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White Mischief review ï 9 á ❮Ebook❯ ➫ White Mischief ➬ Author James Fox – Goproled.co.uk Just before 3am on January 24th 1941 when Britain was preoccupied with surviving the Blitz the body of Josslyn Hay Earl of Erroll was discovered lying on the floor of his Buick at a road intersection Just before am on January th wheTher men's wives Sir Henry Delves Broughton whose wife was Erroll's current conuest had an obvious motive for the murder but no one was ever convicted and the uestion of who killed him became a classic mystery a scandel and cause celebre Among those who became fascinated with the Erroll case was Cyril Connolly He joined up with James Fox for a major investigation of the cas. Rich people seem to fall in love a lot in the twentieth century Can you imagine having sex with uite so many of your friends WeirdBut White Mischief is far too long Essentially there's no mystery at all The whole thing is a waste of everyone's timeI liked the term public schooliganism howeverOh I forgot to say they think they're so posh but they're just so Jeremy Kyle Gwladys second wife of Lord Delamere speaks against Sir Jock Delves Broughton at his trial for the murder of his second wife's boyfriend and Gwladys's step son goes on to become this wife's fourth husband My current mother in law tried to get my second husband imprisoned for the murder of my boyfriend

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Just before am on January thwhen Britain was preoccupied with surviving the Blitz the body of Josslyn Hay Earl of Erroll was discovered lying on the floor of his Buick at a road intersection some miles outside Nairobi with a bullet in his head A leading figure in Kenya's colonial community he had recently been appointed Military Secretary but he was primarily a seducer of o. Disclaimer ARC provided by the publisher Open Road Media via Netgalley in exchange for a fair review Thank you One of my all time favorite television shows is Heat of the Sun which was shown in the United States as part of Mystery now Masterpiece Mystery It starred Trevor Eve as a London policeman who was re assigned to Kenya in between wars He clashed not only with his superior but also with the upper crust Luckily for him he had a good Sergeant who was a dead shot and a pilot who was also his romantic interest In short the three stars were great It’s why I reuested this book when it popped on Netgalley The first episode of Heat of the Sun seems to draw on this murder White Mischief is a two part story The first concerns that of Jossyln Hay Lord Erroll and his murder This part covers the trial of the man accused of the murder as well as Kenya at the time The second part is Fox chronicling his investigation into the case an investigation done with Cyril Connolly for newspapermagazine investigative journalism piece The first half of the book is the strongest Hay was a womanizer and Kenya’s Happy Valley set was decedent Think soap opera Think Downton Abbey with panting drugs and liuor And lions This part is told as straight forward narrative Part of the charm is the drop in guest stars – Karen Blixen appears than once Beryl Markham and others make appearances Fox does his best to make Erroll if not likable at least acceptable as a human being The reporting tone allows for distant and the story is compelling most because the people are truly characters There is the woman with the pet lion the feather game and the social clubs Did you know that mayor of Nairobi was a woman at this time Neither did I And wait until you hear about the woman who tried a murdersuicide It isn’t all gossip mongering It isn’t gossip mongering at all What Fox is doing is setting the stage allowing the reader to see the people the characters for who they really were or at least seemed to be This is necessary because the second part of the book depends on these character studies and gossip stories The second part is weaker; in part because of the discussion of the investigation doesn’t necessary take place in a strict narrative order There is a bit of jumping around and at times there are digressions Some of these digressions are interesting some not so much One of the most interesting is the appearance of Antonia Fraser and her comments about the case The writing style also changes slightly It is less engrossing laid back There also is a bit too much hero worship of Connolly though considering Connolly’s reputation perhaps this is understandable What Fox does very well in this section almost better than proving his thesis of whom the murder was is make Connolly sound like a man I wish I could meet Fox‘s proving of his thesis is well done and logical Recommended for those interest in murder mysteries true crime literature and In the Heat of the SunCrossposted at Booklikes

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White MischiefE in for the SUNDAY TIMES magazine After Connolly's death James Fox inherited the obsession and a commitment to continue in pursuit of the story both in England and Kenya in the late s One day on a veranda overlooking the Indian Ocean Fox came across a piece of evidence that seemed to bring all the fragments and pieces together and convinced him that he saw a complete pictu. Being blessed with in laws who are lovely AND live in Kenya and having been there myself scores of times it was finally and long overdue time to pick up this tragic hymn to the days when the sun never set on the British Empire and when its outcast sons and daughters could enjoy the spoils delivered by the Maxim gun An extravagant life in the white highlands of Kenya with waiters alcohol and adultery in amounts seconded only by feudal kings Many came to Kenya in the early 1900’s for adventure and opportunity including “good people” like Karen Blixen and the head of the white settlers in Kenya Lord Hugh Delamere and worked damned hard in the field and in the bar to make their inherited fortunes grow or at least not dwindle; many of them in vain Others came to Kenya as society outcasts or second third etc in line for inheritance and they landed increated a society that was beyond reach of the Victorian morale of home but all ears to the libertine morale of the roaring 1920’s Here landed also Josslyn Hay the Lord Erroll to be and thus bound to become one of the most prestigious persons in Scotland but having spent his youth being thrown out of Eton and banging the wrong ladies in the wrong locations he had few other places to go than the Rift Valley and the Aberderes Range Here the white settlers of Kenya were secure from the Maasai the Kikuyu and the Indian immigrants thanks to colonial legislation put in place after severe pressure being applied on the distant British administration by the swashbuckling Delamere and other settlers The Happy Valley was conceived and the crowd enjoyed the three ‘A’s Altitude Alcohol and Adultery to the motto of “yet another fucking beautiful day in Africa” Wife swaps weekend long orgies with champagne by the gallon cocaine intimidated and exploited staff ignored and unattended children and rows of cunning stunts and wrecked marriages were the joys and pleasures and the crowd would gather freuently at notable places such as Djinn Palace at Lake Naivasha and the beautiful Muthaiga Country Club where lords and countesses were acting like wild monkeysA day in January 1941 the beginning of the end of these “happy” days started as Lord Erroll was found with a bullet in the head at the wheel of his Buick This started a scandal that at least contributed to the British losing their license to operate as a colonial power and leading to the Mau Mau revolt in the late 1950’s James Fox set out in the late 1970’s while many from the Happy Valley crowd and it’s eyewitnesses we’re still alive to explore the circumstances around this mystery murder that has never been resolvedJames Fox’ book comes in two parts First part which ends with murder of Lord Erroll is EXCELLENT It tells the story of the Happy Valley and their background in a way that adds to the already immense pleasure of enjoying a sundowner in Muthaiga Country Club knowing that this was perhaps the continent’s most infamous social place less than 100 years ago Reading Fox’ tale of this crowd adds a most credible and needed wickedness to the neater tales of eg Karen Blixen this was the Wild South for the wealthy what the Wild West was for the poorThe seco