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Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking: What You Really Need to Know to Build High-Performing Digital Product Teams Book À Design Thinking Download ó Goproled È ❮Read❯ ➯ Lean vs. Agile vs. Design ThiFerent model This short tactical book reconciles the perceived differences in Lean Startup Design Thinking and Agile software development by focusing not on rituals and practices but on the values that underpin all three methods Written by Jeff Gothelf the co author of the award winning Lean UX and Sense & Respond the t The overview of Lean Agile and Design Thinking methods was useful but not uite enough for me I especially wanted from the section on Design Thinking as this area is the least familiar for me In the end I expected synthesis of these ideas and actionable strategies than I gotOn the plus side no pages were wasted and it is a uick and easy read

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Actics in this book draw on Jeff's years of practice as a team leader and coach in companies ranging from small high growth startups to large enterprises Whether you're a product manager software engineer designer or team leader you'll find practical tools in this book immediately applicable to your team's daily methods Encountering such an ambitious title as Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking I'll readily admit that I brought a bit of my own baggage with me when I started reading it I've worked in variations of all three disciplines in several enterprises and continue to incorporate all three into my work as a consultant today Like the author I have some opinions formed both by scars and successes and was eager to read his take on it and compare it with my ownThe introduction of the book draws from one of Jeff's own consulting experiences to map Lean to Product Managers Agile to TechEngineers and Design Thinking to Designers illustrating how even the correct practice of each can pull an overall body of work in different directions This set off a bit of a red flag for me because when I held the title Digital Product Manager my job was to do Design Thinking so than Lean to develop ever so valuable Customer Empathy into Agile Stories However the mapping of the roles to disciplines works well for the purposes of this bookWhen approaching a business book I think it's important to ask who is this written for? My takeaway is that it's for the individual manager or influential stakeholder on a team who is likely already doing Agile and may be invovled with or wondering about Lean andor Design Thinking It isn't going to help someone looking to get started fresh with one or of these discilines as much as it will someone who is already in the thick of it That said there's a lot of wisdom presented that anyone starting out on a what's the most current buzzword? Digital Transformation Journey would be wise to heedAs I started reading this book I imagined two directions it could go in and I'll share the one that it didn't in case that's what you're looking for The book does not try to define a process driven approach of using the three disciplines and their component best practice methodologies with swim lanes and flows that merge the inputs and outputs together and voila great product and happy customers This book takes an approach that will no doubt appeal to a broader audience how does one synthesize the best things from the three disciplines and incorporate them into the workflow that can best be applied to their own practice?I really enjoyed the concise easily consumable format of the book The timing of reading it right before the 2017 holidays is perfect too This is the perfect kind of book to share with your colleagues and use to spark discussion about how to make the change you want to see in how you approach your work I'm going to place another order for several copies to give away to clients and team members that I know will benefit from Jeff's wisdom and selfishly our collective working interactions will be improved After all that's the point of a good retrospective right?

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Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking What You Really Need to Know to Build High Performing Digital Product TeamsAs companies evolve to adopt integrate and leverage software as the defining element of their success in the 21st century a rash of processes and methodologies are vying for their product teams' attention In the worst of cases each discipline on these teams product management design and software engineering learns a dif I think this would have an effective blog series Its a good summary I didn't check the small print and see that it was a 30 minute read Nice overview of the disciplines but doesn't tackle the true nature of the problem aka How to utilise all three in a complex and political organisation Lots of pockets of these activities occurring but all it does is create fragmentation What is needed is a discipline that combines all 3 4 in my opinion Architecture into a single and new discipline needed to support the future of business Call it what you want enterise design stratops etc its needed in the fast changing digital world and currently the competing nature of some of these disciplines is a distractionOne other aspect missing that would make this work stronger is how the other disciplines of strategy and architecture could help with this space