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FREE READ The Honeymoon Hotel: escape with this perfect happily-ever-after romcom ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó [Download] ✤ The Honeymoon Hotel: escape with this perfect happily-ever-after romcom By Hester Browne – Deliciously addictive feel good cPDF are the ultimate in romance Rosie herself isnt shes too focused on the details to even entertain the thought of her own love life But when she meets the hotel owners eccentric son Joe she discovers a rival whose predilection for the unconventional The Honeymoon MOBI #198 could threa. I remember reading 'The Little Lady Agency' books from the same author several years ago and loving them and this new novel is every bit as good as they are If you want light hearted fun with the feel good factor in spades then this is the book for you Rose wedding and events planner for the Bonneville Hotel is successful at her job but is she maybe just a bit too much 'by the book' Would a little flexibility bring her successWhen her boss's son Joe newly returned from the US is wished on her Rosie finds her every decision and action uestioned But there is something really rather interesting about Joe and their very prickly relationship Rosie has problems in her private life too with her boyfriend Domenic pinching all her best comments for his restaurant reviews and his lack of interest in buying a flat togetherThis book gives a behind the scenes look at events planning in a fashionable hotel and the problems which occur I loved the characters and the background is well done and convincing There are plenty of amusing moments and some brilliant one liners If you want something light hearted and life affirming to read curled up with a box of chocolates then this book fills the bill admirably I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review purposes

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Ten everything she holds dearA happily ever after romance perfect for curling up with on long winter nights READERS LOVE HESTER BROWNEI love Hester Browne A delighful picture of finding love when you least expect it I laughed and cried and loved every word The perfect read to cosy up wit. A good book with a better 2nd halfThe first half was OK but lacked the sparkle and can't put down factor of Hester's other amazing rom comsBut it picked up about half way through and the ending was lovely

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The Honeymoon Hotel escape with this perfect happily ever after romcomHotel escape PDF #180 Deliciously addictive feel good comedy perfect for lazy days on the beach CosmopolitanRosie events manager for the Bonneville Hotel in Mayfair is reclaiming some of its old cachet as a chic retro glam wedding venue While her weddings Honeymoon Hotel escape with this. It's okay to strive for a secure position in your career but not to the détriment of your lovelife or in a relationship that's not going anywhere However being stood up at your own wedding will make a girl lose all confidence in finding true love and concentrate on one's career as an Events manager at a nostalgic kind of Hôtel planning Weddings no lèss and the manager and owner relying on you to keep the hotel running smoothly without à hint of promotion in sight Rosie's life couldn't be full especially as she is living with à partner who goes through life using everyone in the vicinity tok further his gormetjournalist critiue career especially Roses for his articles Enter Joe the manager's son as Rosie's intern putting his own ideas into the mix of wedding planning which makes for an explosive atmostphere to say the least But somehow he does have à canny knack of introducing à lghthearted slant on the whole concept of wedding planning which Rosie notices and excepté with grace Rosie's home life comes to an abrupt halt when overhearing comments of fellow colleages at an award's do or her partner Dominic has been having affairs with other women she leaves him and her hopes of buying their own home goes up in somme and brokenhearted I admired Rosie to still be able to function after à betrayal and her previous wedding fiasco years earlier I just wish she would standup for herself like demand for a promotion especially when she was headhunted by another Hotel with resources better salary with bonuses But she still stayed Was it someone like Joe who seem to be becoming closer to one another If her friend Helen can find à husband after dumping à crazy Irish chef and falling in love soon after why not Rosie Sometimes when you wish on a shooting star which really is an air ambulance by the way things have à way of righting all the wongs that befell on Rosie and fate intervened Great story I laughted and cried and enjoyed every word well done