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Would You Do That to Your Mother Book  Download · Jeanne bliss å ➼ [Download] ➹ Would You Do That to Your Mother?: The Make Mom Proud Standard for How to Treat Your Customers By Jeanne Bliss ➹ – Goproled.co.uk Customer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss shows why Make Mom ProudBest version of themselves to work Vail resorts for example the world's largest ski resort operator banned the three words Our policy is from their vocabulary freeing employees to take spirited actions to deliver the experience of a lifetime Step 2 Don't Make Me Feed You Soap Learn the eight key frustrations that bind us as customers waiting fear anxiety the black hole of no communication etc and how to apply actions from companies who are delivering a seamless frictionless and easy experience Step 3 Put Others Before Yourself Determine if your focus is on helping customers achieve their goals and evaluate how that is fueling your growth Canada's Mayfair Diagnostics for example spent over a year studying the emotions of patients entering an imaging clinic so they could redesign their welcome to deliver warmth and caring over procedure and process The newly designed clinic achieved profitability in record time Step 4 Take the High RoadLearn how companies who do the right thing rise above the competiti EXCELLENT book Jeanne is ALREADY the go to author for CCOs and I am a CCO myself and have used her previous books extensively at work and all Customer Success professionals but this book is my favorite because of the level of simplification which is aligned with how the industry is progressing and it gives you an easy to apply rule of thumb to determine if ANY initiative is REALLY focused on your customers and will lead to customer trust and to reinforce the relationship or not In my experience as BOTH a customer and a vendor there is a lot of self deceit and many assumptions that vendors don't challenge often enough in the believe that they know 'what customers want' without actually realizing the level of care and empathy it takes That is way the reference to one's Mother and what we would do and not do for our own Mother hits home Excellent book and highly recommended

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On Virgin Hotels for example named #1 US hotel by Conde Nast Reader's Choice Awards walked away from price gouging at the mini bar so you'll never payfor that Snickers bar than what you'd pay at the corner market Step 5 Stop the Shenanigans Evaluate your current company behaviors and identify the key actions that you can begin immediately With 32 case studies and examples fromthan 85 companies this is a practical and easy to follow guide for your experience and culture transformation Filled with comics to snapshot our experiences as customers a mom lens to reflect continuously on your performance and a make mom proud ometer uiz the book makes Bliss's approach accessible and approachable Join the movement to #MakeMomProud by applying this book across your organization Whether you're contemplating your company's returns policy its social media presence or its big picture strategy this approach will help your company anticipate both employee and customer needs extend patience and show respect at all tim When you set the bar putting my Mom in my head and the cover screams humor it takes a lot to write meaningful prose that is not gimmicky Jeanne Bliss does just that Jeanne Bliss is the Master on the topic of capturing the client voice and executing against it within an organization She can write with straight out knowledge disciplines methodology and ideas for delivering value in an easy to read understandable manner She can also illustrate with simple witty and memorable expression with eual authority and strength This book is chuck full of knowledge of how customers should be treated in their interactions needs and demands on an organization and with 3 to 4 healthy tip summaries at the back of each chapter there is plenty to remember However the title is the master umbrella that no matter the situation start there and the right thing to do will follow To not make the book too light the case studies are written professionally and with purpose to accent a diverse group of companies already applying the principals outlined in the book with positive results

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Would You Do That to Your Mother The Make Mom Proud Standard for How to Treat Your CustomersCustomer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss shows why Make Mom Proud companies outperform their competition Her 5 step guide to customer experience and culture transformation makes this achievement possible Bliss urges companies to make business person a l to earn ardent fans and admirers by focusing on one deceptively simple uestion Would you do that to your mother? Make Mom Proud companies give customers the treatment they desire and employees the ability to deliver it They turn gotcha moments into we've got your back moments by rethinking business practices and they enable employees to be part of the solution to fix customer frustrations Bliss scoured the marketplace seeking companies who excel at living their core values grounded in what we all learned as kids She offers a five step plan for evaluating your current behaviors and implementing actions at every level of the organization Step 1 Be the Person I Raised You to Be Understand how you are hiring developing and trusting employees to bring the There’s nobody uite like Jeanne Bliss to put forward a beautifully written incredibly persuasive and evidence based case that in business to do good is to do wellShame on me for not having reviewed her earlier wonderful books particularly Chief Customer Officer and Chief Customer Officer 20 But this offering hit me hard because as much as I’m afraid I inadvertently give her a hard time I am blessed with a simply incredible mother and father and thinking about my own mom and other moms that are near and dear to my heart really does bring this text home