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Download Northanger Abbey Reader ´ 251 pages ↠ ➶ [Reading] ➸ Northanger Abbey By Jane Austen ➫ – Jane Austen's first novel—published posthumously in 1818—tells the story of Catherine Morland and her dangerously sweet nature innocence and sometime self delusion Though Austen's fallible herAllible heroine is repeatedly drawn into scrapes while vacationing at Bath and during her subseuent visit to Northanger Abbey Catherine eventually triumphs blossoming into a discern Catherine Morland is your typical seventeen year old girl of the turn of the century 19th that is She reads too much an illness that is sadly terminal Gothic books are her passion and the rage of the era Any ancient home that is eerie ominous or sinister the young lady would enjoy seeing if there were any in the area She lives in a uiet English village too uiet where everyone knows each other which keeps the populous from misadventures Her parents have ten children and surprisingly her mother is alive and healthy Miss Morland's father is a well to do clergyman but with all those kids nobody would know especially Catherine Mrs Allen a wealthy neighbor is going on a six week vacation to Bath with MrAllen he has the fashionable gout the most famous resort in England Mrs Allen needs an agreeable companion to talk to she's rather silly asks Catherine Her chief interest is clothes still how long can you speak about fashion before it gets tiresome? The fatigued husband doesn't stay in her presence very long Arriving in town is exciting and daunting soon people start to notice Miss Catherine Morland particularly young men a new experience for her She grew up a tomboy playing outside with the boys not inside with dolls Yet the last three years her homely awkwardness has vanished a pleasant pretty appearance she acuires that even her astonished mother acknowledges Catherine soon forms a friendship with Isabella Thorpe a beautiful deceitful gold digger her family has little but she has at 21 time is running out for her to catch a rich husband It doesn't take long to discover that Catherine's brother James and Isabella's brother John are best friends so naturally the two ladies also become too Then the brothers of the girls come to town unexpectedly Catherine loves her plain looking older brother and you can imagine the shock that she feels when James and Isabella become engaged Yes it's the first time Catherine has been out of her insulated village of Fullerton Still true love has a rocky road to travel when it isn't Henry Tilney a wealthy man's son meets the charming Catherine at a dance She has eyes for him but so does Isabella's annoying brother John for her he's always talking about his horses However Henry's older brother Captain Frederick Tilney arrives too very popular Bath is for romance and starts flirting with Isabella which she doesn't mind but James does He has money than Catherine's brother The resort is famous for the miraculous waters though most go there for the dancing plays card games and walking around in the Grand Pump Room and meeting the rich Showing everyone who's interested they're in town nobody is Later Catherine is invited by General Tilney the father of Henry to go to Northanger Abbey his home Amazingly a real Gothic house with his son and daughter Eleanor another friend of Catherine 's and stay a few weeks The girl with a wild imagination is thrilled finally all Catherine's dreams have come to pass

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Ing woman who learns truths about love life and the heady power of literature The satirical novel pokes fun at the gothic novel while earnestly emphasizing caution to the female sex NOVELSLet us leave it to the Reviewers to abuse such effusions of fancy at their leisure and over every new novel to talk in threadbare strains of the trash with which the press now groans Let us not desert one another we are an injured body Although our productions have afforded extensive and unaffected pleasure than those of any other literary corporation in the world no species of composition has been so much decried From pride ignorance or fashion our foes are almost as many as our readers And while the abilities of the nine hundredth abridger of the History of England or of the man who collects and publishes in a volume some dozen lines of Milton Pope and Prior with a paper from the Spectator and a chapter from Sterne are eulogized by a thousand pens there seems almost a general with of decrying the capacity and undervaluing the labour of the novelist and of slighting the performances which have only genius wit and taste to recommend them “I am no novel reader I seldom look into novels Do not imagine that I often read novels It is really very well for a novel’ Such is the common cant ”And what are you reading Miss ?’ “Oh it is only a novel’ replies the young lady; while she lays down her book with affected indifference or momentary shame Gertrude SteinGertrude Stein Do you know why you are here Mr Keeten?Keeten I don’t even know where I am Stein You are before the Book Tribunal I rubbed my jaw Keeten Did Hemingway have to slug me?Stein Fetching people such as yourself to appear before this tribunal seems to be the one thing that Hemingway does enjoy about serving on the panelHemingway gave a short bark of a laugh Ernest HemingwayStein Let me introduce Charlotte Bronte and of course you’ve met Mr HemingwayI waved at Bronte Hemingway gave me a salute I gave him a tight nod and my jaw another rub Stein You have been assigned counsel Mr F Scott Fitzgerald Keeten Yes I would like to talk to him Maybe he can explain what this is all about Where is he?Stein I do believe he is under your tableI leaned over and spied a slumped form softly snoring I grabbed a shoulder and rolled him over Gin fumes teared up my eyesKeeten Miss Stein I need a new counsellor Stein I’m afraid that is impossible You’ve told many people that Fitzgerald is your favorite writer and the rules of this tribunal is that your favorite writer represents you Keeten I’d like to change that to Gore VidalBouts of laughter greet this reuest Only then did I realize that the seats behind me were full of dead writers I waved to Kurt Vonnegut and he gave me a wink Keeten Was something I said humorous?Stein In the short time that Mr Vidal has joined us he has been reuested many times but unfortunately no one has been before us that actually considered him to be their favorite writer Hemingway You chose unwisely Fitzgerald over me what a joke that isKeeten I think your work is swell Hemingway and Miss Bronte I really loved VilletteStein Okay okay Mr Keeten enough with the flattering What do you think of my work?Keeten ErhhhHer mannish features framed a pronounced grimaceStein Th

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Northanger AbbeyJane Austen's first novel published posthumously in 1818 tells the story of Catherine Morland and her dangerously sweet nature innocence and sometime self delusion Though Austen's f Jane Austen’s novels are just about romance and naïve women There just another telling of boy meets girl in an uninspiring way with a few social issues thrown in Well ashamed as I am to admit it that is what I used to believe in my woefully idiotic ignorance How foolish of me Now that I’ve actually bothered to read one of her novels because I had to for university purposes I realise how stupid I was to actually think this Jane Austen is one of if not the best novelists of all time If you disbelieve me and held a similar opinion to my own then read one of her novels and find out for yourself That being said though Catherine the protagonist of this novel is somewhat ignorant and naïve to the ways of the world; but she had to be Indeed if not Austen would have been unable to achieve such an endearing comment on the absurdity of society the role of women in that said society and the ignorance toward the unpopular literary craft of the novel How else if not though the eyes of an innocent young girl who cannot understand the mechanisms of these aspects of the world? Who when thrust into the pump room a sort of ball room for dance and socialising has virtually no idea how to behave Catherine has an immeasurable misunderstanding of the intentions of others and a misguided view that the world is like one of her beloved books a romantic adventure with a little bit of popular gothic thrown in for excitement She cannot comprehend the reasoning behind her friend Isabella Thorpe’s behaviour and how she is only leading her brother along; she cannot understand that Henry’s father is not a gothic villain but a man in mourning with a harsh temper her vision has become obscured Catherine's blood ran cold with the horrid suggestions which naturally sprang from these words Could it be possible? Could Henry's father? And yet how many were the examples to justify even the blackest suspicionsThis is achieved through a narration that is a work of genius Austen has satirised the conventions of gothic literature by writing a semi gothic novel herself that is focalised through the experience of Catherine Catherine is well read but only as far as the gothic genre allows This has clouded her interpretation of the events that occur around her conseuently life to her has become akin to the works by authors such as Radcliffe This means that by the time that Catherine arrives at the abbey she expects it to be this place of utter darkness and dread; she expects to be a gothic castle and the home to a tyrannical gothic villain However when the veil is lifted and she realises that her life is in fact not a book and the motivations of the people in it are not what she thought them to be the revelation of how foolish she has been dawns upon her I’m not going to lie I felt like Catherine at this point; I held a ridiculous opinion that when lifted allowed me to see the work of Austen for what it was utter brilliance I love Northanger Abbey; it is brilliant Jane Austen is the master of her craft; her work is what she argued the novel to be “Only some work in which the greatest power