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Unwanted How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing is a groundbreaking resource that explores the why behind self destructive sexual choices The audiobook is based on research fromthan 3800 men and women seeking freedom from unwanted sexual behavior be that the use of pornography an affair or buying sex   Jay Stringer's original research found that unw Unwanted – Jay StringerThis book is an eye opener on the struggles related to unwanted sexual behaviours Jay Stringer in his book demonstrated that the use of pornography goes beyond a perverted heart but is mostly the result of a wounded soul probably since childhood and that is acting out years later uncontrollably However Porn addiction goes beyond voyeurism and wickedness According to Jay's researches the trauma enrooted in the porn watcher's soul triggers lustful thoughts that turned into the compulsive porn behaviour I applaud the author for pinpointed that porn is not only a male issue but women also struggle with porn Stringer invites church leaders to an open conversation about porn in church and to improve their methods to set the captives free It is crucial that the porn addict realize that she has an issue and needs help The author offers in depth tools to help church leaders to go beyond internet accountability anti porn software and using the scripture to help a porn viewer to stop viewing porn The book is informative and gives a new angle to fight unwanted sexual behaviour I couldn’t put the book down Personally this helped me a lot to understand my sexual struggles I recommend this book to everyone and especially to the evangelical churchTyndale House Publishers Inc has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book

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Unwanted How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to HealingAnted sexual behavior can be both shaped by and predicted based on the parts of our story past and present that remain unaddressed When we pay attention to our unwanted sexual desires and identify the uniue reasons that trigger them the path of healing is revealed   Although many of us feel ashamed and unwanted after years of sexual brokenness the audiobook i Having worked in this area as a Probation Officer I feel this book has great potential to support men and increasing numbers of women who want to break free from a cycle of unwanted sexual behaviour It dares to alert readers that they have to look at causes as much as conseuences and that so much harmful behaviour has its roots in traumatic childhood experiences It does not go in for parent blaming on a huge scale but rightly suggests that you sometimes have to look back to move forward It has a Christian approach which should not put people off as it is not preachy or judgemental and often critical of faith organisations response to the issue of Pornography There are lots of practical suggestions and follow up resources

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Unwanted How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing doc × How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing Download è goproled á ❰Download❯ ➶ Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing Author JayNvites the listener to see that behavior as the very location God can most powerfully work in their lives Counselors pastors and accountability partners of those who experience sexual shame will also find in this audiobook the deep spiritual and psychological guidance they need to effectively minister to the sexually broken around them   Contains mature theme The title caught my attention and I was curious to see if it would be useful for working with clients who have both been abused in the past and who struggle with some current problematic sexual behavior but who would not be considered to have a sex addiction per se I was also curious about the research results to back up the viewpoint being given and curious to see how the Christian perspective would be utilized I found the book to be written in a way that is accessible and helpful for clients while also clinically sound and most importantly very compassionate The first part of the book helps explain what sounds to me like a narrative model of how the problems develop and encourages a paradox of listening to your lust to understand the root of behavior rather than just focusing on the behavior itself The second part of the book is application oriented and has some very useful tools for clients Both parts would be helpful for spouse partner or loved one trying to support the person wanting to change I think For a good part of the book a wide array of unwanted sexual behavior is considered however at some point I started to feel the focus of examples etc shift to mainly men and pornography and to marital relationships For those looking for resources for Christian married couples particularly where pornography and affairs have been an issue this is an excellent fit with lots of practical tools to apply For my practice I would have liked to have had application of the material to female use of pornography as well as problematic sexual behavior that occurs aside from marital relationships but I don't know of any resources that address these areas In the end I found much I can use and an encouraging and fresh perspective on the problems at hand I have already recommended it to several clients