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The Aspern PapersIn this classic 1888 novella an anonymous narrator relates his obsessive uest to acuire some letters and other private documents that once belonged to the deceased Romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern Attempting to gain access to the papers the property of Aspern's former mistress he rents a room in a decaying Vene What did I think? It's really hard to think feeling weak in the presence of sheer beauty having your breath taken away and being hypnotisedTwo weeks laterNot much has changed since I finished reading I still feel almost as infatuated with this novella as the nameless narrator was obsessed with Jeffrey Aspern's papers I am constantly not capable of ‘Jola thinks rationally’ mode so instead of sharing logical musings I will tell you what happened when I was reading this amazing book by Henry James who was absent from Linda Grant’s murdered library She explains 'I have never been able to remember the beginning of his sentences by the time I get to the end’The first thing that struck me was Henry James’ ornate writing style which is his hallmark It’s the third book by this author that I’ve read so I was already familiar and ready to face the challenge Words words words They were like a window pane separating me from the world of ‘The Aspern Papers’ They not only express thoughts and feelings They shamelessly shimmer enchant and dazzle as well Sometimes I was overwhelmed by never ending phrases and a bit tired with James’ flamboyant elouence I felt like breaking the cold glass between me and the narrator Miss Tita 'such a terrible relic as the aunt' Miss Juliana Bordereau and 'the golden glow of Venice' Then suddenly I noticed something totally unexpected the story had touched me to the core imperceptibly and stealthily Believe me I was literally shaky when I was finishing ‘The Aspern Papers’ By the way in my opinion the last meeting of the narrator and Miss Tita is one of the best literary scenes everI discovered the second surprise after I had finished reading James’ novella I found out that the prototype of Jeffrey Aspern was Percy Bysshe Shelley who happens to be one of my all time favourite poets It makes the story even attractiveI adore Venice depicted in James' novella It’s picturesue full of changeable light but also disuieting – even windows watch the characters discreetly ’Their motionless shutters became as expressive as eyes consciously closed’ Truth be told if I hadn't already got a soft spot for La Serenissima in my heart I would fall in love reading ‘The Aspern Papers’ It would be truly delightful to read James' novella on spot so if Venice is your holiday destination this year please make sure you take this book with you If a trip is out of the uestion indulge in James' vivid descriptionsOne thing I love about ‘The Aspern Papers’ is its ambiguity James’ novella is not only about les liaisons dangereuses between literature and life It is also an ode to relativity You can’t label the characters easily It’s hard to decide who is the victim and who is the tormentor what are their real intentions The author provides us with uestions we have to find answers and they most probably will differ depending on the reader Anaïs Nin said ’We don’t see things as they are we see them as we are’Lastly special thanks to Orsodimondo whose mesmerising review inspired me to read ‘The Aspern Papers’ at once

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kindle à The Aspern Papers Paperback é goproled ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ The Aspern Papers Author Henry James – In this classic 1888 novella an anonymous narrator relates his obsessive uest to acuire some letters and other private documents that once belonged to the deceased Romantic poet Tian villa where the woman lives with her aging niece Led by his zeal into increasingly unscrupulous behavior the narrator is faced in the end with relinuishing his heart's desire or attaining it an an overwhelming priceInspired by an actual incident involving Claire Clairmont once the mistress of Lord Byro I have very mixed feelings about this novella I have never read any of Henry James’ books before but upon advice it was suggested that I start with one of his novellas So I decided upon this book as there are only eighty pages and it seemed as good a place as ever to startI actually don’t like Venice as a place and so I’m sure I’ll be called a philistine I went in the month of December many years ago with an aged aunt which did not auger well It was windy the pigeons in St Mark’s suare were a real nuisance and I felt under siege; we were ripped off in a restaurant next to the suare my fault entirely and if I recall we unsuccessfully tried to see a particular painting of Caravaggio I cannot remember which one in a chapel off the suare We were also ripped off by a gondolier who nearly dropped my Aunt into the foul smelling canalSo it’s combined with these thoughts