in a uniuely visual and emotional wayThe argument here isn’t new – though Ms Bliss has been always at the forefront of innovation in the “CX” space the overarching thesis here may not be brand new but she’s a pioneer of that original thesis – doing right by your customers going the extra mile in terms of customer outcomes memories and experiences redounds to the benefit of a business’s brand euity and most importantly its bottom lineWhile Ms Bliss and others have elsewhere made what I consider to be an incontrovertible uantitative case that in customer centric industries at least great service is linked with each of sales sales growth run rate sales customer lifetime value customer retention referral rate viral coefficiency – and done really well believe it or not it saves on the expense side too given that a retailer’s largest expense are returns and great CX is linked with fewer returns – the focus here is on drawing out the wonderfully stated principles and lessons via terrifically detailed case studies that make a point of touching on the real world outcomesFolks can guess at the book’s premise run your business how your mom or your treasured caretaker of choice raised you And imagine your mom being the customer In looking at business practices think about whether it’s a practice you’d subject your mom toThe book offers 32 specific #MakeMomProud lessons each with a full accompanying casestudy organized into four major themes• “Be the person I raised you to be Empathy and humanity in how you serve” These best practices focus on finding company team members whose values align with those of the company and on empowering those team members to do right by the customer• “Don’t make me feed you soap Work to eliminate the avoidable moments of frustration in customers’ experiences The focus here is on empathy stepping into customers’ shoes to imagine those terrible moments of frustration – be it “tough luck” for a warranty that expired yesterday or mountains of forms etc – and using that empathy to eliminate these type of regrettable unfortunate moments – which for the record can and do lead to lost sales• “Put others before yourself Achieve your goal by helping customers achieve theirs” The big idea is simple but so many struggle to do it in real time – prove with actions not words that customers’ interests are first and foremost All the evidence by the way indicates that this effort is well worth the trouble when it comes to the firm’s financial health• “Take the high road Choose how you will and will not grow” The crux is that the most successful businesses “slow down” as needed to grow together with customers establishing co creating balanced relationships where both the business and the customer are better off for having each otherAs noted within each of these categories are 32 specific lessons The lessons are wide ranging In many cases for me I may have had the notion but wouldn’t have known exactly how to phrase it Here are my own favorites• Trust the front line to extend grace I particularly love the concept of making every employee specifically a “caregiver” – read the wonderful Cleveland Clinic case study• No survey score begging• No rules that inhibit people’s ability to serve• Run the business on customer time• Reduce service exhaustion• Take disruptions in customers’ lives personally• Let customers depart gracefully• Don’t make customers feel like hot potatoes• Start with customer lives not action items• Allow for customer human error• Walk customers out of trouble spots• Honor customers as assets• Deliver “we’ve got your back” momentsThe book itself is a wonderful read with terrific natural flow able to go into detail without getting bogged downA wonderful uality is the mechanisms the book uses to drive the lessons home The lesson will be articulated at the start of the section It’ll then be brought to life in a case study with a slightly different articulation At the chapter’s conclusion it’ll be rephrased again and finally posed as a uestionTake as an example the lesson “Give Me Choices that Jibe with My Life One size does not fit all customers” In the corresponding and terrific case study on Sephora the lesson is phrased as “be part of customers’ lives in a fun natural way” Next it’s “Giving Customers Choices That Are Right for Them #MakesMomProud” And finally the uestions “Do You Give Customers Choices that Jibe with Their Lives? Does Your Experience Show Up as a Respect Delivery Machine?” Love it These are lessons built to remember via the verbiage the text the stories the evidence and the follow throughThe case studies as a whole are delightful I love the way they’re all framed in three parts First “Decision Intent” Why did Company X take Action Y? Next “Action to #MakeMomProud” elaborates on Action Y and connects it to the premise Finally “Impact” here the proof is in the pudding as the reader is treated to the actual business and financial results of the course of actionThere’s a terrific summary section at the conclusion that poses a series of checklist uestions that every manager ought to employ to both improve customer service and to keep themselves honestFinally Ms Bliss has worked to make her concepts a social effort with contributions welcome and the vibrant #MakeMomProud hashtagIf you truly need a step by step manual on precisely how to implement great CX read Chief Customer Officer both versions – really read them anyway – and listen to the author’s weekly podcast If you’re looking for “simply sophisticated” or “elegant common sense” taken a step beyond where most go expressed with unmatched charm and grace as to how to conceptualize great customer service at both macro and micro levels this is your stopI have only had the pleasure of exchanging a few tweets with Ms Bliss but I finally want to note that she comes across as every bit practicing what she preaches – smart warm eager to be helpful crazy intelligent and as kind as they come I can’t think of another author who could write this book this way and have it turn out so wonderfully Well done thanks to my mother and Ms Bliss #MakeMomProud