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Wisdom of the Idiots Free read ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ä ➵ Wisdom of the Idiots Download ➾ Author Idries Shah – Goproled.co.uk In Idries Shah’sWisdom of the Idiots the ‘idiots’ are Sufis called this because their wisdom penetrates to a depth which renders it inaccessible to the merely intelligIn Idries Shah’sWisdom of the Idiots the ‘idiots’ are Sufis called this because their wisdom penetrates to a depth which renders it inaccessible to the merely intelligent or academically knowle. This collection of 94 concise tales trains a spotlight on an array of human foibles and follies and one reading of them is just not enough You'll find yourself opening the book again and again to savor the delicious humor of some selections to study others you seem to have missed before to ponder the significance of those whose interpretation isn't obvious Gradually you realize that the tales have multiple levels of meaning that they open up new pathways of perception and that they promote insights not only about other people but also about your own patterns of thought and behavior When you find yourself wondering just what wisdom really is and just who the idiots in this world really are you'll realize how great an impact on your consciousness this little book has made

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DgeableThe exercise stories of the Sufis are tools prepared for a specific Wisdom of PDF or purpose On this level the movements of the characters in a story portray psychological processes and the st. The word 'idiot' shares the same numerical value as the word 'saint' in Arabic numerology It is therefore used as a code word for saint in the title of this book The book itself is a collection of teaching stories accounts of encounters with Sufi luminaries and some of their own sayings and guidanceI have read the book once previously but like seems to be true of all real Sufi literature completely new impacts jumped out at me when I reread it to write this review Much of it completely passed me by on the first occasion whereas this time it was a cornucopia of meaning Such variation in effect over time is very interesting to experienceThere is great emphasis through the book on being worthy of the teaching and taking the right attitude or posture towards it It particularly struck me that whereas I have previously seen the Sufi path as mysterious tortuous freighted with difficulties and pitfalls actually it is probably the straightest of straight paths with the contortions and convolutions coming entirely from the waywardness of the student I take heart as did a previous reviewer from the fact that some of the figures mentioned in tales achieved a level of wisdom despite unpromising beginningsOne of the most affecting passages for future contemplation was this from Suhrawardi “Allow the Source of Being to maintain contact with you ignore the impressions and opinions of your customary self If this self were of value in your search it would have found realisation for you But all it can do is to depend on others”In all this is a slim volume but so incredibly rich in guidance for the sincere seeker

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Wisdom of the IdiotsOry becomes a working blueprint of those processesWisdom of the Idiotshas been awarded many prizes including two gold medals one for being ‘Best Book’ in conjunction with UNESCO’s World Book Ye. Attempting to write a review of this book might be described as an act of odiocy However the idiots in this book are the saintly wise whose familiarity with a parallel world enables them to see things from a different perspective to the one we receive through everyday life They are people who have met themselves‘When you meet yourself’ Tariuavi tells us ‘you come into a permanent endowment and beuest of knowledge that is like no other experience on earth’Reading this book will not itself make us wise but through its close to a hundred sayings fables teaching stories and tales of historical encounters between the wise and the yet to become wise we can see what barriers prevent us from meeting our real deepest selves and we can gain information and encouragement It is good to know that to be wise we don’t need to have reached the pinnacle of academic achievementJan Fischen Khan confides ‘Scholars are seldom wise being only unaltered people stuffed with thoughts and books’An astronomer who wanted to learn wisdom was turned away by a Sufi teacher because he was already so full of his own knowledge; and Ibn el Arabi’s circle was composed of beggars husbandmen and artisansIt is also good to know that people can become enlightened despite having made mistakesWe need wisdom before we can develop perception Otherwise we risk endangering ourselves and others This enjoyable book with its gentle humour will help us find it