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Just One Day Read Þ 108 ¼ ❰Reading❯ ➼ Just One Day Author Gayle Forman – Goproled.co.uk Cuando la seria y superresponsable Allyson encuentra por primera vez a Willem un actor holandés de lo más informal en el montaje de Noche de epifanía entre los dos surge una chispa De modo ue cuand Cuando la seria y superresponsable AllysonCuando la seria y superresponsable Allyson encuentra por primera vez a Willem un actor holandés de lo más informal en el montaje de Noche de epifanía entre los dos surge una chispa De modo ue cuando el destino los reúne de nuevo Allyson to. January 2016 My first read of the year is always a reread and this year I've chosen to reread this book which I loved my first time round I want to go back into the love of travel and growth of the main character Hope I love it as much this time I tried to read this but had to stop I wasn't enjoying it and it was tearing up a loved memory for me Here's a video about the idea of reading books at the perfect time 2013Just One Day blew my mind It took me all over the world and blew my mindI have recently been craving this book CRAVING IT LIKE TURKEY DINNER TWO DAYS BEFORE THANKSGIVING and I received it for my birthday I dove right in and then kept swimming and didn't stop for a breath until I finished this beautiful beautiful bookI HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO TALK ABOUT SO LET'S GOFormat I loved the format of this book so very much Almost the first half of his book takes place over just one day the whirlwind adventure and romance of Allyson and Willem The second part of the book then covered an entire year It was really impactful having such a huge part being such a short amount of time because after Part One as a reader I felt what Allyson felt SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED AND IT'S ONLY BEEN A DAY It felt like an entire novel all on its own Then we fly through an entire year it really illustrated how important a day can beCharacters There were actually a lot of characters in this book and they all felt so genuine and critical I loved that we interacted with so many different people and that even if their impact on Allyson's life was small it was felt I really liked Allyson as a main character if other authors had written her she might have actually gotten annoying but Gayle Forman wrote her in a way that I always felt like Allyson was on the edge of understanding and that she really wanted to figure it out even if she didn't know how I felt hope for her And as for Willem it's fascinating that we really don't know that much about him It reminds me of Looking for Alaska where when Alaska disappears you long for her but you then realize that you really know nothing about her I felt the same here I wanted Allyson to find Willem and I felt attached to him but really I didn't know him at allSettings Like eating all of the desserts All of them I love reading about different cultures and different settings and this book did NOT disappoint MOST of the book took place in Paris which was gorgeous and lush and grimy and glorious but we also visited London Avon Upon Stratford Amsterdam and near Boston So many places where I actually felt like I was IN the places not just looking at them I was so absorbed in the surroundings that I was constantly immersed in other countriesWriting It was nice To be truthful I didn't notice it very much WHICH IS TOTALLY OKAY In my opinion there are basically three types of writing writing you notice because it's particularly beautiful writing you notice because it's particularly terrible and writing you don't really notice because it's simply delivering a story to you I felt the latter in this book I really enjoyed the story that Gayle Forman created I loved the characters the emotion the drama the settings the messages and themes and morals but I wasn't swooning over beautifully crafted sentences I just didn't notice them because I was so busy being alive in the storyThe message The messages in this book are brilliant brilliant brilliant So many things that I related to that I felt I learned that I agreed with That travel is important that we can be different versions of ourselves that life is just a chain of accidents that we need to control where we go in life that we should never give up and so many things Just BRILLIANTI loved this book It is absolutely one of my favourite novels of all time I know that I will be constantly rereading this novel for the rest of my life My only complaint is that it made me realize that I need to visit Europe SOON I am so excited for the seuel that comes out in a matter of days thank goodness because I can't wait too much longer and I will definitely be doing an entire video about these two books

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Ma una decisión impulsiva y se arriesga a seguir a Willem a París Tras solo un día juntos la chispa se ha convertido en llama hasta ue Allyson despierta para descubrir ue el hombre a uien tanto ama se ha marchado sin dejar rastro El cambio. cue ‘anna and the french kiss’ flashbacksnot that the two books are super similar just that they invoked the same feeling which is that by the end i became interestedinvested in the setting of the story than the story itself gayle forman does a truly wonderful job at transporting the reader to NYC paris london and amsterdam her writing is so full of life and culture really doing the cities justice this is honestly the perfect book to read during the summer when you get that wanderlust feeling but everything else just fell a little flat for me which is a shame because i really wanted to love everything about this and its honestly just a lot of little things here and there which caused me to feel pretty ‘meh’ about this i didnt uite feel a spark between allyson and willem i was pretty indifferent about allysons first year at college and im not really into the whole view spoiler‘cheaterplayer’ hide spoiler

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Just One DayRadical Just One Epubue sufre su vida en un solo día se convierte en un año de autodescubrimiento Allyson se embarca en un viaje para liberarse de una existencia llena de límites y descubrir sus verdaderas pasiones e incluso el verdadero am. Leaving everything behind to follow a complete but oh so handsome and charming strangerAs Claire Dunphy from Modern Family would say ‘‘That’s how girls end up dead’’No no no no no This is not okayThe possible truth is that I should not have given this book a chance but how was I supposed to know that Willem would not stir my heartI’m against anything resembling what Allyson is doing because I don’t believe it’s alright for someone to trust a complete stranger so completely At the same time I agree that novels are fantasies on paper so I wasn’t going to pass on this book which was written by an author I am familiar with only because of one detail however important it may beI think I would have enjoyed this book if I had felt something otherworldly beautiful between Allyson and Willem Willem is indeed charming and interesting but so are a million other guys Anyone can become interesting to you if you give them a chance to open up about themselves find common interests with them or are in admiration with them Because the writing was good I could have finished this story if I had wanted to but you know one of my resolutions this year is not to bother with books I know I won’t enjoy in any way Sure I believe in finishing what you start but not when there are so many other books out there that deserve a chance DNF Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’