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The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything Evolution Intelligent Design and a School Board in Dover PAOver the PDFEPUB #193 A compelling eyewitness account of the recent courtroom drama in Dover Pennsylvania that put evolution on trial Journalist Gordy Slack offers The Battle ePUB #200 a riveting personal and often amusing first hand account that details six weeks of some of the most widely ranging fascinating and Battle Over the PDFEPUB #195 just Battle Over the Meaning of Kindle plain surreal testimony in US legal history a battle between hard science and religious conservatives wishing to promote a new version Battle Over the Meaning of Kindle of creationism in schoolsDuring the Kitzmiller vs Dover Areas School Board tria. This is the history of a 2005 court case in Pennsylvania involving the introduction of intelligent design ID to a local high school's science curriculum The author is a journalist and science writer who covered the case first hand I really liked this The prose is enjoyable and the pace is swift Best of all the author's experience as a science writer enables him to explain the complicated biological evidence presented during the trial in an approachable and easily understood wayThis book is good for anyone who has heard about the recent challenges the new brand of creationism labeled intelligent design has made against evolutionary biology specifically and methodological materialism generally but has not read much on the controversy ID claims to address the gaps in the evolutionary record by scientific means but when put to the test as it was during this trial ID fails miserably As science ID is poor at best It is essentially a negative hypothesis that is neither falsifiable or provides conclusions that can be independently tested Further it points to a supernatural source as a primary cause of life The supernatural obviously is beyond the realm of science for the reasons stated above Upon closer examination the proponents of ID really seem to be making arguments from incredulity and subjective conclusions eg It looks like something designed this therefore something didThe book also illustrates how over the course of the trial the religious roots of ID and the religious motivation in bringing it to the school were laid bare This claim was denied by those who introduced the ID curriculum despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary However several witnesses exposed how the founders of the ID movement have made it clear at the outset of the movement that their motivation was to introduce the Christian interpretation of the origin of life ie creationism into schools to discredit the materialist world view promoted by DarwinismThis is a great book if you are interested about learning about this particular theater of the culture war

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L the members of the local school board defended their decision to reuire teachers to present intelligent design alongside evolution as an explanation for the origins and diversity of life on earth The trial revealed much than a disagreement about how to approach science education It showed two essentially different and conflicting views of the world and the lengths some people will go to promote their own The ruling by George W Bush appointed Judge John Jones III was unexpected in its stridency Not only did he conclude that intelligent design was religion and not science and therefore had no place in a science classroom he scol. I found this a fascinating read though like the high school kids Slack interviewed I wonder what all the fuss is about As the Italian journalist he meets says “I don’t believe in ID theory as science but it doesn’t matter The crucial point is that science alone shouldn’t be able to decide the meaning of education or tell people what to think about the origin of life” Like many of the scientists for the prosecution I am a Christian who believes in evolution—I don’t see that they’re mutually exclusive Studying evolution in school shouldn’t be taboo just as studying Intelligent Design shouldn’t be as long as it’s treated as a theoretical subject and not an absolute My husband went to a Catholic high school where he not only studied evolution but also religions other than Christianity Accepting God is a matter of faith—I see examples of His influence every day—no one needs to prove it to me I thought Slack’s writing was interesting witty and fair I like that he admits his bias up front Oh and one thing—he doesn’t say what happened to those 60 copies of “Of Pandas and People” but my hope is they remained in the school library Banning them would be sort of like banning Huckleberry Finn or Harry Potter I say give the kids an opportunity to make up their own minds

Free download The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything Evolution Intelligent Design and a School Board in Dover PA

Free download É The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything Evolution Intelligent Design and a School Board in Dover PA Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß ❮Reading❯ ➾ The Battle Over Ded the school board for wasting public time and moneyA sophisticated examination of the deep cultural religious and political tensions that continue to divide America The Battle Over the Meaning of Everything is also journalist Gordy Slack's personal and engaging story of the high drama and unforgettable characters on both sides of the courtroom controversy Gordy Slack Oakland CA has been writing about science and evolutionary biology for years He is a regular commentator on KED an affiliate of NPR and his articles have appeared in Mother Jones Saloncom Wired California Wild the San Francisco Chronicle and many other publicatio. So poorly edited as to be distracting I counted three typos on one page at one point Low and behold Names misspelled all over the placean editor's nightmare to read It was weird reading this ten years after the fact because the ID debate has lost so much of its teeth And the author's position is pretty smug although he never claims to be objective It saddens me that there are people who truly believe ID is real so he was preaching to the choir I guess