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doc · SCM Theological Commentary on the Bible ↠ David L. Stubbs A leading theologian interprets Deuteronomy for The first commentary I used in this series by Brazos Jonah was an incredibly thoughtful and faithful work It didn't fit neatly into a category of verse by verse exegetical commentary but I already had a couple of those and wanted a work to handle idea by idea what the text was talking about In light of that experience I was looking forward to Telford Work's commentary on DeuteronomyIts uniueness was a pleasant if not semi expected experience While Work does take the text in chunks of verses he does not primarily treat the grammatical or literarycritical aspects of the book In fact he rarely does Instead his stated goal is to form and discipline a contemporary apostolic imagination by reading every passage of Deuteronomy according to the sensibilities of the New Testament church pg 18 To a pastor looking for ways to read and expound on Deuteronomy that would energize believers this was an exciting goalTo that end Work took some cues from early church theological categories and the structure of the Talmud and ended up with a work that comments on each passage through a combination of lenses he labels as Plain Faith Hope and LoveIt takes some getting used to With each scripture commented on the reader has to grow accustomed to what each category conveys and how each leads you through the passage in Deuteronomy to New Testament Scriptures and Christ But once that learning curve is met there are some very thoughtful and valuable things to be gainedIn every commentary that attempts to apply a passage of Scripture there are moments of hit and miss And it is probably up to each reader to determine what exactly hits and misses I found several moments of hits in which Work communicated the truths in Deuteronomy through the lens of Jesus Christ and the NT church in such a way that impacted the people I taught I was especially caught early in the commentary about his comment that revision is rebellion and his thoughts on how we are rebellious in light of forgetting the cultural soil tilled by the law of GodBeyond the issues of application there were a few but very few sections in which I believe the movement from Deuteronomy to the New Testament was colored by certain sociological and possibly political? points of view smuggled into the text than standard New Testament theological categoriesOne point of personal frustration came with the inclusion of an abbreviation uniue to this commentary The author used to indicate a term that could or should be translated inclusively to allow the reader to judge whether and how to respect gender inclusivity pg 15 I am a supporter of so called gender neutral translations in which the modern languages translate the original inclusive pronouns as inclusive But Work noted than that in his commentary; he used at every pronoun usage for God Not only did this become distracting it became frustrating to me If the original languages use inclusive language then we have good reason to do the same When they don't as they don't in reference to God then I believe we do not have good reason to judge whether and how to respect gender inclusivityIn the end these two criticisms were enough for me to put the commentary down several times And eventually the promise of the positives caused me to pick it up again and again My ultimate suggestion with this commentary would be as a useful tool alongside some verse by verse exegetical works and even with a strong grasp on New Testament theology

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Deuteronomy kindle Î SCM Theological Commentary on the Bible read  [PDF / Epub] ☉ Deuteronomy (SCM Theological Commentary on the Bible) Author David L. Stubbs – A leading theologian interprets Deuteronomy for the twenty first century in the eighth volume in the Brazos Theological Comme The twenty first century in the eighth volume In keeping with Brazos stated goal of offering theological commentaries Telford Work offers a meditative commentary on Deuteronomy Each passage of the texts receives a four fold reflection plain faith hope and love These four reflections are usually about a paragraph long In the plain section Work offers a straightforward sense of the text drawing up literal understanding as well as literary or historical meaning Then he proceeds to introduce three other historical approaches to Biblical texts allegorical and focused primarily upon the fulfillment in Christ and his Church faith anagogical or eschatological hope and tropological or moral love I use this commentary for a slow prayerful reading of the various passages

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Deuteronomy SCM Theological Commentary on the BibleIn the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bib I welcome Work's attempt to use the pre critical four fold hermeneutic However the publisher really needed to think through the formatting for printing purposes as this current format is extremely cumbersome