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Download 7 Powers The Foundations of Business Strategy Doc ☆ The Foundations of Business Strategy Ì Hamilton helmer ☆ ➵ [Read] ➯ 7 Powers: The Foundations of Business Strategy By Hamilton Helmer ✤ – What are thHe Power Progression to enable you to target when your Power must be established in the Origination Take Off or Stability phases of your businessEvery business faces a do or die strategy moment a crux directional choice made amidst swirling uncertainty To get this right you need at your fingertips a real time strategy compass to discern your true north 7 Powers is that compas “Any strategy framework to be broadly useful to a businessperson must address all the key strategy issues facing an organization Hamilton has long been been aware of the deficiencies in existing frameworks His solution? To forge ahead with entirely novel conceptual advances and then to bind these together into a united whole” This is what Reed Hastings CEO and co founder of Netflix writes in the book introductionThe book is an absolute must read if you are a founder building a business or a long term investor and betting on the durable long term competitive strengths of the business Hamilton Helmer the author defines the meaning of strategy and powerStrategy The study of the fundamental determinants of potential business valuePower The set of conditions creating the potential for persistent differential returnsand then goes to show that a business derives its Potential Value Market Scale Power Hamilton lays out the seven sources of Powers for a business all from first principles and illustrates these with very good examples from the real world The seven powers Scale economics Network economics counter positioning switching costs branding cornered resource process powerMy favorite power is the one called “Counter Positioning” I have read all the popular strategy books and I don’t think I have come across this concept as clearly articulated in any other book He defines Counter Positioning as follows “A newcomer adopts a new superior business model which the incumbent does not mimic due to anticipated damage to their existing business”Here is what Reed Hastings says about Counter Positioning in the book’s introduction “Throughout my career I have often observed power incumbents once lauded for their business acumen failing to adjust to a new competitive reality The result is always a stunning fall from grace A superficial thinker might pin this on lack of vision and leadership Not Hamilton By inventing the concept of Counter Positioning he was able to peel back the layers into the deeper reality of these situations Rather than lacking vision Hamilton established these incumbents are in fact acting in an entirely predictable and economically rational way Our earlier battle with Blockbuster bore out this notion”Hamilton is not only an author and an academic He was also an early investor in Netflix and had tremendous impact on the strategy at Netflix and many other organizations This book is a must read I strongly recommend it

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What are the secrets to making a company enduringly valuable?7 Powers breaks fresh ground by constructing a comprehensive strategy toolset that is easy for you to learn communicate and uickly apply Drawing on his decades of experience as a business strategy advisor active euity investor and Stanford University teacher Hamilton Helmer develops from first principles a practical I work as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and first heard about this hidden gem of a book from a fellow VC Having now read it I can say it is than just a gem this is one of the very best business and strategy books written in the past 30 years up there with Innovator's Dilemma Lean Startup and Good to Great As you can see from the photo I've covered nearly every page in notes and highlights In reading it I found Hamilton providing both1 Incisive theoretical frameworks for dynamics that I'd observed intuitively in my work as an investor and board member for startup companies but couldn't uite put my finger on explaining Eg that individual company leaders are not sources of sustained competitive advantage cornered resources in Hamilton's terms because their services can be bought and sold and thus their value is arbitraged by the market Note this applies even to company founders superstar teams will typically raise capital at much higher prices than unknowns Very often the price paid by investors for this talent does not adeuately compensate for the market risk still faced by the fledgling companyand 2 whole new ways of thinking about the relationship between market opportunities what most startups and VCs blindly chase and the potential for sustainable differentiated value to be built by a single firm within that market opportunity Hamilton's concept of Power I can't wait to apply these lessons to my own career going forward and will be recommending Hamilton's ideas to all companies and entrepreneurs I work with from now on

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7 Powers The Foundations of Business StrategyTheory of Strategy rooted in the notion of Power those conditions which create the potential for persistent differential returns Using rich real world examples Helmer rigorously characterizes exactly what your business must achieve to create Power And create Power it must for without it your business is at risk He explains why invention always comes first and then develops t The author does a good job of summarizing and codifying key principles of strategy In particular the author narrows his definitions to provide clarity and add to their practical usefulnessThe sources of power while not novel are a useful framework In particular the idea that power flows from invention creating a window of opportunity is compelling It’s also interesting to think about non arbitrageable advantage as resulting in excess free cash flow margins above competitors Some of the author’s views feel under developed Counter positioning feels inadeuately developed relative to Christianson’s disruption theory Some of the math also feels forced with many of the variables unusable in real word situationsThat all said it’s a uick read for this interested in applied business strategy with an cogent perspective