that I had my first experience of Henry James’ writing The backdrop of Venice seems to be far enticing in this book than when I was exposed to it The book is nevertheless slow in starting and I really don’t like having a narrator not knowing his age and whose main aim in life is to acuire the papers by any possible means of a dead American poet called Jeffrey Aspern Prior to his death he had a relationship with Juliana Bordereau an elderly woman now living in a dilapidated palazzo in Venice with her niece Tina and Aspern’s papers are supposedly with the formerWell the book begins to gain momentum when the narrator feels that the only way to attempt to obtain the papers is to become a lodger in Miss Bordereau’s palazzo She turns out to be a wiley individual who surprises our narrator by being money oriented and manages to extract 1000 francs a month for three months from the elusive lodger He’s shocked by this large amount but decides to stay in the palazzo regardless He in turn entices them with the prospect of a garden abundant with flowers as Tina loved them and in his efforts to further ingratiate himself with the pair starts delivering the cut blooms to their apartment in the palazzo This book is about choice and intrigue than anything and that is the amusing thread that permeates it I kept on getting the feeling that each individual was trying to outdo the other and the most successful person being? Well that’s for the reader to find outIn the midst of all of this we see the rather bland middle aged Tina who appears to stay with her aunt because she has nowhere to go but gradually there’s a perceptible change in her relationship with our frustrated lodger who gets the odd warning signs from her but brushes them off His greed for the papers is uppermost in his mind Prior to coming to live in the palazzo he had told his friend Mrs Prest that he is prepared“To make love to the niece” and her reply“Ah wait till you see her”And does he? Is his ambition so great to get his wish granted?Another odd thought about the writing style is that there’s no description of the narrator He’s basically a blank canvas not much is really mentioned about Tina either but Juliana is given an air of mystery in that she wears a half veil that covers her eyes When our narrator first sees her she looks so old that he’s worried she may die before he has accomplished his taskAnd we head on relentlessly to the end when the narrator who feels he’s getting nowhere to determining whether or not Juliana actually does have these papers or has she in fact burnt them? Finally he cannot stop himself from attempting to open the “secretary” where he feels the papers are kept And at this stage there’s a completely unexpected eventAs for the twist at the end well this is where the choice comes in but which way will our narrator go? How ambitious is he really?Did I like this book? I have ambivalent feelings and so I will go middle of the road I think however that I will try another of James’ books as he certainly has a mesmerizing writing style about him

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N this masterfully written tale incorporates all those elements expected from James psychological subtlety deft plotting the clash of cultures and profoundly nuanced representation of scene mood and character This volume also contains James's celebrated Preface from the New York edition of his collected wor Though written eight years before James’ Figure in the Carpet The Aspern Papers is a sophisticated richer work Here James has set himself a larger stage in which to develop characters grown out of the intrigue of the tale While reading I felt the stage growing as though James was keeping up with the narration as it was told The punctiliousness of his style set the perfect distance within which to watch the characters and to live with them Here the tension was strung with a fine thread waiting to engross a reader’s mindMine was engrossed I needed to find out what was going to happen with these people with the problem about where the Aspern Papers were would end up We have an idea from the beginning from our narrator where they might reside The poet of the papers is to our journalist than icon residing within him as a form of a god But it is not forgotten that beyond the literary ethereal existence residing in the treasure trove of letters there also awaits fame and a banuet of moneyJames has found the perfect setting or it has found him of early century Venice its winding canals the magical transport of oared gondolas an old palatial home itself wearing down under the weight of passing years Locked within are the ancient aunt and the elderly niece who live an existence that does not include their leaving their sanctuary or allowing others inThis is a world that exists within itself James leaves us no choice but to carry it inside us be affected by it with its parables of greed and yearnings of the suffocation of loss This is a work of art so be careful