoid She is also pretty unconvincing virtually to the point of caricature We are asked to believe that a thirty year old woman who has been in care since the age of eleven and has also attended university speaks like someone who has stepped straight out of 1930 and doesn't know what Macdonalds or a laptopmobile phone is Seriously no one is THIS odd and able to hold down a job in a busy office plus take care of themselves alone paying bills on time and all the rest of it Social ineptitude of this degree would have you jobless in no time how did she even get past an interview Of course sadly there are certainly people who cannot function in society; without family to support them they end up on the streets unable to cope They tend not to be promoted to office managerWe are asked to believe that an alcoholic can drink herself into complete oblivion every single weekend but never misses a single day's work due to her alcoholism Has the author ever met any real alcoholicsWe are asked to swallow the ludicrous idea that a grown woman of Eleanor's age and intelligence seriously believes a bit of a makeover is all it will take for her to win the lead singer of a band a man she has never ever spoken to as her true love Not even a twelve year old with crush would think this fantasy could actually become realityMy real beef however is reserved for Mummy I was bothered all the way along by the implausible idea that this homicidal psychopath had been allowed to keep in weekly phone contact with her abused daughter from her prison cell It simply didn't ring true Turns out it wasn't true and Eleanor is even of a total nut case than we ever dreamed Not to fear readers Apparently all that is needed to cure a psychotic delusion of some twenty years standing is a few outreach counselling sessions How come we have anyone in a psychiatric hospital if clinical psychosis is that easy to cureSo Eleanor Oliphant is empatically NOT fine In real life she would probably have been sectioned but clearly there is nothing remotely real about this book which manages to trivialize both genuine loneliness alcoholism and severe mental illness in one fell swoop


ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE 181 POCHEReview ‘A IS COMPLETELY eBook #9734 truly original literary creation funny touching and unpredictable Her journey out of the shadows is expertly woven and absolutely gripping’ Jojo Moyes ‘Original and unexpectedly funny’ SUNDAY TIMES ‘As perceptive and wise as it is funny and endearing Warm funny and thought provoking’ OBSERVER ‘A narrative full of uiet warmth and deep and unspoken sadness Wonderful and joyful’ Jenny Colgan GUARDIAN ‘Unforgettable brilliant funny and life affirming’ Wendy Holden DAILY MAIL ‘I adored it Skilled perceptive Eleanor's world will feel familiar to you ELEANOR OLIPHANT Kindle from the very first page An outstanding debut’ Joanna Cannon ‘Hugely original a funny and sad tale. This was recommended by my FB book club and since joining have explored lots of new genresI wouldn’t have read this before but I am so very glad I didI loved the story and as for Eleanor OMG I totally fell in love with her character and uirkinessI was sad to finish it and would definitely recommend this book to everyone I know

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ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE (181 POCHE) Characters È 109 ç ➿ ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE (181 POCHE) Free ➶ Author Gail Honeyman – Goproled.co.uk Review ‘A truly original literary creation funny touching and unpredictable Her journey out of the shadows is expertly woven and absolOf a survivor who tackles the challenges of emotional reconnection with grave courage Unmissable’ SUNDAY EXPRESS ‘A truly original voice and so good on loneliness I sobbed and sobbed’ Cathy Rentzenbrink ‘An outstanding debut about loneliness and the power of a little kindness’ MAIL ON SUNDAY ‘So powerful – I completely loved Eleanor Oliphant’ Fiona Barton ‘An absolute joy laugh out loud funny but deeply moving’ DAILY EXPRESS ‘Heartbreaking’ OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY Kindle #210 Bryony Gordon ‘Deft compassionate and moving’ Paula McLain ‘Heartwrenching and wonderful’ Nina Stibbe ‘Heartbreaking and heartwarming’ STYLIST ‘Brave smart and funny the most refreshing and heartwarming debut I’ve r. There's not much to be said about Eleanor Oliphant that hasn't been said 100 times already so I'll just add my endorsement to the multitude This is just such beautiful writing craftsmanship is evident in every sentence and it was such a delight to read Eleanor is such a complex character prickly unlikeable aloofand yet incredibly endearing warm and sympathetic Eleanor's uniue perspective on the modern world was at the same time laugh out loud funny and heart breakingly sad These wonderful contrasts were one of the delights of the book as was Eleanor's gradual blossoming So so good one of the best novels I've read all year