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The Lands of Ice and Fire Download Ö 102 Ò [BOOKS] ✮ The Lands of Ice and Fire Author George R R Martin – A dazzling set of maps featuring original artwork from illustrator and cartographer Jonathan Roberts transforms Martin's epic saga into a world as fully realized as the one around us George R R Martin A dazzlA dazzling set of maps featuring of Ice Epub #218 original artwork from illustrator and cartographer Jonathan Roberts transforms Martin's epic saga into a world as fully realized as the one around us George R R Martin's beloved Song of Ice and Fire series which started with A Game of Thrones is bursting with a variety and richness of landscapes from bitter tundra to arid wasteland and everything in between that provide a sense of scale unrivalled in contemporary fantasyThe centrepiece of this gorgeous map collection is guaranteed to be a must The Lands. Fascinating selection of maps that give you a great insight into the world of Planetos They are delicate so once you've had a good look at them it's best to store them away for a while I fear that repeatedly folding and unfolding the maps will destroy them at the folds The detail and imagination behind these maps are incredible and a must have for any fan of the franchise Handle with care and you'll have an excellent resource to accompany the story of ASOIAF for many years

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MOBI #198 have for any fan the complete map of the known world joining the lands of the Seven Kingdoms and the lands across the Narrow Sea for the first time in series history But this is just one of many uniue maps that aren't available anywhere else There is an alternate version that tracks the movements of the series' protagonists throughout their vast world along withdetailed versions of the western middle and eastern thirds of the world a full map of Westeros combining North and South one of the Dothraki Lands of Ice Epub #181 Sea and the Red Waste. Both the geographic information provided and the uality of this set of maps is impressive The design color attention to detail artistic uality etc are outstanding They are an ideal complement to the books and helps us to dive deeper into the world of Song of Ice and FireFor me this set of maps has only one flaw the format used for storing the maps The chosen format is a folder so each time you want to look at a map you have to get the map from the folder open it close it again and put it back in the folder with the other maps This entire process does not help the durability Probably the atlas book format was a better solution

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The Lands of Ice and FireS and the Braavos city map And here too are fan favourites detailing everything from urban sprawl to untamed wilds maps of King's Landing The Wall and Beyond the Wall the Free Cities and Slaver's Bay Valyria and SothyrosNever before has the entire scope of Martin's universe been so exhaustively and fascinatingly depicted The maps in this beautiful one of a kind atlas will enrich your reading or viewing experience provide another view of your favourite characters' epic journeys and open up captivating new worlds plus they'll look great on any castle wall. This set of maps in several scales from one showing the whole of the Known World in which The Game of Thrones is set via maps of the continents and larger scale regional maps as well as those showing the journeys undertaken by various characters and even complete city plans is both informative and fascinating There is really no excuse for not being able to follow the story geographically either whilst watching the brilliant televisions series or when reading George R R Martin's great books If you are a follower of the Songs of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones saga then you really must have this set of maps